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Marketing on social media has gotten more difficult these last couple of years. Consumers have learned to use ad blockers and are scrolling past anything that doesn’t catch their attention immediately. In addition, they’ve become more distrustful of advertising, leaning instead into the authenticity that often comes from friends, family and influencer recommendations. That’s why influencer marketing continues to pay off — both in terms of effectiveness and return on investment. Researching how to find macro influencers? We’ve got you covered.

If you rep a brand with the budget to partner with a big influencer but aren’t necessarily looking for a celebrity or mega-influencer, consider a macro influencer. Also known as “premium” influencers, these content creators typically have between 500K and 1M followers

Of course, the size of an influencer’s following isn’t the only thing to consider. You’ll need to make sure their target audience is a match for your brand, that their engagement rate is good, and that their content and public image are right for your campaign.

We’ve included six tips to help narrow your search for the perfect partner for your next social media campaign.

1. Tap your fan base for macro influencers

Your search to find influencers for your next campaign should start with your current followers on the platform you plan to use. Why followers instead of customers? Because most brands’ “average” customers don’t have 500K followers on the social media channels you’ll be targeting with your campaign.

Look for followers who are keeping tabs on your brand via multiple platforms. These fans aren’t just on social media; they’ve made an effort to stay connected with your company, perhaps in hopes of becoming an influencer on your future campaigns. 

A simple click on their handle will let you see their follower count. Any potential influencers that fit your macro criteria will likely have experience partnering with brands and will likely have an influencer media kit.

2. Set up keyword monitoring tools

Your marketing team is probably already familiar with keyword monitoring. On social media, you can set up this tool to find not only industry, niche, or brand-specific terms but also products and services that your brand offers and will be promoting in upcoming campaigns.

Advanced monitoring tools also let you add criteria for platforms, languages, location, and even negative keywords that ignore accounts that post those keywords.

3. Attract influencers with an online form

While you’re on the hunt for TikTok, YouTube and Instagram influencers, consider having someone on your team set up an online form to garner interest from potential macro influencers. This could be as simple as a landing page with questions about influencer demographics, experience and contact information. 

Create a link to the form on your website homepage and push out the invite on all your brand’s social media channels, in newsletters, and at industry conferences and events. 

4. Track top creators in your industry

Industry newsletters, magazines, podcasts, websites and events can introduce you to stories and news about the top creators in your niche. Beyond getting insights into who the professional influencers are in your industry, you may also be able to identify who your competitors are working with.

5. Turn to influencer marketing software

Working with macro influencers means you’re playing in the big leagues, and now is the perfect time to invest in influencer marketing tools or managed services to scale your efforts.

IZEA’s Managed Services team, for example, can facilitate all aspects of your campaign, including identifying macro influencers, negotiating rates, finalizing contracts, briefing creators and measuring and reporting.

An enterprise influencer marketing software option, IZEA Flex provides detailed, searchable creator profiles to help brands find their next macro influencer. Filter your results by the influencer’s location, niche, experience, audience demographics, engagement, social media platforms, and much more. Manage all aspects of your campaigns, like contacts, payments and content, in one place.

Beyond simply serving as a clearinghouse for content creators, this influencer marketing platform also offers campaign metrics, multi-platform social monitoring, tracking links, and integrations with Google Analytics and Shopify. 

Finding macro influencers for your next social media campaign doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Use these tips to help you find content creators with whom you can build a long-term relationship because influencer marketing is the modern way to boost awareness and drive sales.


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