James Charles

Tinseltown, La-La Land, the City of Angels: Whatever you call it, Los Angeles conjures images of glamorous lifestyles and Hollywood stars. Little surprise there are so many influencers working in and around LA, sharing every aspect of their incredible sun- and fun-filled lives. Here are 20 of the biggest LA influencers you should be following.

James Charles

James Charles is the poster child for LA glamor. He’s the first male ambassador for CoverGirl and uses social media to showcase his flamboyant style and incredible skills with a makeup brush. He boasts over 15.7 million followers on Instagram, and another 15 million on YouTube. 

Caroline Juen

If you want to know about food, fashion and fun in LA, Caroline Juen is your go-to girl. She shares her LA lifestyle pics with over 43,300 followers on Instagram and also has her own blog. She’s on a mission to discover and experience “all things Los Angeles.”

Kat Von D

Kat made a name for herself on television but has since taken the world of social media by storm while launching her own makeup line. She has two Instagram accounts. She showcases her makeup to 5.3 million followers on @katvondbeauty and shows more of her personal life to 7.1 million followers on @thekatvond.

Nastassia Johnson

LA isn’t just about fashion and makeup; it’s also a haven for foodies. Do you want to know the best place for a cronut or zabaglione tart? You need to join the 87,400 followers on @letmeeatcake to see where food fanatic and marketing consultant Nastassia Johnson is eating today. 

Ian Jeffrey

He’s a man of few words, but Ian Jeffrey has made an impression on Instagram by letting his pictures do the talking. Over 2 million followers are regularly checking in to see him modeling stylish clothes in amazing locations.

Manny Gutierrez

Manny is a sensation in the makeup industry. He has developed an iconic look, showcasing fabulous makeup styles while sporting facial stubble. His recognizable fashion statements, and a desire to give boys “cosmetic recognition,” has attracted 4.4 million followers on Instagram and 4.8 million on YouTube.

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is a beauty influencer who started her YouTube channel in 2008. She uses her status to encourage brands to cater to people of all ethnicities, and Women Wear Daily named her Influencer of the Year in 2018. She has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and has partnered with brands such as Dermalogica and NARS Cosmetics.

Jordan Santos

Jordan Santos “works and plays in social media.” She uses her lnstagram presence to share fashion, food and lifestyle images and to promote the message to stop drink driving. She has 61,200 followers.

Doe Deere

Doe’s personal Instagram feed is an explosion of color, featuring beautiful snaps of the young entrepreneur in stunning locations wearing fabulous clothes. She has her own cosmetics and jewelry line, but a lot of her photographs are more about having fun with her family. She has a secondary Instagram page for her Lime Crime makeup range, which has over 3.5 million followers. 

Ariel Diaz

While it might not be surprising that many influencers in LA are beauty and makeup experts, Ariel Diaz is still a jaw-dropping revelation. The “cosmetic illusionist” uses makeup to transform himself into characters from film and television, including Morticia Addams, Daenerys Targaryen and Cat Woman. Over 511,000 followers can’t believe their eyes.

Daisy Marquez

Big lashes, a warm smile and hot shooting locations inspire a mixture of awe and envy in Daisy’s 1.2 million Instagram followers. Anyone keen to recreate her signature style can purchase her unique color palette, created in partnership with BH Cosmetics.

Paula Galindo

Paula Galindo doesn’t post a word of English, but one look at her Instagram post will tell you everything you need to know regardless of the language you speak. Her stunning photographs, covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle, are aspirational for her 8.1 million fans.

Zipporah Bermudez

With so many beauty influencers in the world, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the importance of loving yourself and your own style. Zipporah Bermudez is a plus-sized Californian lifestyle blogger having fun and spreading the message of body positivity to her 24,600 followers.

Miss Foodie Problems

Looking for new taste sensations, or need some inspiration for where and what to eat when traveling? Cory, better known as Miss Foodie Problems, has plenty of suggestions on her Instagram page and associated blog. Her food pictures are mouthwatering, and the use of a brilliant color palette makes her feed a feast for the eyes. She has partnered with huge brands such as Tinder and Nesquik, and has 79,500 Instagram followers.

Patrik Ta

Patrick Ta is a celebrity makeup artist. He’s had the pleasure of working with many famous names, including  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Eva Longoria and Taylor Hill. His Instagram account has 1.5 million followers and it’s a “who’s who” of Hollywood superstars.

Laura Lee

Laura Lee shares her own brand of beauty advice across multiple social media platforms. She has 2 million Instagram followers and a very impressive 4.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Lora Arellano

Lora is a beauty influencer with 958,000 Instagram followers. Her feed makes a bold statement, using predominantly muted or metallic tones punctuated by sudden bursts of color.

Kim Genevieve

Kim’s Instagram feed makes LA the star. Staying mainly behind the camera, the professional photographer snaps artistic shots of the city to celebrate it’s culture and color. She has 98,400 followers on her personal account. She also has a second account where she showcases the images she captures at her studio for magazines and advertising campaigns.

Bradley Martin

In LA everybody wants to look their best, and there are plenty of health and fitness influencers sharing tips and life hacks. Bradley Martin is an inspirational figure with his own brand of fitness apparel and a great outlook on life. He has 3.1 million followers on Instagram.

Jeffree Star

With his brightly colored neon hair and stunning makeup looks, Jeffree Star is hard to miss. The self-made cosmetic creator and influencer boasts a following of 13.5 million people on Instagram and 15 million people on YouTube. He’s well known for his product reviews and lifestyle videos.

Final Thought: Developing Your LA Story

LA is all about fun, food and fashion, and this is aptly demonstrated by the influencers who work there. If you’re an advertiser developing an influencer marketing campaign, you may want to partner with some of the Internet sensations in this list. However, there are many other content creators out there, covering every aspect of life in LA. It’s important to consider the story you want to tell, and which influencers are the best fit for your brand. Choosing the right partner is the first step to a successful campaign.