From coffee and tea to smoothies and cocktails, people around the world love their beverages. When it comes to selling beverages and beverage-related products, marketers often make use of influencers, folks with expert knowledge about a certain type of beverage or people who have a high level of social influence. If you’re looking for the tastiest version of your favorite beverage, take a look at the Instagram accounts of these top influencers.

Asaf Rauch – Beverage: Coffee, @coffeestation_latteart, 303k followers

If you appreciate a well-made coffee drink, you’ll enjoy the Instagram feed of this competition-level latte artist and coffee shop owner. Asaf Rauch creates foamy coffee drinks almost too pretty to drink with images of hearts, flowers, dogs, swans and more. Watch Rauch’s many videos to find out how to reproduce the perfect pour, and check out his website if you’re interested in buying your own latte pitcher. His lightweight, patented design comes with cool features like an extra-large handle, a curved body and the perfect spout.

Jonny Juicer – Beverage: Raw Juices and Smoothies, @jonny_juicer, 286k followers

In order to improve their health, more and more people are jumping on the raw food bandwagon. The Instagram feed of raw food enthusiast, vegan and juicing expert Jonny Juicer is the place to go if you’re into whole juices and smoothies. He offers a variety of smoothie-making videos which are interspersed with short films of his adorable dog, Noah and his friend, Jerry the squirrel. Visit Jonny’s website, and you’ll find recipes for his juices and smoothies and you can sign up for one-on-one coaching to improve your own health and/or purchase some of Jonny’s favorite products.

Conrad Grah and Drew Lambert – Beverage: Wine, @winewankers, 171k followers

The Wine Wankers, otherwise known as Conrad and Drew, are bloggers originally based out of Sydney, Australia. They love to travel the world, taste wines and talk about them on social media. Their aim is to make the world of wine accessible to people from all walks of life. As evidenced by their name, humor is one of their central themes. Not surprisingly, Conrad and Drew’s Instagram page is all about wine, scattered with a few fun videos and photos of mouthwatering food (one of the wine wankers’ favorite perks). For loads of entertaining and informative articles about wine, visit the Wine Wankers website.

Dee Dine – Beverage: Healthy Drinks, @greensmoothiegourmet, 121k followers

If you’re looking for all sorts of healthy drinks that don’t scrimp on deliciousness, Dee Dine is your girl. She is the mastermind behind the popular healthy food and recipe blog, Green Smoothie Gourmet. Whether she’s whipping up a yummy beverage, snack, or dessert — Dee’s recipes are always nutritious and easy to prepare, and they don’t have a lengthy list of ingredients. Visit her Instagram feed, and you’ll find mouthwatering photos of beverages and desserts, with a few savory snacks thrown in. All beverages and bites are plant-based and dairy-free. Stop by Dee’s website for all kinds of recipes. To wet your whistle in style, try her red velvet chocolate beet smoothie, her salted granola vanilla milkshake, or her homemade pear lemonade.

Natalie Migliarini – Beverage: Cocktails, @beautifulbooze, 88.7k followers

Don’t have a signature cocktail? You’ll find one on Natalie Migliarini’s Instagram page. Based out of Seattle Washington, Natalie is a mixologist, cocktail stylist, recipe developer, photographer, and professional party planner. She believes that cocktails “elevate an otherwise ordinary day,” and you’ll agree when you see the beautiful beverages splashed across her Instagram feed. Visit Natalie’s blog and you’ll find 200 original cocktail recipes in addition to loads of travel tips. When she’s not mixing or photographing drinks, Natalie loves crisscrossing the globe.

James Hoffmann – Beverage: Coffee, @jimseven: 60.9k followers

If coffee is your go-to beverage, you’ll love James Hoffman’s Instagram page. This award-winning barista, coffee roaster and blogger serves up photos of the latest coffee makers, coolest coffee cups, recommended coffee brands, the best places to drink coffee, and more. His book, “The World Atlas of Coffee” offers loads of information about coffee, from roasting and brewing methods to an in-depth look at different coffee-growing regions. For short coffee-related videos — from how much coffee to use to the best French press technique — visit Hoffman’s popular YouTube channel.

Julie Rosser – Beverage: Craft Beer, @craftbeerdeer, 37.3k followers

Want to stock your refrigerator with the best craft beer? Up-and-coming influencer, Julie Roesser, can help you out. A professional photographer and self-described beer connoisseur, Julie has created an Instagram feed full of beautiful beer photos. From her favorite brands and beer chasers to exciting beer or booze-related events, this feed is full of fun, and after you’re finished looking, you’ll definitely want to pour yourself a brew.

If you love a particular type of beverage, chances are you may have visited one of these Instagram accounts a time or two in the past. Want to find more beverage experts like these? Use this handy influencer discovery tool.