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With the help of social media, vegan recipes are becoming more available to those interested in a plant-based diet. Vegan influencers on social media are sharing their lifestyle to encourage others to try it. Whether you’re a brand looking to work with a vegan influencer or someone hoping to find a few more plant-based recipes to add to your recipe book, this list of creators is for you. It contains vegan families, bodybuilders, cheap eaters and elaborate recipe creators in the vegan community.

12 vegan influencers to follow

Ellen Fisher

Ellen is a well-known influencer on YouTube who shares her life as a vegan mom. Ellen has shared five vegan pregnancies over the years and highlights how you can have a healthy, thriving family on a fully vegan diet and lifestyle. She lives in Hawaii and gets much of her produce from her property.

Derek Simnett

Derek is a nutritionist and bodybuilder who thrives on a vegan lifestyle. His YouTube channel has 652K subscribers who keep returning for more vegan recipes and learn to gain muscle with vegan protein vs. animal protein. Derek is a top vegan influencer because he loves breaking down vegan myths and sharing other parts of the vegan lifestyle that people are afraid of.

Joanne L. Molinaro

Joanne is a popular Korean creator on TikTok who has gained 3 million followers with her easy vegan recipes. Her simple, realistic vegan eats aren’t always filled with the beautiful colors and bountiful veggies some vegan influencers share that don’t always feel accessible to everyone wanting to try a plant-based diet.

Jasmine Briones

Jasmine of Sweet Simple Vegan is a plant-based eater and recipe developer who shares her gorgeous yet simple vegan foods with 302K followers. Her blog and YouTube are extensions of her Instagram, sharing in-depth vegan recipes and her life with her vegan fiance, Chris. You can expect to find yummy, easy-to-follow vegan food all over Jasmine’s page.

Caitlin Shoemaker

Caitlin is the vegan influencer behind From My Bowl, a YouTube channel and blog focused on vegan foods. This Washington creator shares her tasty vegan foods with over 779K subscribers and her life living in the country with her dogs and new husband.

Hannah Howlett

Hannah is a popular vegan influencer thanks to her YouTube channel of 822K subscribers, High Carb Hannah. Hannah’s content focuses on losing weight on the vegan diet and how you can eat as many carbs as you want while eating plant-based foods. Her easy-to-follow recipes are based on a 50/50 plate, which means 50% of each meal is from low-carbohydrate groups (like veggies), and half is from the high-carbohydrate groups (like rice or beans.)

Nisha Vora

Nisha is the vegan recipe creator behind Rainbow Plant Life on Instagram, YouTube and her blog. A lot of Nisha’s recipes revolve around making traditional Indian food vegan-friendly. She also shares her vegan travels and how she stays on track. 

Erin and Dusty Stanczyk

Erin and Dusty are another vegan family showing that it’s easy, safe and healthy to create a life with two young children while eating and living a vegan lifestyle. Their YouTube channel, Eat Move Rest, is centered around living a healthy lifestyle based on your food, movement and rest.

Plantiful Kiki

Kiki is among top vegan influencers who share plant-based recipes on YouTube and Instagram. With 151K followers on Instagram, Kiki shares her colorful recipes and the foods she eats daily to keep off the 70 pounds she lost on a vegan diet.

Nicole Vranjican

Nicole of Nikki Vegan on YouTube is a vegan recipe developer who works with top vegan-friendly brands to bring tasty food ideas to her 163K subscribers. Nicole focuses on realistic vegan eating, trying to show foods that aren’t super expensive but can still taste good and be full of plants.

Shakayla Houston

Shakayla is a top vegan influencer on Instagram who shares her love for vegan foods with a twist. Her recipes are remakes of classic southern staples and easy recipes to make when you need something for a quick work-from-home lunch. Shakayla’s bright and cheery attitude keeps followers coming back for more, and she’s already grown her Instagram to 109K followers. She also shares her recipes on YouTube and her blog.

Amanda Ducks

Amanda is an Australian vegan influencer who grew her channel by sharing her vegan “What I Eat in a Week” videos. Amanda’s channel has just over 83K subscribers and she loves to share what she makes for dinner with her vegan roommate or friends coming over for a girls’ night.

Whether you’re looking to add a few more Meatless Monday recipes into your weekly routine or want to share your products with a vegan audience, check out these 12 vegan influencers on social media.


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