Being thrifty and crafty go hand in hand, and finding ways to upcycle, renew and reuse old items increasingly important in an environmentally conscious world. If you’re running an influencer discovery search on Pinterest for frugal crafters, there are plenty to find. Here are five of the best pinners to follow if you love scouring the thrift stores and need inspiration for your next craft project.

1. House of Hawthornes

House of Hawthornes is a blog by “a vintage girl at heart,” who shares her love of thrifting for home decor and DIY projects. Thrifty living is the main focus, although gardening and Christmas decorations are also prominent features. The blog has appeared in a variety of publications, including Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping and Country Living. The associated Pinterest account has over 73,000 followers and contains a wealth of information for finding new ways to use something old. Popular boards include:

  • Thrifting and Yard Sale Tips (57,300 followers): Advice for everything from thrift store shopping to estate sales.
  • Repurposed & Upcycled Crafts (57,820 followers): Great ideas for giving old items a new lease of life.
  • Mason Jar Crafts and Decor Ideas (56,920 followers): How many ways can you think of to decorate your home with Mason jars? This board probably has a few you haven’t thought of.
  • Gardening Ideas, Tips & DIY Projects (59,580 followers): Over 2,300 pins on flowers, vegetables, gardening tips and DIY projects.

2. Jen {Girl in the Garage}

Jen Crider is the brains behind Girl in the Garage, a blog that seeks to inspire everyone to turn plain furniture into art. Jen believes you don’t need to be naturally artistic to make something beautiful and has shared top tips in the book “Amazing Furniture Makeovers.” Her Pinterest account has over 58,000 followers. It features a selection of boards showcasing makeovers, easy DIY projects and repurposed decor:

  • Styling Ideas (38,590 followers): A fascinating selection of ideas for completely transforming old furniture.
  • Organize and Clean It (46,100 followers): Bought something at the thrift store but need to know how to get it looking good as new? Or maybe you’re on the lookout for perfect storage solutions. This board has tips for making any living space clean and clutter-free.
  • *Repurposed and Upcycled – DIY Makeovers* (41,500 followers): An excellent selection of curated content to inspire anybody to upcycle their furniture.
  • DIY (43,530 followers): Rather than focusing on a specific subject, this board covers all aspects of DIY. There are over 1,800 pins to browse for inspiration.

3. The Painted Hive

Kristine (with a “K”) is a mother, wife, blogger, penny pincher and home enthusiast. She created The Painted Hive to share her enthusiasm for creating beautiful, livable homes on a budget. Her Pinterest account has over 177,000 followers. It’s a valuable resource for anybody who wants to make a fabulous home without breaking the bank. Boards include:

  • The Painted Hive (174,470 followers): Personal projects from Kristine’s blog, showcasing her tasteful decor ideas and furniture makeovers.
  • Bedrooms (173,610 followers), Dining Rooms (173,510 followers), and Living Rooms (173,670 followers): Kristine arranges much of her content by room. Having boards dedicated to particular areas in the home makes it easy to find the perfect craft project.

4. A Little Craft In Your Day

A Little Craft In Your Day is the work of Tanner and Courtney, young craft enthusiasts who love sharing DIY tips. From everyday life hacks to inspirational uses for yarn, this creative duo provides inspiration for your own creative projects. They have over 174,000 followers on Pinterest, and a variety of popular boards to browse:

  • Yarn (127,760 followers): Thrift stores are a fantastic source of old clothes and fabric off cuts; but what should you do with it all? This board is sure to inspire you with projects for bag charms, headbands, teddies, pillows and more.
  • DIY Studio (127,870 followers): This is a really useful board full of tips for how to arrange and organize your DIY space. You’ll also find projects such as chair and desk makeovers to give mundane offices some flair.
  • Dorm Decor Ideas (128,790 followers): Students need to get creative if they want to make their dorms fun and inviting on a budget. This board has great advice for creating a home away from home.

5. Thrift Diving

Serena Appiah created the blog Thrift Diving to inspire others to decorate and improve their homes through budget DIY. The focus is on finding treasures at thrift stores and using them to reinvent your home. The associated Thrift Diving Pinterest account has over 58,500 followers. Some popular boards include:

  • DIY Projects & Posts (53,750 followers): A board for all of Thrift Diving’s blog posts.
  • Paint Color Ideas (53,560 followers): Inspirational new color schemes to revive thrift store finds.
  • Cheap Garage Makeover Ideas (53,580): For many people, the garage is a dumping ground for tools and stuff that doesn’t fit in the house. This board offers some insightful ways to transform the space and make it part of the home.

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