If you enjoy a particular brand of beer, chances are that someone might have persuaded you to take the first sip. Many businesses rely on influencers to help market their products, and beer companies are no exception. Beer influencers use all kinds of tools, including expertise and savvy marketing skills, to sway consumers to purchase certain beer brands or buy beer-related products. If you’re especially passionate about beer, you might recognize a few of the top beer influencers in the country right now.

Jeff Alworth

Blog: Beervana

Few beer influencers know more about the subject than Jeff Alworth. This Portland writer is the author of several books about beer and cider and the popular blog, Beervana. Visiting Alworth’s blog, you’ll find informative articles with titles like “How to Build a Perfect Pub” and “A Dozen Beers that Defined a Decade.”

In addition to writing books and blog articles about beer and cider, Alworth teaches courses about these subjects. He also keeps busy offering guided tastings, giving speeches and making corporate presentations. Alworth co-hosts the Beervana Podcast with Oregon State University economics professor and beer lover, Patrick Emerson.

Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey

Blog: Boak & Bailey, Instagram: @boakandbailey

Located in Bristol, England, self-proclaimed beer geeks and authors Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey have been blogging about beer since 2007. With an aim to entertain and educate beer lovers across the world, the two put out a lot of information on their blog, Boak & Bailey.

If that wasn’t enough, they offer an alphabetized list of other informative beer blogs. While you’re visiting, find a link for purchasing one of the duo’s five books on the subject of beer. Check out the Boak & Bailey Instagram feed to find creative photos of bars, breweries, pubs, beers, beer labels, beer drinkers and more.

Ryan Hannigan, Josh Howard and Katie Black

Blog: Focus on the Beer, Instagram: @focusonthebeer

Beer lovers Ryan Hannigan, Josh Howard and Katie Black team up to make their blog a resource for craft beer news and events in Colorado’s Pikes Peak region. Focus on the Beer features a map of all breweries in the Colorado Springs area and listings of beer-related events and festivals. Beer fans from around the world will also find blog posts about beer, cider, spirits, music and information about home-brewing competitions. For even more news and entertainment, listen to the Focus on the Beer podcast.

Jackie Dodd-Mallory

Blog: The Beeroness, Instagram: @thebeeroness

California beer and food writer Jackie Dodd-Mallory started her blog, The Beeroness, to blend two passions: good food and craft beer. Explore this site, and you’ll find loads of information about beer, from tips for pairings to a gluten-free beer guide. Visitors looking for beer-related recipes can discover instructions for making appetizers, entrees and desserts, but don’t check these out if you’re hungry. Her mouthwatering photos are sure to get your taste buds tingling. A trip to Jackie’s Instagram feed reveals favorite beer brands, beer and food photos, beer-related book covers and giveaways.

Caitlin Johnson

Blog: Big World Small Girl, Instagram: @bigwrldsmallgrl

Originally from a small community nestled in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Caitlin Johnson now hails from the big city: Austin, Texas. She spends her days working at an ecommerce startup and her nights working on her blog, Big World Small Girl. Here, you’ll find all kinds of information related to beer, wine and spirits. That includes a list of Austin breweries and brewpubs and guides to Austin cider joints and distilleries.

Discover recipes for beer cocktails, beer floats and beer ice pops and find gift guides for craft beer lovers and wine drinkers. Visit Caitlin’s Instagram feed to find colorful photos of beer, wine, spirits, food and Caitlin and friends — both human and furry. For more photos, guides, tips, recipes and product recommendations, visit the Big World Small Girl Pinterest page.

Chris O’Leary

Blog: Brew York, Instagram: @brew_york

Chris O’Leary is the editor of the blog Brew York, a place where people can come to get the latest beer-related news covering the New York City area. In addition to informative blog articles, you’ll find a map of beer bars, breweries and shops in New York’s five boroughs. There’s also a list of the top 25 places to drink beer in New York City. Visit the Brew York Instagram feed for eye-catching photos of bars, breweries and beers in the NYC area and beyond.

If you’re selling beer or beer products, why not have an influencer help you reach new audiences? Influencers might range from a friendly brewpub waitress or an expert brew master to a beer-loving blogger. To find more people who really know their stuff when it comes to beer, take advantage of IZEA’s comprehensive influencer discovery tool.