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The LGBTQ+ community is often a wonderful example of inclusivity, love, and support. Rarely will you see an influencer who doesn’t share posts about paving a safer and easier path for others. These 10 LGBTQ+ influencers have built their following on social media by being original, inspiring, and entertaining. Whether they’re sharing deeply personal moments to offer hope to others, or fun posts to demonstrate a “sky’s the limit” life, these role models use their platforms to live their most authentic lives.

Top LGBTQ+ influencers to follow

Take a look at these 10 LGBTQ+ creators — some of whom you can work with today on Shake.

Daniel Franzese

Best known for his portrayal of Damian in “Mean Girls,” Daniel is an actor, comedian, entrepreneur, and activist. His posts range from hysterically funny skits to candid photos with friends and family. The video of his elderly Italian grandmother, Nana Josephine, gives his 138K Instagram followers some insight into where Danny gets his sense of humor. There are also some serious moments — like his video about being fired for being gay — which he shared on his YouTube platform.

Petros Petri

Branded from a combination of their names, Petros and his husband, Rissi, created Petrissi, a website dedicated to their favorite activity, global travel. Much of their Instagram is a showcase for their trips, like their 2021 visit to Rio De Janeiro and another to the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Petros’ 217K Instagram followers are never bored, thanks to his playful demeanor and entertaining posts.

Alexander Joe

Describing himself as an “overly dramatic Midwestern gay cowboy,” Alex has 384.K Instagram followers who know they’re in for a show. Tune in for the clip of him imitating his mom imitating Mariah Carey. While there are some unique clips on his TikTok, Alex’s Instagram focuses more on his flair for fashion, which is simply fierce.

Maya/Sebastian Noir

Maya/Sebastian is a bigender/trans/nonbinary queer model and advocate. Many of their posts are vulnerable and honest, like this still showing their scars from surgery. But there are also playful costume videos and loving shots of them on vacation with their partner, Rebecca. They use their YouTube platform to address important LGBTQ+ issues, such as cyberbullies, being queer and nonbinary in corporate America, and what it’s like to be bigender.


Devin-Norelle wears a lot of hats, including model, advocate, actor, diversity and inclusion trainer, and writer. Ze offers zis 47K Instagram followers tips on a variety of LGBTQ+ issues, including neopronouns, gender-affirming surgery, and HIV/AIDS. Zis platform also highlights beauty and fashion, both of which ze showed the world when ze walked the runway for New York Fashion Week.

Skyler Jay

Trans/queer activist and speaker Skyler goes by “trans.ginger” on Instagram, where some of his 58.2K followers helped crowdfund his top surgery. Now he seems at peace with himself and helps run the Pink Sofa Series to help other members of the trans community. Skyler even created a scholarship to help youth who can’t afford gender-confirming surgeries.

Munroe Bergdorf

“Trailblazer” might be an understatement for Munroe, who has the distinction of being the first transgender model in the UK for a top beauty brand and was appointed as an LGBTQ+ adviser to the Labour Party. She is not only an advocate for LGBTQ+, racial and gender equality issues, but also supports a variety of charities, like Give Up Clothes for Good. Munroe hosted “Que Epiphany” on MTV and was named co-Woman of the Year by Glamour in 2021.

Owin Pierson

Both an Asian American Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ influencer, Owin is a vocal advocate for equality, mental health, and ending hate crimes. He’s a proud “guncle” who often posts about the importance of supporting others before, during, and after they come out. Owin shared his own moving story about how he was “hating, hiding, and hesitating” before he fully understood his identity.

B. Hawk Snipes

No one has mastered the art of walking down stairs in heels like model B. Hawk Snipes! As a Black non-binary trans femme, they serve as an inspiration both on and off the runway, but there’s little doubt their 36K Instagram followers appreciate the glamour. They frequently host and speak at LGBTQ+ events, including support groups and rallies.

Alysse Dalessandro Santiago

Petite plus model Alysse describes herself as “queer femme” and “a lover of Christmas.” Her posts are filled with joy and a sense of hope for the future, like this reading she did of “The GayBC’s.” She advocates for self-love, including that any “body” can wear a bikini and her Instagram followers are often the first to see her favorite plus-size fashion pieces.


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