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A new style of lifestyle vloggers has stepped into the ring: work-from-home vloggers. Working from home became more popular when the world shut down in 2020, forcing a lot of businesses to adapt to a new remote working style in the beginning stages. Since then, a lot of workers have chosen to stay fully remote (or hybrid). Before the pandemic, only 7% of private industry workers had the flexibility to telework.

YouTube’s work-from-home vloggers have become more popular among both creators and subscribers. Whether you’re a viewer looking to see relatable content or a brand looking to showcase your products that integrate into remote work lifestyle, influencers on YouTube are growing as these videos increase in popularity.

10 work-from-home vloggers with small to midsize audiences

Taylor Bell

Management consultant Taylor Bell creates working from home vlogs for the 9-5ers watching her channel. With almost 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and just over 10K followers on Instagram, you’re bound to find relatable work-from-home content. She also talks about how to get a job in consulting and shows her life as a California transplant in NYC.

All Things Imani

With over 2 million views on her channel, Imani Janee is a Chicago influencer who shares lifestyle, travel and working-from-home content with her 16,000-plus followers on YouTube. Imani also shares routine videos, productivity vlogs and content explaining how she got a job in tech with no experience.

Rachel Vinn

If you’re looking to see how to manage multiple jobs or even a 2-hour “Work With Me” video, Rachel’s channel is perfect to add to your subscription list. With just over 3.6 million views and 70,000 subscribers, Rachel’s working from home videos (and even going into the office at her 9-5) are some of her most popular uploads. Rachel works with brands like Hello Fresh that easily connect with her brand and her subscribers.

Living like Leila

Leila of Living Like Leila on YouTube shares working from home videos as well as weekly vlogs where she talks about finding new jobs and having struggles at work. She’s also a vegan who likes to talk about finance, health and personal development. Leila shares her healthy lifestyle and how she stays productive working a 9-5 with her almost 17K subscribers.

Krista Cannady

Krista Cannady, a Charlotte, North Carolina vlogger, shares her work-from-home life as well as other lifestyle videos on her channel with almost 7,000 subscribers. Krista works a hybrid job, meaning she works from home and goes into the office on some days, which she shares with her audience. As hybrid workplaces become more prevalent, Krista’s videos share the highs and lows of the work schedule.

Kristee Vetter

With almost 47 million views and 294,000 subscribers, Kristee Vetter is the biggest vlogger on our list. Once a channel grows to full-time capacity, a lot of work-from-home vloggers leave their jobs and change their content, but Kristee is still working a regular 9-5 from home. Kristee uploads content twice a week, sharing work, lifestyle and regular vlog content with her large audience.

Selena Travino

Selena Travino’s vlogs are filled with positivity, wellness and lifestyle content centered around working a 9-5 full time from home in Washington, D.C. With almost 18,000 subscribers, Selena’s channel continues to grow as she talks candidly about the struggle of working from home, promotes body positivity and shares monthly resets to encourage viewers to set their months up for success ahead of time.

Jenna Hong

Jenna Hong is a new work-from-home influencer whose positivity will keep you coming back for more. With just under 13,000 subscribers, Jenna works with brands catered to others who work remotely. These brands include workwear fashion (since Jenna works a hybrid-approach), healthy brands and even brands looking to promote desk supplies like chairs and notebooks.

Carter Sullivan

Carter Sullivan is a healthcare administration worker out of Canada who works from home, runs a YouTube channel and is going to grad school. Carter’s videos have over 3.7 million views and and channel has grown quickly to just under 50,000 subscribers. She also creates videos showing how she keeps her personal finances in check and her obsession with books.

Alexis Eldredge

Alexis Eldredge shares at least two videos a week with her audience of 7,000-plus on YouTube. Her working from home content is relatable and she also shares tons of lifestyle vlogs showing her life in New York City. While her subscriber count is small, she’s doubled her following since February-March 2022.

Finding a niche in the YouTube space is an easy way to grow your content as a creator as well as a great space for brands to promote their products. These work-from-home vloggers are relatable to a lot of Gen Z and millennial workers who are adjusting to the remote work space.


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