Safe Beginnings: Raising Awareness on Infant Health with the Michigan Department of Health


We’re partnering with the Michigan Department of Health and we’re looking for influential creators to join us in a crucial campaign promoting safe sleep and breastfeeding practices. We’re specifically seeking diverse creators who are young families practicing safe sleep and breastfeeding, including multicultural and LGBTQ+ creators, who can connect with younger, non-traditional audiences.

We’re asking you to use your Instagram platform to raise awareness about the importance of safe sleep and breastfeeding in reducing the risk of sleep-related infant deaths. Your content will not only educate but also help to normalize breastfeeding among young adults aged 18-25

If you’re a creator based in the Greater Michigan area, and passionate about promoting health and safety practices for infants, we want to hear from you. Let’s work together to create a safer environment for our youngest members of society.

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If this casting call aligns with your skills and interests, submit a pitch to the brand for them to review.