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For many people, wants outnumber needs, and for those lucky enough to have the expendable income to make regular purchases, clutter builds up quickly. There are always new products pulling at our purse strings, but it isn’t always easy to find space for them at home. Improved organization makes your home feel tidier, more open and more inviting, while also making it easier to find things when needed. If you’re a business running influencer discovery searches, or you just want advice for your spring cleaning, here are 10 social media accounts to follow.

home organization influencers

1. The Home Edit (@thehomeedit)

Whether you’re redesigning your wardrobe, or finding new ways to utilize your kitchen space, you need The Home Edit. This social media sensation is the brainchild of Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, who reinvent traditional organizing by making it part of interior design. Their approach ties form and function, so while utility comes first there’s still an emphasis on stylish aesthetics.

This dynamic duo has had huge success online, amassing an Instagram audience of 1.5 million followers. They’re also bestselling authors, and have recently partnered with Reese Witherspoon to create their own Netflix television show.

2. Simply Spaced (@simplyspaced)

Monica Leed developed an interest in efficient space design and organizational systems while working in design for the film industry. She went on to create Simply Spaced, which aims to help people “clear the clutter” and style their lives. The company offers a one-on-one service, arriving at the homes of their customers to walk through various decisions and solutions for meeting their organizational needs.

Simply Spaced has a strong presence on the Internet, with an official blog, and an Instagram account with more than 84,900 followers. Monica Leed is also a published author.

3. Simplified (@simplified)

Simplified aims to inspire women with the tools they need to organize and simplify their lives. Since launching the company in 2008, founder Emily Lee has worked to develop a strong online community. The Simplified Instagram account now has over 284,000 followers. Emily is also very active on Twitter and Pinterest.

4. Marie Kondo (@mariekondo)

Marie Kondo is one of the most famous organizational influencers in the world, thanks to her Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” She’s also the author of the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” It’s not surprising she has a huge online following, with over 3.5 million fans on Instagram.

5. Bneato Bar (@bneatobar)

Beth Penn founded the professional organizing business, Bneato Bar, in 2006. Since then, Beth has established herself as a visionary, even receiving three nominations at the Organizing Awards for Most Innovative Organizer. She’s developed organizing boot camps, and she wrote “The Little Book of Tidying” to help inspire everybody with her top tips. On Instagram, Bneato Bar has a following in excess of 9,400 fans.

6. Jen Jones (@iheartorganizing)

Minneapolis-based Jen Jones is a home and organizer content creator and DIY enthusiast. Her Instagram account is packed with inspirational images and advice for her 117,000 fans, perfectly complementing her blog content.

7. Deborah Shearer (@organizingstories)

Deborah Shearer is the founder, CEO and creative director of Table + Dine, a company creating digital content for houseware and home brands. In this role, she has developed a keen eye for organizing things attractively, and she shares her vision through the Instagram account @organizingstories. The account has more than 41,000 followers, while her beautiful @tableanddine account has another 21,200 followers. Both accounts are full of wonderful images to inspire viewers to take control of their own clutter.

8. Shira Gill (@shiragill)

Shira Gill is a professional organizer and founder of the #15minwin, a movement based on the idea of improving your life 15 minutes at a time. She encourages fans to use the hashtag to share the little victories that add up to big lifestyle improvements. She’s the author of “Minimalista,” and uses her Instagram account to share tips and motivational quotes with over 39,200 followers.

9. Organized by Ellis (@organizedbyellis)

Laura Ellis is the owner of Organized by Ellis, a professional organizer company that helps people to simplify their lives. The company’s Instagram feed is full of amazing tips and simple solutions for organizing everything from desks to kitchen cabinets. It has over 65,800 followers. Organized by Ellis has a subscription-based newsletter to gather essential customer data in exchange for more helpful content.

10. Poppin (@poppin)

Poppin is a company creating customizable storage and organizational solutions for home and work environments. Products boast sleek designs combining form and function. Not surprisingly, the company’s Instagram account is predominantly used to promote their product range, but that means each image is stylish and inspiring.

Poppin’s slogan is “work happy,” and the company encourages fans to use the hashtag #workhappy on their own pictures. This kind of user-generated content is a great advert for the company and builds a community spirit.

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