Urban Oasis: Inspiring Homeowners with Masonite & HGTV


We’re joining forces with Masonite and HGTV, and we’re searching for influential creators to promote the unique blend of city living and serene escape offered by the HGTV Urban Oasis home. We’re specifically looking for creators who can connect with American homeowners aged 30-55 and inspire them about the potential of their living spaces.

We’re inviting you to an exclusive HGTV x Masonite pop-up event, where you’ll experience first-hand the blend of bustling city life and tranquil retreat that the HGTV Urban Oasis home offers. You will be creating content that not only showcases the locally-inspired design and emphasis on self-care of the HGTV Urban Oasis home but also highlights the quality and aesthetic appeal of Masonite products.

Your Instagram and TikTok content will play a crucial role in raising awareness for the Masonite brand and driving traffic to the campaign landing pages for the products featured in the HGTV Urban Oasis home. If you’re a creator passionate about home design and lifestyle balance, and you’re excited about bringing the Masonite brand and the HGTV Urban Oasis home to your audience, we want to hear from you. Let’s work together to inspire homeowners across the nation.

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If this casting call aligns with your skills and interests, submit a pitch to the brand for them to review.