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Water polo often flies under the radar in mainstream athletics. However, a wave of dedicated water polo athletes are taking to social media, bringing their sport into the spotlight. By sharing their training routines, match highlights, and personal experiences, these athletes are not only fostering a deeper appreciation for water polo but also inspiring a new generation of players. Check out the water polo athletes and influencers sharing their sport on social media.

Water polo athletes sharing their sport on social media

Ashleigh Johnson

Ashleigh is an American water polo player who is known for being one of the strongest goalies and competitors of all time. The two-time Olympic gold medalist takes to Instagram to share her athletic success and love for the sport with more than 27.1K followers.

Maddie Musselman

Previously named a water polo MVP in 2020 after winning gold with the U.S. water polo team, Maddie is an all-star in the water polo community. She has over 11.4K followers on Instagram who see the two-time Olympian in the water.

Johnny Hooper

Johnny is one of the most well-known and successful water polo athletes. He attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he scored 245 goals. Johnny joined the men’s USA team and competed in the 2020 Olympics.

Maggie Steffens

Maggie is a three-time Olympian and gold medalist, four-time world champion and two-time European champion. She shares her success and created a program for water polo athletes. Her Instagram followers now follow along to see how she prepares for her upcoming matches.

Jake Cavano 

Jake is a UCLA alumnus and water polo athlete who doubles as a coach. On Instagram, Jake primarily shares his experiences working and playing with professional water polo players in Australia and Italy.

Laura Ester Ramos

Laura is a Spanish goalkeeper who helped the team bring home silver medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Her goal-keeping talents have not only led her to win multiple world championships. She has 11.9K Instagram followers who tune in to see how she prepares for the upcoming Olympics.

Dušan Mandić

Dušan is a professional water polo athlete who plays for the Serbia team. As one of the most unstoppable players today, Dušan uses his Instagram to highlight his latest matches and scores for his 32.1K followers.

Krisztian Manhercz

Krisztian is a Hungarian water polo all star who previously took home a bronze medal at the Toyko Olympics in 2020 and has many other athletic achievements. Krisztian showcases his recent goals and time in the water for his 10.6K followers who watch his road to Paris in 2024.

Alvaro Granados

As a 25-year-old professional Spanish water polo player, Alvaro inspires the water polo community and has over 13.2k followers on Instagram. Alvaro shares his recent accomplishments in the water.

Simone van de Kraats

Simone is currently ranked as one of the top 10 best female water polo players in the world as a competitor for the Netherlands. The Olympian aims to take on the Paris Games in 2024 and shares her achievements, medals, experiences and more.

Rachel Fattal 

Rachel is another UCLA alumna turned water polo star athlete who is a two-time goal medalist who shares her achievements on Instagram. Rachel’s feed highlights the fun that the American water polo team has, behind the scenes clips of their practices and recent matches.


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