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Social media gives all advocates a platform to share their message. Women’s rights advocates take to social to fight for everything from equal rights to ending period poverty. Whether you want to stay informed, be inspired, or aspire to be a strong female leader, check out this list of strong women’s rights influencers who raise awareness about women’s and social issues.

14 women’s rights influencers educating on social media

Paola Mendoza

Mother, author, filmmaker and activist Paola served as the co-founder/artistic director of 2017’s Women’s March. Paola is a mid-tier Instagram influencer who speaks up on reproductive rights from a personal perspective and rallies her followers to support women’s rights issues.

Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin 

Gabby is a public speaker, writer and founder of the charitable organization Bloody Good Period, which seeks to end period poverty. Gabby takes to the streets for women’s rights and participates in pivotal panel discussions to promote menstrual education.

Gina Martin

British campaigner, writer and public speaker Gina is a passionate pursuer of “gender equality for all.” She became known for her efforts to make “upskirting” illegal in England and Wales, which resulted in 2019’s Voyeurism Act. Her 108K Instagram followers see posts of Gina attending women’s rights rallies and discussing important topics.

Becca Rae-Tucker – thesweetfeminist

Becca is a baker based in Austin. This fierce feminist bakes beautiful cakes that “say it with sugar,” including a message that empowers women to speak up regardless of others’ reactions.

Sonita Alizadeh

Sonita is an Afghan rapper and activist who is passionate about ending forced child labor and child marriage. Currently living in the United States, Sonita uses her talents as a tool to help her cause across the globe, shedding light on the plight of Afghan women and raising money to prevent young girls from being sold into marriage in her native country.

Linda Sarsour 

Linda is an American author and women’s rights activist serving as co-chair of the 2017 Women’s March and Day Without A Woman, as well as 2019’s Women’s March. Whether she’s being honored for her human rights work or fighting the good fight at a protest, Linda remains focused on her mission.

Ashley Lukashevsky – ashluka

Ashley is a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer whose work focuses on progressive social movements and important issues, including women’s rights. Whether she’s illustrating a colorful children’s book based on a young female character, a book about reproductive rights, or painting a mural with an uplifting message of female empowerment, Ashley’s art is moving.

Laura Bates

Laura is an English feminist writer, activist and founder of the Everyday Sexism Project. Laura shares her must-read book suggestions, speaks on the harmful effects of sexist statements commonly made to women, and participates in events promoting activism and feminist publishing to further her impact on the world of women’s rights.

Candice Chirwa

Known as the “Minister of Menstruation,” Candice is a South-African-based activist passionate about putting an end to period poverty. She educates the public with interesting menstruation facts and challenges her followers to support access to adequate menstrual hygiene.

Chelsea VonChaz

Motivated by the need for change, Chelsea left her career as a Hollywood stylist to become a philanthropist. As the founder of We Are Happy Period, Chelsea provides BIPOC women with menstrual health education and supplies vending machines filled with free period products.

Caitlin Blunnie – liberaljane

Virginia-based Caitlin is a feminist artist who creates art celebrating bodily autonomy. Caitlin makes her mission clear by creating artwork that supports reproductive rights, promotes body positivity, and shares the importance of empowering all women.

Jameela Jamil

British actress, “I Weigh!” podcaster and “feminist in progress” Jameela is best known for her role on TV’s “The Good Place.” In addition to spreading awareness about period poverty, Jameela never shies away from sharing her thoughts on female empowerment with her 3.6 million Instagram followers.

Sarah Sophie Flicker

Sarah is an actress, activist and national organizer for the Women’s March. The Instagram influencer stays on the front line of the fight for women’s rights, which includes encouraging men to participate in the Women’s March and motivating the masses to keep showing up for what matters most.

Kate Hurst – kateontheblog

Kate is an Ontario-based blogger and mom who shares all about her “honest motherhood” and family lifestyle journey. Kate promotes self-love by practicing positive self-talk and daily affirmations, which can help improve a woman’s mental mindset — a habit she is passing along to her daughter. 


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