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With a staggering 1.9 billion logged-in users visiting each month, there’s no denying the importance of YouTube as a content marketing tool. The video format is particularly useful for conveying complicated procedures that would require long descriptions and diagrams, making it ideal for DIY and design influencers to share their ideas. Here are 25 of the top interior design YouTubers.

1. Studio McGee

The husband-and-wife team of Studio McGee started their interior design brand in 2016, and use YouTube and Instagram to spread their message. Over 110,000 subscribers are enjoying the couple’s beautifully shot how-to videos and home tours.

2. House & Home

Not surprisingly, the official YouTube channel for is a fantastic resource for DIY enthusiasts. The videos cover a wide range of subjects, from decorating Christmas trees to renovating a room. The diverse content has helped to attract a following of more than 531,000 subscribers.

3. Emily Henderson

Television host and author Emily Henderson uses YouTube to share her vintage-inspired design ideas with over 38,000 subscribers.

4. Jenna Sue

Jenna Sue uses her YouTube channel as a vlog to chart her adventures in real estate, DIY, and design for the education and entertainment of over 29,000 followers. She also includes a few travel videos for those people who think a job done well deserves a little vacation as a reward.

5. Three Birds Renovations

Charismatic presenters are part of a strong YouTube brand, and Three Bird Renovations has three strong personalities at the fore. These best friends are also moms, and share a keen eye for design. They have a following of over 83,000 subscribers.

6. Karin Bohn

Karin Bohn is an award-winning interior designer and businesswoman. She creates regular YouTube content for 77,000 followers.


Cable channel HGTV uses its YouTube video to great effect, offering web-exclusive videos covering all kinds of design and DIY projects, plus some behind-the-scenes footage featuring their TV personalities. The channel has over 229,000 subscribers.

8. Lowe’s Home Improvement

A steady stream of content is a good way to keep an audience engaged, so the Lowe’s Home Improvement channel posts several times a week, covering all kinds of subjects, from interior design to simple life hacks. The channel has over 646,000 subscribers.

9. Mr. Kate

A YouTube channel is more than a way to impart information — it’s a way to engage with viewers by letting them into your lives. Mr. Kate wants to share her journey through life and interior design, and her personable approach has garnered a following in excess of 3.3 million subscribers.

10. HouzzTV

The Houzz website is a fantastic resource for DIY enthusiasts, and the official HouzzTV YouTube channel is no different. Over 430,000 subscribers regularly tune in for inspiration and tips.

11. Live Your Style

Sharrah Stevens covers interior design, organization, DIY tips, travel, and leisure on her channel, promoting a can-do attitude and encouraging her 631,000 subscribers to “live your style.

12. Robeson Design

Rebecca Robeson has enjoyed eight years of success as YouTube’s most-watched interior designer. She has over 923,000 subscribers.

13. The Design Files

The Design Files is Australia’s most popular design blog. The official TDF YouTube channel is a great companion to the written features on the site, providing practical solutions for over 164,000 subscribers.

14. Mary Elizabeth

Super glamorous Mary Elizabeth is a professional interior decorator and stylist with an eye for a cool aesthetic. Her tips for a “high style, low maintenance” life have attracted more than 396,000 subscribers.

15. Bonito Designs

The mission statement of the Bonito Designs channel is to deliver the dream to a new homeowner, “making their new home exactly or way better than they dreamed of.” Thanks to amazing insight from designers and home tours, the channel has amassed a following of more than 370,000 subscribers.

16. John Peters

John Peters is a woodworker with 419,000 subscribers. His channel focuses on providing step-by-step tutorials for all kinds of woodworking projects. Whether you need a video on how to stretch an art canvas or how to build a desk for your study, this is the channel for you.

17. Vanchic

Do you need help decluttering? On her Vanchic channel, Kim shares simple, fashion-forward storage and organizational ideas with her 20,000 subscribers.

18. The Sorry Girls

Content creators with great on-screen chemistry help to elevate a channel, and Kelsey and Becky almost bubble off the screen as The Sorry Girls. They share their DIY inspirations with an impressive 1.5 million subscribers, following a fixed content calendar with uploads on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

19. HGTVCrafternoon

HGTVCrafternoon is a craft series hosted by HGTV’s Marianne Farmer Canada. The channel focuses on a new craft every week, providing plenty of inspiration for updating your decor in fun and fabulous ways.

20. House & Home

The House & Home brand comprises a magazine and website, plus regular content across a range of social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. The YouTube channel has over 532,000 subscribers.

21. White Piece

Sisters Angelina and Ruth have a passion for interior design, and share their unique ideas with 98,000 subscribers. As you would expect from the name of the channel, minimalist color palettes are the order of the day.

22. Home Design Ideas

Home Design Ideas is the perfect springboard for your new interior design project. The videos serve as a source of inspiration for more than 91,000 subscribers.

23. Plan n’ Design

Plan n’ Design features videos on interior design, home decor solutions, and inspirational ideas for any space through the use of CAD. This unique twist has helped the channel to amass over 108,000 subscribers.

24. Jami Ray Vintage

If you love upcycling, you’ll love Jami Ray Vintage. On this channel there are countless ideas for taking antique and found furniture and giving it a new lease of life. Over 95,000 subscribers are regularly tuning in to find out how to transform their trash into treasure.

25. Apartment Therapy

Whether you want to tour modern apartments, get some inspiration for a new room design, or learn how to bake a cake, you need Apartment Therapy. The channel has daily content, and also provides supplemental material on other social media platforms — two great ways to help build a brand.

In Conclusion: DIY

Have the top interior design YouTubers inspired you to start your own YouTube channel? If you want to become an influencer or give your design business a boost online, it’s time for some DIY. Develop your online presence and build a content marketing system to showcase your skills and products.