You’ve got a great product and you want the world to know about it. What’s the most effective way to get people to pay attention? It’s time for your first lesson in Influencer Marketing 101.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Wait, isn’t that word-of-mouth marketing? It’s certainly similar, yes! Where Influencer Marketing differs is, instead of relying on existing customers to evangelize your brand, marketers use the clout of a popular figures or leaders with a significant social media following to get the word out about a company or product. But the success or failure of an Influencer Marketing campaign depends largely on finding the right influencer and the right platform for your product. So, how does one get it right?

In our new ebook, What Is Influencer Marketingwe dig deep into the details of what is Influencer Marketing, why you should use it, and the steps you should take to implement a successful Influencer Marketing strategy along with examples of some of the greatest Influencer Marketing campaigns in history.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify and build relationships with social media influencers relevant to your brand
  • How a popular dog on Instagram changed the game for Mercedes Benz’s Social Media
  • Why you shouldn’t give your influencers content but you should give them something
  • Everything you need to know to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign for your company

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What Is Influencer Marketing? [Free Ebook]