When brands and marketers decide to run influencer-marketing campaigns, a range of helpful tools can help them reach their target markets. One of the most important tools is an influencer database. But although you can find quite a few influencer databases online, not all of them are of high quality.

What Is An Influencer Database?

An influencer database is a digital collection of important data about influencers, and it can include millions of them. It’s information that brands and marketers use to find the right influencers for their influencer marketing campaigns. Brands and marketers can access influencer databases by working with influencer marketing agencies or influencer marketplaces. Influencers can range from those who are well known on social media to bloggers with popular websites, prominent journalists and industry leaders.

What Information Does An Influencer Database Give You?

A high-quality influencer database lets you compare influencers by giving you the details you need to decide which ones are best for your campaign. That information includes the number of followers and/or subscribers an influencer has and demographics about their audience, like gender, location, age and interests. 

It reveals the social media channels the influencer is active on and the rate of engagement they get on their channels. It also tells you the type of content and the industry category or specialty the influencer is best known for. The categories can range from beauty, health and fitness, and style and fashion to travel, food and drink and finance. There are influencers for practically every industry and for both consumer and B2B audiences. 

A high-quality influencer database should also give you transparent pricing information. That can include things like the number of searches, views and analyses you get for a certain fee and influencer rates.

Why the Database Information Needs to be High-Quality

The influencer database information needs to be of high quality, because accuracy is key with an influencer marketing campaign. It’s information that can make or break a campaign. Having access to a high-quality influencer database is like starting out on a long road trip in a foreign country with state-of-the-art GPS and maps. It’s a much better option than just winging it and stopping to ask directions from random strangers along the way.

An influencer database should reflect accurate, up-to-date numbers and demographics for influencers and their followers. It should also give brands plenty of high-quality influencers to choose from. That means influencers who are professional and have excellent reputations as brand partners and content creators. 

The database should also include influencers at a variety of levels, from micro influencers to celebrities. It should cover popular as well as niche industries and interests and influencers in key markets around the globe. 

You can also track an influencer’s history and see how their audience has grown over time. An influencer history that shows extreme spikes in followers rather than consistent growth indicates that the influencer has a lot of fake followers. The influencer likely paid for the followers, and the audience is probably made up of a large number of bots, not real people.

What Are the Benefits of Using a High-quality Influencer Database?

A high-quality influencer database offers advantages that reflect its accuracy, size, details, and depth. They include:

Saves Brands Money and Time

Trying to find influencers without a database can be a time-consuming process of scouring social media. And no brand wants to waste time and money on a market that isn’t the right fit or a database that doesn’t deliver the numbers it promises. A high-quality influencer database is proof that the agency offering it has carefully analyzed the stats for the influencers included in it.

Helps Brands Reach the Right Target Markets

When brands use high-quality influencer databases, they get accurate information about influencers who reach the markets they’re targeting. That means brands reach a high-quality audience of real followers that demonstrate a high level of engagement with the influencer.

Raises Brand Awareness

A high-quality influencer database delivers trusted influencers to brands for marketing campaigns. These influencers spread the word about the brand among their loyal followers, raising awareness of the brand through sponsored content.

Leads to High-Quality Creative Content

A high-quality influencer database means you can choose from influencers who create high-quality content that resonates with their audiences. It’s content that your brand can repurpose for other channels and draw creative inspiration from.

Helps Establish Long-term Relationships with Influencers and Their Audiences

When brands start off with the right influencers for their campaigns, it’s easier to build long-term relationships that earn the trust of their audiences. The brand establishes a firm foundation with the influencer and their followers at the beginning of the campaign, one that only gets stronger as the campaign progresses. Rather than switching influencers mid-stream, the partnership maintains a steady presence before the audience that builds credibility, trust and authenticity for the brand.

Boosts Campaign ROI

The SEO and engagement metrics that high-quality influencer databases provide help brands develop and run successful campaigns. Because the database is made up of legitimate influencers who are engaged with their followers, brands are more likely to see conversions, including sales.