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There’s long been a disconnect between reality and the fashion world. The average clothing size of the American woman is reported to be between 16 to 18 and plus-size clothing accounts for 19 percent of the U.S. apparel market as of May 2021. Despite that, many clothing lines only go up to a size 12.

But things are changing. The rise of popular plus-size fashion influencers and bloggers is playing a role in helping the fashion industry see that many of their fans aren’t built like the size 0 models most companies use in their runway shows or online and print ads.

25 plus-size fashion influencers serving looks

Get to know some of the top plus-size fashion influencers and what they’re doing to change the industry and shine a light on body positivity.

Bailey Peyton

Bailey Peyton, “Your Bold BFF”, is a plus-size model for brands like Third Love and Athleta. Bailey’s authentic, bubbly personality and fashion sense keeps her 126,000 followers on Instagram coming back for more.

Alexandra Stewart

Chicago-based blogger Alexandra Stewart, also known as Sassy Confetti, shares fashion, food and general frivolity with her 26,000 followers on Instagram. Alex is also the co-host of the Swipe Fat Podcast, a podcast chronicling dating while plus size. Her fun content includes outfits that look like ice cream.

Olivia Freda

Oliva Freda Curves is sharing to her #MidSizeQueen followers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.  Oliva shares fashion, outfit ideas and how to dress yourself based on your body type to her over 700,000 followers on TikTok, her most popular platform.

Bishamber Das

Bishamber Das claims to be “Britain’s First Asian Plus Size Model” and is the founder of Girl Like Me. Bishamber shares fashion, travel and body positivity content with her 146,000 followers.

Laura Winkless

Laura Winkless shares her life as a plus-size mom and wife with her 42,000 followers. She’s based in the U.K. and shares plus-size fashion and self-love. You can work with her on Shake here.

Thaddeus – Hippy Potter

While most of this list is female, we wanted to point out this plus-size male, Thaddeus of Hippy Potter. Thaddeus has almost 73,000 followers and is an illustrator and model for brands like Stitch Fix. He’s also available to work with on Shake.

Lauren Nicole

Lauren Nicole is a U.K.-based fashion blogger with nearly 54,000 followers. She’s the creator of the blog Fashion Killer and Lauren Nicole Digital. She’s also a contributing curve editor for Cosmopolitan UK.

Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres is a plus-size fashion and style influencer with almost 140,000 followers. She’s the creator of the Fat Girls Club podcast and the blog It’s Jessica Torres. She’s unapologetic about her size and isn’t afraid to dish out advice or offer her opinion.

Raquel – Life is Rockyy

With almost 26,000 followers, Raquel of Life is Rockyy lives in New York and shares lifestyle, fashion and beauty content. Her bright and cheerful style shows up in all of her photos. You can also work with her on Shake here.

Sierra Holmes

Sierra Holmes is the plus-size fashion influencer behind Eclectic Kurves, a curvy fashion blog. She’s got more than 24,000 Instagram followers and calls herself the Joy Creator. She shares fashion, lifestyle and is a style guru for the everyday woman.

Stefani Nicole

It’s easy to see why Stefani Nicole has more than 53,000 followers. Stefani wants to choose confidence together and remember that “we are more the same than you think.” She shares more about body positivity and fashion on her blog.

Isabella Forget

Isabella Forget is a curvy model signed with the modeling agency, Next Canada. With over 135,000 followers on Instagram, Isabella shares body positivity and fashion posts. You can work with her directly on Shake.

Chloe Elliot

Chloe Elliott, aka Chloe in Curve, has more than 87,000 followers and shares about creating self-love in your life. She’s been named fashion influencer of the year by Blogosphere magazine.

Raeann Langas

Raeann Langas is a curve model and fashion blogger behind Rae Everyday. She has more than 165,000 followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel where she shares fashion and lifestyle tips.

Mona Seddeek

Mona Seddeek, aka the Smiling Sweetheart, shares her outfit of the day (OOTDs) with her 20,000-plus followers on Instagram. You can find many outfit ideas and inspiration on her account.

Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown has almost 150,000 followers on Instagram and is a “Fat Icon,” as she says on her platform. She is the founder of And I Get Dressed and shares fashion tips and outfits on her blog.

Alex Michael May

Alex Michael May is from Nebraska but now calls sunny Los Angeles home. Alex works with brands like Soma and shares fun content with her 147,000 followers on Instagram. She has a YouTube channel where she posts plus-size fashion videos and vlogs.

Margie Ashcroft

Margie Ashcroft is the creator of Margie Plus and describes herself as a “confidence activist and fashionista.” Margie has almost 70,000 followers and has her own body positive merchandise line.

Nicolette Mason

Plus-size fashion influencer and blogger Nicolette Mason lives in Brooklyn, New York. She shares plus-size fashion and body positivity with her 209,000 followers. She’s also a creative consultant and brand strategist.

Marie Denee

Marie Denee created the Curvy Fashionista, a plus-size fashion resource Instagram account with over 116,000 followers She shares her own personal style with her 60,000 followers on her personal Instagram and blog.

Chastity Garner Valentine

Chastity Garner Valentine has 332,000 followers on Instagram and is the co-founder of the Curvy Con, although it’s currently on hiatus. She’s also the blogger behind GarnerStyle, where she shares fashion content as well as female empowerment posts.

Caralyn Mirand Koch

With 322,000 followers, Caralyn Mirand Koch is a plus model, undergarment expert and confidence crusader. She’s based in Buffalo, New York, and her blog is full of fashion tips, try-on hauls, and style ideas.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn’s Instagram has almost 750,000 followers who look to her for style tips and outfits. She’s also a model signed with Mood Board Talent.

Hayet Rida

Hayet Rida is a plus-size fashion influencer with more than 115,000 followers. She shares fashion content and partners with brands like Nordstrom, along with her travels to Ghana and other lifestyle content.

Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg calls herself the “OG fat girl” and has 880,000 followers on Instagram. Gabi works with brands like Athleta and Daily Harvest, creating authentic content for her community. 

The popularity of these influencers shows the fashion industry needs body positivity, self-love and plus-size influencers.


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