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As a marketer, influencer or someone interested in sustainability, you may have heard of the term zero-waste, a concept that involves reducing resource consumption by cutting down your waste through reusing materials, producing less materials, buying in bulk or increasing recycling efforts. As our planet’s resources become increasingly limited with climate change looming ever closer, the need to reduce waste is growing ever more critical — and social media influencers are inspiring others to be more mindful of waste and consumption. Check out these 12 zero-waste influencers inspiring their followers to join them on their journey through informative content and practical tips.

Top 13 zero-waste influencers showcasing their green lifestyles

Kathryn Kellogg

Kathryn turned her personal health journey into inspiration for more than 470K people to try to give up plastic and all waste for both their own health and that of the planet. Her eco-friendly and frugal living posts highlight her favorite cleaning products and tips on a greener lifestyle. Make sure to also check out her blog for more information on the zero-waste lifestyle.

Stevie Van Horn

Stevie is a sustainability activist who lives in Boulder, Colorado. She has lived a zero-waste lifestyle for many years and offers fun, simple solutions for reducing waste for her 26.3K followers. Stevie believes that every daily action can create a better tomorrow and shows her followers how to do that through her Instagram and blog, Yay For Earth.

Anne-Marie Bonneau

For many people, it can be difficult to create delicious dishes without filling up their trash bin. Anne-Marie Bonneau is here to help. She offers a starter guide for waste-free living that has helped more than 207K followers.

Dr. Anita Vandyke

Dr. Vandyke has almost 84.8K Instagram followers who tune in for good tips about reducing food waste, which is a major reason why landfills are maxing out. The rocket scientist is also a talented author of a book on the zero-waste lifestyle. She now fills her feed with household tips to create a cleaner lifestyle.

Lindsay Miles

Lindsay is a zero-waste influencer from Perth, Australia, who shares recipes, her vegetable garden, and tips for buying less stuff. As an author, TEDx speaker, and popular influencer, Lindsay has gained over 50.6K Instagram followers.

Lauren Singer

Think you can’t be trash-free in NYC? Trash Is for Tossers disagrees. Lauren uses her popular platform to share how she invests in climate change solutions and how she has lived the zero-waste lifestyle since 2012 with more than 338K followers.

Amanda and Jeannie

Wasteless Pantry is a creative platform that shares insights on how to buy bulk groceries. Amanda and Jeannie offer their insights on eliminating disposable packaging, sourcing food locally, and sustainability.

Anamarie Shreeves

Anamarie is an activist and zero-waste advocate who shares her knowledge of black ecology, ecosocialism and abolition. The brilliant creator uses her voice to speak up for Black zero-waste influencers and gives advice to more than 18.1K followers on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Rob Greenfield

Rob is a popular activist who is dedicated to sustainability and uses his Instagram to educate more than 204K followers on being the change they wish to see in the world. His love for living a cleaner lifestyle shines through his posts highlighting his latest zero-waste projects.

Addie Fisher

Addie is one of Instagram’s most popular advocates for zero-waste and sustainability. She has more than 19.8K followers who tune in for her tips and advice on raising a family in a zero-waste home and slowing down to live intentionally.

Isaias Hernandez

Isaias is the creative mind behind “Queer Brown Vegan” who uses his platforms to educate others on sustainability, research and evidence-based hope. His reach expands to more than 117K followers who hear about the importance of zero-waste in an engaging way.

Max La Manna

A host on BBC Earth, Max likes to share ways to reduce food waste. It’s a lot easier than you think and he’s here to show you how. Eating food is just one part of a meal, Max shows followers the rest. He also has a cookbook.


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