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Savvy marketers know that a good social influencer can help extend a brand’s reach in ways traditional advertising can’t. These unique YouTubers reflect a spectrum of niches and audiences. From sports and beatboxing to music and travel, these influencers keep their eye on trends—or make them. 

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Top 10 YouTubers to work with today

Kristin Wilson

Kristin helps over 182K subscribers gain financial freedom, travel the world, work remotely and live abroad. As a digital nomad, Kristin aims to educate and help others achieve the same. She reaches a large audience who enjoys travel and business-related content.

Aryan Rahul Yaduvanshi

Aryan has a unique niche and personal platform as an immigration counsel. He sets off on a 27,000-kilometer road trip from Canada to India and takes more than 97.7K subscribers on his epic adventures. His channel targets those who have a passion for travel and like lifestyle vlogs.

Tyquana is an American YouTuber who helps others learn self-love and self-expression, and she takes to YouTube to highlight her own personal journey learning the same. Tyquana is an inspiring influencer who shares valuable advice and tips for creating the perfect self-care routine for more than 5.46K subscribers.

Leila is a creative bilingual ASMR creator who relaxes and entertains her audience. Her channel features bilingual posts incorporating products that help her create the perfect soothing sounds. More than 14.6K subscribers tune in for her relaxing content.

Liz and Dennis

Liz and Dennis are the creative minds behind their Eat See RV channel, which primarily focuses on their life traveling the world in their RV. The couple began creating content in 2017 and have inspired over 75.4K subscribers to see the world. Their vlogs show all the latest destinations they have visited, including in-depth food and restaurant reviews.

Alyshia Barragan

Alyshia highlights many fashion and beauty brands as an aspiring influencer interested in trendy styles and products. Alyshia posts reviews that cover the latest styles of the season and feature the products she uses to achieve her flawless looks. When she isn’t sharing her favorite brands and products, Alyshia creates lifestyle vlogs that keep her 2.42K subscribers updated on her experiences.

Rich Lindgren

With years of knowledge in the bass fishing industry and a passion for educating others, Rich has caught more than 12.8K subscribers. His channel reaches users interested in sports and related brands and equipment.

Evie reaches an audience interested in DIY projects and handmade decor. Evie strives to teach her 48.5K subscribers how to spin yarn in a fun way and shows her favorite projects, textiles, knitting, weaving, and more. Her channel is full of in-depth tutorials that showcase her artistic talents and keep her audiences engaged.

Chelsea Pearl

Chelsea is a San Fransisco Bay content creator who educates her viewers on how to live large in little ways. Her positivity shines through her beauty and lifestyle content that highlights her latest travels and favorite products. From try-on hauls and product reviews to vlogs of days in her life, Chelsea has grabbed the attention of more than 14.7K subscribers.

Will Tang

Founder of the Going Awesome Places travel blog, Will is a travel and lifestyle YouTuber who gets his subscribers excited about their next vacation. His vlogs include detailed itineraries of his recommended restaurants and must-visit attractions worldwide. His expert travel tips have earned more than 25K subscribers.

Sam Reid

Sam is an uplifting example of a foodie and fun YouTuber who uses his channel to share his adventures exploring restaurants and more around the world, completing unique challenges, accomplishing fitness goals, and sharing his love as a Taco Bell enthusiast. The former Olympic hopeful has collected over 46.6k subscribers by sharing his variety of entertaining content.

Grace Ortega

Grace takes to YouTube as a fashion and lifestyle content creator. Grace has a twin sister featured throughout her channel frequently and the duo often use their popular channel to highlight their new trendy styles and comical vlogs with over 30.2K subscribers.


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