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The following influencers use Instagram to call attention to overlooked issues and raise funds for important causes and movements. Although they specialize in different subjects, they all share a charitable mindset.


Charitable Influencers

  1. Elton Castee
  2. Beth Kanter
  3. Elona Karafin
  4. Paul Nicklen and Christina Mittermeier

Although he’s primarily known for his YouTube channel TFIL, Elton Castee also has an active Instagram account, @eltoncastee, with more than 724K followers. Castee is a travel influencer who journeys around the world with a fun-loving group of friends. Despite their comedic adventures, the group never fails to give back to those in need.

The group of friends started the Send It Society, a not-for-profit business that specializes in apparel. The Send It Society donates all its proceeds to charities such as the Jesse Reese Foundation, Ocean Conservancy, and spcaLA.

elton castee-charity influencers

Beth Kanter is an expert when it comes to building and organizing nonprofits. She’s the author of several books on the subject: “The Networked Nonprofit,” “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” and “The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit.”

In the past, Kanter has worked with organizations such as the Gates Foundation, Save the Children and the Brainerd Foundation. Her Instagram handle is simply @kanter, and she has more than 4K followers.

beth kanter-charity influencers

Elona Karafin is an influencer with an interest in cultural exploration. Her Instagram account, @elona, has mesmerizing shots of her in different landscapes, including Qatar, Haiti and Italy. Her images have helped her cultivate an audience of more than 112K followers.

Karafin is concerned about more than just snapping pictures in exotic locations. She is also the founder of Checkmate, Cancer, a fundraising campaign for children with cancer. Karafin herself is a cancer survivor, and her childhood experience with the disease led her to create this campaign in 2013.

elona-charity influencers

Paul Nicklen and Christina Mittermeier are both wildlife photographers, so you’ll find lions, penguins, whales and plenty of other creatures in their separate photo collections. These two are also the co-founders of a group called SeaLegacy. They created the Canadian nonprofit society in 2004, and it aims to unite photographers, scientists and storytellers around the common cause of ocean conservation.

Nicklen’s Instagram account, @paulnicklen, has more than 6.3M followers. Mittermeier’s account, @mitty, has more than 1.3M followers.

paul nicklen-charity influencers

Aside from individual influencers, nonprofits also have their own accounts on Instagram. For example, SeaLegacy’s Instagram account, @sealegacy, has more than 1.9M followers. Here are a few other examples of nonprofit organizations that use Instagram.

Charitable Organizations

  1. Charity: Water
  2. Doctors Without Borders
  3. Global Heritage Fund
  4. Humane Society
  5. Oxfam
  6. Pencils of Promise
  7. Save the Children

Founded by Scott Harrison, this nonprofit began in 2006. It aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to people in developing parts of the world. Its Instagram account, @charitywater, has 454K followers.

charity water-charity influencers

This well-known organization has been active since 1971. Its mission is to respond to medical crises around the world. You can find the organization on Instagram with the handle @doctorswithoutborders. It has more than 569K followers.

doctors without borders-charity influencers

While monuments can serve as important cultural symbols, the Global Heritage Fund aims to achieve historical preservation by other means. It empowers local communities through projects like sustainable development initiatives. Its Instagram account, @globalheritagefund, has more than 5K followers.

global hertiage-charity influencers

The Humane Society of the U.S. is a well-known organization that focuses on the well-being of animals. Its Instagram account, @humanesociety, has more than 372K followers.

humane society-charity influencers

This is another organizational with global reach. It strives to end poverty around the world and fights against systems, including governments and companies, that exploit vulnerable populations. Oxfam also steps in to provide humanitarian relief during disasters. On Instagram, @oxfamamerica has more than 76K followers.

oxfam-charity influencers

Adam Braun founded the 501(c)(3) organization Pencils of Promise in 2008 to support educational opportunities around the world. The organization’s Instagram account, @pencilsofpromise, has an audience of more than 211K followers.

pencils of america-charity influencers

Save the Children is an organization that cares for the health and educational needs of children in 120 different countries. The group uses the handle @savethechildren and has an audience of more than 967K.

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Thinking about using Instagram to spread awareness of your nonprofit? Consider linking an Instagram business account with your nonprofit’s Facebook page and using the platform’s Charitable Giving Tools. Afterward, your nonprofit can receive donations through Instagram’s donation sticker feature.

Using fundraising tools is a good start, but influencer marketing can help carry your message even further. An influencer’s ability to craft a creative message and draw an audience on social media is invaluable to any charity organization. As you search for an influencer who can help with fundraising efforts, keep your nonprofit’s identity and mission in mind. You want a reliable partner who is in sync with your values. From there, you can build an authentic connection.