March RockStars of the Month

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Big shout-outs to our RockStars of the month! We appreciate your continued support of our Community.

Advertiser of the Month

This month we’d like to recognize one of our Persistent Awareness Advertisers, RealTruck. If you’re a truck or SUV owner you’ve certainly familiar with RealTruck, and hopefully you participated in their recent social media marketing campaign.

RealTruck offers both premium and discount truck accessories all the way from bumper to exhaust. Their theme very well could be “It’s your truck, make it your look!”

Postie of the Month

You gotta give-it-up for our “Postie of the Month”, Owen Cutajar. Owen and his blogs have been a visible part of the IZEA Community for several years, and he recently won one of our Sponsored Tweets contests.

Owen’s blogs:

RockStar of the Month

Congratulations to Luis Abreu, our IZEA RockStar of the Month. Luis has been recognized before, and he definitely deserves to be recognized again. Luis is one of our devoted Sales Managers, and works hard to bring in lots of great Advertisers for our Bloggers and Tweeters to work with.

Luis Abreu, January's "RockStar of the Month"

Company Outing

As we mentioned last week we’re switching-things-up a little and are going to start celebrating our Locos every Quarter. For this first Quarter we ventured out bowling and…well, we’ve got some very competitive folks here at IZEA. Let’s take a look at the teams:

Who Gives a Split?Mortal Enemies
The IncredibowlsBartender, Another!
Scrunchie SocksBowl thugs-n-Harmony
The little Lebowski Urban Acheivers

You can find even more photos on our Flickr and Facebook Fan Page.



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