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The definition of a macro Instagram influencer can vary widely, based on a range of criteria, depending on the influencer agency or expert you ask. But most generally consider macro influencers to be those with audiences starting anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 and going up to one million followers. When influencers’ audience numbers start to get into serious multi millions, they’re often considered to be mega influencers.

Instagram is an excellent choice for influencer campaigns that emphasize visual aspects of a product or service. Macro Instagram influencers offer audiences that uniquely blend impressive numbers with what’s often a somewhat specialized or niche focus.

So a macro fashion influencer might focus on a particular type of style, while a macro travel influencer might focus on budget travel. A macro interior design influencer might showcase high-end projects, while a macro food influencer might focus on hot new restaurants in a particular big city. Here are some of the top macro Instagram influencers to know:

macro instagram influencers

Jean Lee/Jeaniuseats, Food and Travel Influencer

Known on Instagram as jeaniuseats, Jean Lee is a New York City-based food and travel influencer. Her Instagram feed is filled with her shots of the tantalizing food she samples at popular restaurants, often in New York City. With 109,000 followers on Instagram, the hard-working Lee is always on the go, checking out eateries. She’s also a Zagat 100 Top Food Instagrammer.

Amy Jackson/Fashion Jackson, Style Influencer

With 521,000 followers on Instagram, where she goes by Fashion Jackson, San Diego-based fashion blogger Amy Jackson promotes everyday, effortless style. Her website and social media accounts cover fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle topics. Jackson has partnered with eBay to promote pre-owned designer fashion on her site and on social media, including her Instagram account.

Alexandra Champalimaud, Interior Design Influencer

With more than 26,000 followers on Instagram, interior designer and product maker Alexandra Champalimaud posts photos of the stunning interiors she designs around the world. Attracting coverage in publications like Elle Décor, Wallpaper, The New York Times and Robb Report for her work, Champalimaud is celebrated for the understated luxury and elegance of her designs. Her projects have included high-end residences, offices, restaurants, five-star hotels and luxury spas in China, Italy, the U.K., Sweden, Malaysia and the U.S.

John DiScala/Johnny Jet, Travel Influencer

Forbes dubbed John DiScala, who goes by Johnny Jet on his website and social media, “the original travel influencer.” The Los Angeles-based DiScala has been posting photos and videos of his far-flung travels and L.A. adventures since the early days of social media and blogs. With 30,000 followers on Instagram, DiScala’s content attracts an audience that values his money-saving travel tips and insights.

Matthew Rosenzweig/PastryChef Matthew, Food Influencer

The head pastry chef and co-owner of The Flaky Tart bakeshop in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, Matthew Rosenzweig goes by PastryChefMatthew on Instagram. His 59,000 followers are drawn to the drool-worthy photos of the desserts he creates that display a love of quality ingredients and creative flair. From Concord grape cream puffs to s’mores tarts with chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallow meringue, Rosenzweig’s creations please the sweet tooth — and the eye.

Amy Sedaris, Celebrity Comedy Influencer

Although Amy Sedaris is a celebrity, star of the comedy series “At Home with Amy Sedaris,” she’s an entertainer with a subversive twist. Unlike mega celebrity influencers with millions of followers like Dwayne Johnson or Taylor Swift, Sedris’s 537,000 Instagram fans follow her for her off-the-wall humor. Sedaris appeals to an audience that appreciates the absurd and the silly. From a photo of hot dogs in witches’ hats with toothpicks for arms to wacky vintage videos, Sedaris’s Instagram feed is designed for laughs.

Jill the Squirrel, Animal Influencer

Instagram’s macro influencers aren’t only humans. They can range from dogs and cats to hedgehogs and marmosets too. That’s because sometimes people want nothing more than to see photos or videos of animals dressed up in wacky outfits striking cute poses.

It’s a stressful world out there, and people need to decompress. That’s where macro animal influencers like Jill the Squirrel come in. With 631,000 followers on Instagram, where she goes by this_girl_is_a_squirrel, Jill the Squirrel is a seven-year-old squirrel that was rescued from Hurricane Isaac.

Jill sports tiny hats, tiaras, sunglasses, and hula skirts, all for the entertainment of her followers. One post of Jill clutching a tiny teddy bear garnered 43,300 likes. Videos of Jill sleeping, eating and having her feet tickled are big hits with her followers too.

Searching for Macro Instagram Influencers

Partnerships with top macro Instagram influencers can offer brands a lot of benefits, including boosting brand awareness, engagement, website traffic, leads and sales. Because macro influencers build relationships with their audiences, their followers trust them and often make purchases based on the products they recommend.

Say you’re looking for a down-to-earth style influencer or a city-specific food influencer, or an influencer (human or animal) that reaches another audience entirely. Instagram is loaded with macro influencers to choose from, but there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. There are likely to be Instagram influencers who are relevant to your product and whose followers reflect your target market.

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