As traditional marketing has taken a back seat to digital media in reaching consumers, brands and marketers have become increasingly influencer marketing focused. And for good reason — influencer marketing done right can bring stunning levels of ROI by connecting brands to lucrative markets through trusted influencers.

It’s estimated that influencer marketing content ROI is as much as 11 times higher than ROI that traditional marketing delivers. And if you’re not getting comparable results, it could be because you’re overlooking key features of your influencer-marketing platform.

Influencer marketing can seem overwhelming as it keeps evolving rapidly, with new social media channels, apps or influencers popping up daily. Fortunately, an influencer-marketing platform is a software tool that can help keep your campaigns organized. Whether you’re working with micro-influencers on Facebook or celebrity influencers on TikTok, a more organized campaign helps you focus on getting better results.

Your influencer-marketing platform should make your influencer marketing more streamlined and effective and serve as a helpful nexus for your campaigns. Most importantly, it should deliver results that help boost the bottom line. But sometimes brands and marketers don’t realize how to maximize a platform’s features. Here’s how to get more results out of your influencer-marketing platform:

Establish Goals

Before you aim to get more results out of your influencer-marketing platform, establish goals for what you want those results to be. It makes sense to establish both short-term and long-term goals.

For instance, if your long-term goal is to lift conversions and/or engagement by a certain percentage, establish your short-term goals for getting there. Ask yourself questions like whether your short-term goals include finding more influencers or influencers who are a better fit to achieve your long-term goals.

Mine the Data

Ask yourself if you’re getting the most out of the data your influencer-marketing platform provides. Influencer marketing platforms have powerful search engines that can sort through an enormous amount of data. It’s data that can help with influencer discovery, ensuring that the influencers you choose to work with reach your target market. Don’t let all that search-engine muscle go to waste. Here are some of the most important ways you can mine your influencer-marketing platform data to improve results.

  • Find the Right Target Market. Make the most of it by researching influencer audiences to make sure they are the right demographic for your product. You can evaluate an influencer’s followers by categories like location, gender, age, and interests and use the data to create personas for your target market. And you can compare rates that influencers charge for campaigns and specific deliverables.
  • Detect Follower Fraud and Track Engagement. Your influencer-marketing platform can also help you save money and boost results by vetting influencers for fraudulent followers. It can steer you toward reputable influencers with real followers and also point you to the influencers who have the most engaged audiences.
  • Check Out the Competition. You can also use influencer marketing platform data to check out the competition and reveal the influencers they’re partnering with. And you can find data on the results they’re getting from their influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Use Social Listening. Your influencer-marketing platform can also help you with social listening. With social listening, you can find the influencers that are already mentioning your industry, brand, products, hashtags, or the competition on social media.

Improve Collaboration and Communication

Your influencer-marketing platform can make it easier for teams to create, collaborate and communicate. As the hub of your influencer-marketing campaigns, it can help keep everyone on the same page. For example, it can help you collaborate to create an influencer brief that’s easily accessed by members of the influencer marketing team.

Automate Time-Consuming Processes

One key way to get more results out of your influencer-marketing platform is to take full advantage of its automation capabilities. In addition to helping you find the right influencers, an influencer-marketing platform’s automated processes  help you with other time-consuming tasks. Those tasks can include running campaigns, customizing messages, and making payments.

Plan for the Long- and Short-Term

No one likes to be caught off-guard by events or developments they could easily have planned for. That’s especially true for the often time-sensitive nature of influencer marketing. Brands and marketers can use the scheduling features, like content calendars, that influencer-marketing platforms offer to help plan for the long- and short-term. It’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae of influencer marketing — editorial calendars can provide a much-needed overview for the entire team.

Streamline Content Creation and Management

Working with influencers across a wide range of channels and formats doesn’t have to be complex. Your influencer-marketing platform can help you streamline the process and easily monitor the content your influencers create. It allows you to spend less time managing the content and more time focusing on the results and how you can boost them.

Promote Your Campaign’s Influencer Posts

Your campaign’s influencer posts probably shouldn’t live on just one channel. An influencer-marketing platform should help you get the most out of your campaigns’ influencer posts by providing ways to promote them. When you boost your content across other channels, you boost your reach and your results.

Scale Your Campaigns

As your influencer marketing needs grow, influencer-marketing platforms can scale right along with them. When it’s time for your brand to bump your campaigns up to the next level, influencer-marketing platforms can handle the increase in work volume. You’ll get better results when your platform eases your staff’s workload and maintain better employee morale and retention.

Repurpose Content

Say you’re working with an influencer whose campaign content for your brand is getting great results on a social media channel like YouTube. Don’t forget to use your influencer-marketing platform to check out other channels and apps. New channels and apps, like TikTok, House Party, and Caffeine are springing up all the time and might produce similar, or even better results for your content.

It might just be a matter of tailoring your existing content to different formats to maximize it across a variety of channels. Repurposing content helps you to maximize budgets and get better exposure for your campaign.

Track the Results

Use your influencer-marketing platform to help track the results of your influencer campaigns. It allows you to check the influencer campaign stats for KPIs like views, reach, and engagement rates. Tracking your results can help you decide if and how you need to tweak your content by comparing it against other campaigns.

Take a Closer Look

It’s frustrating when your team works hard and doesn’t see the results. As you consider the steps to take to make improvements, take a closer look at your influencer-marketing platform. If it doesn’t offer the features that can help you get more results, you can easily find one that does.

Influencer-marketing platforms can provide as much or as little help as you need with your campaigns. Brands and marketers can learn more about our influencer-marketing platform at