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Influencers have embraced the power of video. By leveraging YouTube to entertain and educate, these 20 female mega-influencers on YouTube have grown their audiences to a sweet spot — between 500K-1M followers. With an audience this size, they’re deemed mega-influencers, each with a niche that attracts subscribers.

20 female mega influencers on YouTube

Hey Nadine

Looking for travel tips? Nadine has you covered. Her 510K subscribers tune in for tips on everything from flying with toddlers to packing for a cruise. She started her travel journey back in 2010 and has more than 60 countries stamped on her passport.

Gabi Belle

Described as an “internet girl,” Gabi Belle has 755K subscribers on her opinions-based YouTube channel. The 27-year-old offers her take on things like the TikTokification of Music and How Dropshipping Ruined Online Shopping.

Rose and Rosie

A married British couple with an adorable son, Rose and Rosie, offer their 978K subscribers lifestyle content. The two ladies chat about everything from how parenthood has changed their relationship to how they tackle house projects like redoing their outdoor garden

Ashley Gavin

Ashley is a stand-up comedian based in New York City who’s most known for her hit podcast, We’re Having Gay Sex. She shares video snippets of her podcast, clips from her comedy tour and reacts to insane hookup stories.

Carrie Dayton

Carrie is a fashion influencer who loves to go thrifting, test vial products, and share life’s funny moments on YouTube. She dishes on her least favorite fashion trends and her thoughts on a big retailer’s spring line of clothes.

Alexandra Rodriguez

A plus-size YouTuber from Rhode Island, Alexandra encourages viewers to love their body – no matter its size. She talks about food, exercise and shares shopping videos with her 525K subscribers. Subscribers follow her to big box stores, thrift stores, and discount stores for clothes, decor, and crafts.  

Taylor Wynn

Taylor is a digital nomad who recently moved to NYC. She shares her passion for makeup on YouTube. Taylor’s Foundation Fridays give her 878K subscribers a look at a new foundation each week, while videos like makeup hauls show off a variety of cosmetics at once. 

Modern Millie

Wondering how to be an influencer? Modern Millie can show you. This creator uses YouTube to educate people on the ins and outs of growing an audience and monetizing content. Her 12-month-plan to become a full-time influencer is a particularly popular video.

Sorelle Amore

Sorelle tips the mega influencers scale by just cresting the 1M subscriber mark. While subscribers can find a variety of content on her channel, most of her videos focus on her budding singing career. She recently posted a video of her single, You Said It.

Gianna Christine

A lifestyle influencer with just over 500K subscribers, Gianna shares a-day-in-the-life videos with her fans. From her everyday makeup routine to what life is like as a 25-year-old living in NYC, the creator uploads videos of her everyday life.

Judy D

Judy takes to YouTube to chat about makeup. She visits makeup artists with poor reviews to see just how bad they are and also shares her recent rhinoplasty with her viewers after an injury to her nose left it bumpy on one side. 

Katina Eats Kilos

Have you seen a Godzilla Burger? Katina has, and she’s eaten the six-patty burger with layers of cheese and bacon in 30 minutes. She travels the world looking for these kinds of unique food challenges, like the world’s biggest gyoza in Tokyo.  

Raina Huang

Raina is a competitive eater who shares videos of her eating challenges on YouTube. Her 788K followers see her tackle a 200 chicken wing challenge and contests like a recent shrimp eating competition.

Jules Ari

YouTuber Jules Ari describes herself as a “bendy girl who makes cringey videos.” You’ll find yoga videos and try-on hauls, along with a smattering of videos on life’s moments, like moving to LA and comedic Shorts on her channel, which caters to 935K fans.  

Courtney Ryan

Courtney is all about helping the opposite sex. Her YouTube bio says she “helps men elevate their style, dating, and personal development.” With videos like 5 signs that she’s not into you and the worst shoes men can wear, the creator helps her audience thrive in a busy, confusing world. 

Linda Sun

Hailing from China, Linda shares lifestyle content with her 1M followers. The 23-year-old girl shares fitness, food, and clothing content with her fans. She helps fellow college students find realistic meals and reviews fitness plans to help followers find the right one.

Sinful Foodie

Priyanka Singh is the face of Sinful Foodie, who travels her native country of India trying different dishes. From Jabalpur street food to famous food in Dhanbad, her 796K subscribers get to see authentic dishes, visit food markets, and even see mukbang videos. 

Sona Gasparian

Sona’s channel covers all things beauty. From hair care tutorials to helping women put together a beginner makeup kit, she has hundreds of videos that subscribers can learn from. She started her YouTube journey back in 2011, and has grown her channel – and audience – ever since.


With 799K subscribers, Jordi, the woman behind the Itslikelymakeup channel, is a young beauty influencer with many tips and tricks for her audience. The Canadian influencer shows fans how to apply a large cat eye and how to do a 90s glam look.

Melissa K. Norris

A fifth generation homesteader, Melissa shares Great Depression recipes and gardening tips for her subscribers. She’s headed toward 500K followers, but some of her most popular videos get well over a million views, like these self-sufficiency tips


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