Charlotte is the most populous city in North Carolina, which means plenty of potential customers are on the doorsteps of local businesses. Unfortunately, engaging with those customers isn’t always easy. Thanks to the wealth of purchasing options, both online and on Main Street, it’s increasingly difficult to make your business stand out. That’s when tapping into local influencer talent can help. The top Charlotte influencers know how to engage an audience and could be perfectly placed to promote your brand.

1. Jess Bentley (@sliceofjess)

If you’re hungry for new taste sensations, you need to follow Jess Bentley’s blog, Slice of Jess. The self-taught chef is eating her way through Charlotte, sharing her experiences online with blog readers and over 12,800 followers on Instagram. She serves as food stylist and photographer for the hugely successful That’s Tasty videos, as well as working as Food Editor for Luxe Lifestyle Magazine. She has partnered with foodie brands such as Heluva Good and Brizo Craft Seltzer, incorporating the yummy products into her menus and mouth-watering photography.

2. Jillian Frein (@likeagirl_fitness)

Everybody needs a little inspiration sometimes, and fitness influencer Jillian Frein dishes it up daily on Instagram. She populates her feed with motivational messages, diet tips and exercise regimens. Most importantly, she posts the photographic evidence of her own ongoing physical transformation as a result of weightlifting. She tags her posts with the #shineeverydamnday hashtag, making it easy for her 193,000 followers to find and enjoy her content.

3. Laura Leigh (@louellareese)

Laura Leigh started her blog, Louella Reese, after graduating from college as a way to express her love of fashion, beauty and travel. The blog has grown considerably, and she supplements it with regular updates on Instagram. She has over 23,100 Instagram followers keen to hear about her “feminine and casual style with a classic touch for everyday life.” She has worked with some local businesses as well as larger brands such as Sephora cosmetics and L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL skin care.

4. Julie Fagan (@pbfingers)

Julie Fagan has been running her blog, the bizarrely named Peanut Butter Fingers, since 2009. As you might expect from a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, her content is all about “living a life fueled by healthy food and fitness.” Despite her hectic schedule she updates her blog daily, sharing recipes and exercise tips with her many fans. She also has an Instagram account with over 51,200 followers. She has worked with Quaker Oats and ALDI USA.

5. Laura Poole (@lauravinroot)

Laura Vinroot Poole is one of Charlotte’s leading fashion influencers. In 1998, she opened Capitol, a luxury clothing boutique showcasing the hottest new designs from big-name brands such as Gucci. Capitol also houses Poole Shop on its second floor, a high-end boutique for new and contemporary designers. It’s not surprising Laura’s Instagram feed is just as cutting edge. Her pictures of glamorous people wearing glamorous clothing in glamorous locations have earned an audience of more than 8,300 followers.

6. Vanessa Krom Dyer (@thecheekybeen)

Vanessa Dyer strives to empower women to feel their best through fashion, fitness and travel. Whether she’s jet-setting or hitting the gym, she always has a welcoming smile and a positive outlook that has earned her over 143,000 followers. Some of her brand partners include Vital Proteins and FabFitFun.

7. Katie Levans (@katie_levans)

If anybody has their finger on the pulse in Charlotte, it’s Katie Levans. She’s the founder of the Charlotte Agenda media site and she’s always active in the community. She uses her personal Instagram account to share all aspects of her life with over 15,700 fans.

8. Charlotte Agenda (@charlotteagenda)

Katie Levan’s Charlotte Agenda local media site aims “to make Charlotte smarter and better connected” through useful content and advertising. Over 164,000 people follow the Charlotte Agenda account to make sure they don’t miss out on the hottest news.

9. Rachel Brown (@queencitychic)

Like many of the talented content creators in Charlotte, Rachel Brown got her start as a blogger. She established The Queen City Chic site in 2014 while she was still a senior in college. She now puts a lot of effort into Instagram, where she has 41,100 followers.

10. Jan Correll (@silver_isthenewblonde)

Jan Correll is a beauty and fashion influencer who wants to let the world know you’re never too old. With her registered slogan, “silver is the new blonde,” she empowers ageless women to “be perennials” and “keep blooming.” She may be over 50, but her style is ageless. She’s certainly earned every one of her 54,000 Instagram followers with her inspirational aim to have endless fun.

Final Thought: Finding Quality Talent in the QC

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