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Tapping into the Creator Economy requires your brand to find creators, measure progress, and present results. IZEA Flex equips brands with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize their influencer marketing campaigns. The platform includes valuable influencer marketing tools, including customizable contracts, seamless offer processes, and the ability to involve anyone on your team or in your organization to access information and metrics.

How IZEA Flex provides value

While other influencer marketing platforms require a confusing chain of integration with many separate types of software performing different functions, IZEA Flex provides a comprehensive dashboard of tools in one place. Let’s take a look at some of its most valuable aspects.


IZEA Flex is competitively priced and offers a 10-day free trial. Each plan includes many of the same features, with the Power Plan offering unlimited use of some key influencer marketing campaign management tools.

Starter Plan

$130/month paying yearly or $165/month paying monthly

  • 1+ user seat
  • Find creators with Discover
  • Upload and associate documents
  • Generative AI tools
  • 1 integration (Shopify or Google Analytics)
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • 50 Tracking Links/month
  • 250 content pieces/month stored in ContentMine
  • 3 active ShareMonitors
  • Up to 1,000 contacts

Power Plan

$500/month paying yearly or $600/month paying monthly

  • 3+ user seats
  • Flexible DirectPay options
  • Find creators with Discover
  • Upload and associate documents
  • Generative AI tools
  • 200 contracts per month
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited Tracking Links
  • Unlimited content pieces in ContentMine
  • Unlimited active ShareMonitors
  • Unlimited contacts

Fee transparency

Fees for sending payments to creators are transparent with IZEA Flex. Each transaction/payment sent via PayPal comes at a $2 fee. Competing platforms charge more to send payments to creators.

Everything in one dashboard

What you see in each plan is what you get. Your brand won’t need to consider paying more to add separate modules, as IZEA Flex includes every aspect of influencer marketing in one package.

Valuable features of Flex

Now that you understand the value IZEA Flex presents, consider the difference it makes in finding relevant creators and facilitating partnerships. IZEA Flex offers easy ways to find, partner with, and pay creators.

Associations, not opt-in only

The Associations feature in IZEA Flex is the key to unlocking valuable insights. Associate a campaign or piece of content with contact, contract, transaction, and more.

The insights created by these associations allow brands to make observations about how they are spending, reaching audiences, and performing on metrics such as social media reach or product sales.

Creator contracts

Use creator contracts generated within IZEA Flex, which can be sent to creators to be e-signed. IZEA Flex allows your brand to keep track of offers sent to creators, with contracts and agreements stored in the same place.

Send offers to creators (they don’t need to be signed up)

Creators do not need to have signed up to IZEA’s platform to receive your collaboration offers. Creators can accept, decline, or negotiate any offer that comes their way, making it easy to track your expenses and efforts.

Send requests for UGC

Looking for a better way to seek user-generated content at scale? Send requests to any creator on social media through IZEA Flex. With our UGC feature, you can request a limited license to use the content in your own marketing. Flex generates custom links that you can share with your customers through social media, email, QR codes and more.

Content incorporated into Flex is continuously monitored for engagement levels. This content can be linked with other Flex modules, facilitating sophisticated tracking of campaign performance and providing deeper insights.

Tracking Links

One of the standout features of IZEA Flex is the inclusion of Tracking Links, a tool that, on its own, holds immense value. Tracking Links enable brands to monitor the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns in real time, providing crucial insights into how audiences are interacting with the content.

Each Tracking Link can be associated with a specific creator, campaign, or piece of content, allowing for a granular analysis of engagement. It gives brands the ability to identify which strategies are working best, which creators are driving the most traffic, and which pieces of content are resonating most with audiences. This data can be instrumental in optimizing future campaigns, ensuring that your marketing efforts continue to evolve and improve.

In platforms where Tracking Links are not included, brands would have to invest in separate analytics software to gain these insights. However, with IZEA Flex, Tracking Links come as part of the package, providing considerable savings and enhancing the overall value of the platform. The inclusion of Tracking Links in IZEA Flex not only simplifies campaign tracking but also makes it a cost-effective solution for brands looking to make the most of their influencer marketing strategies.

You can trust IZEA’s authority on influencer marketing. With 17 years of history in connecting brands and creators, IZEA creates products that prioritize efficiency, seamless communication and business between brands and creators, and one-of-a-kind campaigns that reach ROI, audience outreach, and creative goals.

Want to try it for yourself? You can try IZEA Flex free for 10 days. Learn more about IZEA Flex.