They say that everything’s bigger in Texas. The Insta-worthy appeal of Austin, Texas, lives up to the reputation. Those who live here would argue that it’s one of the best places on earth – and the influencers in these categories clearly agree. Curious about the top influencer categories in Austin, Texas?

The City Itself

One of the top influencer categories of Austin, Texas, is the one that pays homage to the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Visit Austin has 94,700 followers, all of whom tune in to share or view the gorgeous photos taken in and around the city. It’s a great vehicle for showing Austin-based businesses some love. Some of the top hashtags include:

  • #austin, with more than 11,000,000 posts
  • #austintx, with more than 2,500,000 posts
  • #austintexas, with more than 1,800,000 posts
  • #keepaustinweird, with more than 428,000 posts, is dedicated to the quirkier side of the city


Austin residents like Alice Kerley, who parlayed her “Southern boho style” into an Instagram page with more than 76,000 followers, love fashion. And they love to share their favorite looks. Some of the top fashion influencers in the city include:

  • @jessi_afshin: She got her start as a fashion influencer in 2013 as a college student at University of Texas, Austin, and has 286,000 followers.
  • @camillestyles: Inspirational quotes, swoon-worthy home interior shots, tablescapes and special food items, and fashionable outfits make up the bulk of the feed, which has 165,000 followers.
  • @writeslikeagirl: This blogger has more than 9,300 followers on Instagram, where she regularly shares photos that center around style or self-love and even offers help with virtual personal shopping.
  • @valerybrennan: More than 8,200 followers tune in to see what kind of hair color and style this influencer will debut next.

Health and Wellness

Austin influencers don’t shy away from this $4.2 trillion industry. This category covers a broad range of topics that contribute to mental and physical wellbeing. That includes everything from meditation and yoga to nutrition to wellness tourism. Some of Austin’s top health and wellness influencers include:

  • @dylanbenjam: This self-described health nut has more than 49,000 Instagram followers. His feed is filled with photos of his family life, learning about his newfound joy of sous vide cooking. He also offers tips for avoiding unnecessary chemicals and covers many other wellness-related topics.
  • @wellthy_soul: This health coaching resource, which has more than 6,200 followers, is made up of a group of professional fitness and health coaches who offer four online wellness series for women.
  • @thelooprunning: Owned by Pam and Ryan Hess, the Loop Running Supply is more than just a store in Austin. The fitness entrepreneurs who operate the store and its Insta page, which has 6,000 followers, aim to reinvigorate running culture.
  • @ rebel_yogi_life: Kaytee Hernandez credits yoga with transforming her life and she’s since devoted herself to sharing it with others. She does just that as a Yoga Manager at Austin Bouldering Project and with her Insta page, which has 2,100 followers.

Real Estate

The Austin real estate market is thriving, with home prices projected to continue growing according to Norada Real Estate Investments. Savvy realtors use their social media sway to share everything from current real estate market stats, home improvement tips and live home tours. Some of Austin’s top realtor influencers include:

  • Diane Dopson: Anyone who loves interior design and décor should consider checking out Dopson’s Instagram page (785 followers) or Twitter feed (418 followers).
  • Ian Grossman: With more than 14,000 Instagram followers, Grossman is easily one of the biggest real estate influencers in the city.
  • Dani Steece: Known for effective Facebook videos that spark home sales, Steece has more than 1,700 followers on Facebook and 825 on Instagram.
  • Paul Reddam: His Insta handle, @centralaustinhomes, has more than 1,100 followers, most of whom tune in for market stats and real estate tips.


Foodies aren’t unique to Austin, but it’s the perfect city for anyone who loves food to capture the flavor of amazing dishes and creations. There are plenty of food-devoted Instagram pages coming out of “Capital City,” including these top contenders:

  • EatingATX: With more than 92,000 Instagram followers, the two sisters who contribute to EatingATX are spreading the appeal of Austin’s cuisine far and wide. The drool-worthy pics that fill their feed are enough to make anyone want to book a plane ticket ASAP to experience it for themselves.
  • Shayda Torabi: This Austin-based food blogger uses her Instagram page to chronicle her culinary adventures, much to the delight of her 18,500 followers.
  • Koko: Food and travel are a marriage made in heaven on this Instagram page, which has more than 70,000 followers. Photos of gorgeous dishes and tips covering everything Austin-related keep followers tuning in to see what’s next.
  • Shelby Sorrel: More than 46,000 followers scroll through this food blogger’s Insta feed to enjoy her colorful culinary shots, suggestions for fun things to do in the city and behind-the-scenes glimpse into her life.

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