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Finding an influencer just got easier with The Creator Marketplace. You can search creator listings and publish Casting Calls seeking pitches from creators, opening the door to receiving and organizing pitches from great creator talent. 

What are Casting Calls?

Casting Calls are a tool for marketers and creators to find each other and collaborate. As a Marketer Pro user, you can use Casting Calls to find and connect with creators for influencer marketing campaigns. Creators respond to a casting call by submitting a video or text pitch explaining why they’re the right person for the job and answering your survey questions.

Each casting call is completely customizable, and you can make your Casting Calls public — discoverable by search engines — or private — limited to other users in The Creator Marketplace.

How to find an influencer

To create your casting call, simply fill out the required information, including compensation, inspiration images, project details, deadlines, and platforms, and watch the pitches roll in. 

Ready to get started?

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