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The transgender community is full of vibrant, inspirational, educational, and entertaining influencers to follow. Take a look at these trans influencers who are willing to share everything from their favorite recipes to more personal topics like deciding to move forward with gender-affirming surgery. 

Top transgender influencers

Jesse Sullivan

When it comes to transgender TikTok stars, we’d be remiss not to mention the superstar dad Jesse. The creator posts lots of content from his home, including his tween Arlo, his pets, and his wife, reality star Francesca Farago. But he also uses his platform to clarify myths about trans people, talk about his own experience getting pregnant young, and share adventures, like when he got two more face tattoos, with more than 3M followers.



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Dylan Mulvaney

With 9.7M TikTok followers, Dylan is one of the platform’s top transgender influencers. After her iconic year of daily videos titled “Days of Girlhood,” the actress and activist was honored with a Queerties’ Groundbreaker Award. Her feed highlights her latest brand trips and stylish ensembles.


Icky’s YouTube channel is about all things trans life, transitioning and life on estrogen. Icky’s videos are helpful for those in transition, hoping to understand more about trans people or those who might be trans themselves.

Rose Montoya

Rose is an advocate for the trans community. Besides acting and modeling, she speaks about a variety of issues, including abortion, cervical cancer, consent, and parenting trans youth. Rose, who says she knew she was a girl since she was 4 years old, asks her 789.8K followers on TikTok to sign petitions and donate money to help support organizations that provide support and aid to transgender youth and adults.


My number one beauty hack? Supporting human rights by demanding bodily autonomy. #bodilyautonomy #humanrights #bodilyautonomy #grwm #beautyhack

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Amanda and Shaye Scott

Amanda and Shaye are a queer couple, with Shaye being trans, going through surgical changes. Their honesty about being a couple as one-partner transitions and leaving the Mormon Church. They’ve grown their channel to 122K followers.

Mathilda Högberg

Mathilda is a trans woman who has shared all the intricacies of life with 181.4K followers on TikTok. Mathilda makes funny videos but also covers topics like dealing with bullying growing up.


They dont know i had the surgery 💅🏻🥰 #trans

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As trans creators go, Zaya is near the top of the list on TikTok, having amassed 4.8M followers. Her content is full of informative videos about everything from using sanitary products as a trans woman to how to apply makeup. She responds to hateful comments with honest answers but doesn’t take anything to heart because she is confident in herself as a woman.


Want to participate in research to help queer and trans youth? Visit to take a short survey to see if you qualify!

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Alice in Wonder1and

Alice’s YouTube channel has 31.1K followers. She shares some of the weird things people say to her, hateful comments she gets and other random, funny videos.

Jamie Raines

YouTuber Jamie boasts more than 1.1M subscribers thanks to his funny, sarcastic and informative content. If you’re looking for honest answers about the experience of being a trans man, Jamie has got it. He’s shared videos about having periods, the state of men and dating a trans person.

Ilya Selyn

TikTok starts Ilya has 2.5M TikTok followers who tune in for makeup and fashion content. She is known for her incredible hair transformations and wigs but also uses the opportunity to discuss things like how trying short hair brought up feelings of gender dysphoria.


Replying to @DONT MIND HIM --> 🪳 taking off my makeup and doing my skincare to this backhanded compliment 🥲 “even tho ur trans” is a little bit unnecessary 🥲 @Superdrug wipes @Kylie Skin cleanser @ELEMIS UKI toner spray @Dr.PAWPAW night cream #skincare #makeupremoval #skincareasmr

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Hayden James

Hayden addresses misinformation and suggests that people unfollow him on TikTok if they’re negative. His 215.6K followers can follow his journey since starting his transition more than 3 years ago to see the physical changes and mental transformation.

Jessie Gender

YouTube influencer Jessie hosts her “After Dark” channel in which she posts movie and TV reviews, trailer reactions, book reviews, fandom speculation, news breakdowns, and fun lists like ranking “Star Trek” captains. A self-proclaimed nerd, Jessie also covers topics like artificial intelligence and plenty of sci-fi material for over 53.3K subscribers.

Lindsay Vanilla

With 143.3K followers, Lindsay is a trans woman who shares spicier content on TikTok. This redhead shares a lot of dancing videos and other trans content.

Bel Priestley

Actress Bel Priestley from Netflix’s “Heartstopper” series openly shares her process of transitioning. She’s created TikTok videos for her 1.3M followers about hormones, surgery and voice training. Her feed highlights her interests in beauty and fashion, too.


AD These are all my unreal finds for date night @asos

♬ Slam Dunk (Full) - Jonathan Paulsen

Danny Wakefield

Single dad and non-binary birther Danny shares lots of content from his unique and happy life with his 110K Instagram followers. There’s adorable content about Danny’s two children, his pets, raising baby ducklings and medical issues.

Danielle Bri

With 188.6K followers on TikTok, Danielle shares life as a trans woman. Her videos are about living her best life, dealing with family issues for being trans and some of the beauty treatments she has done.

Kissy Duerre

Beautiful, smart and funny? Yes, macro-influencer Kissey is all of those things to her 695.6K TikTok followers. Known for her hysterical trans-centric videos with her dog, she also creates fashion videos showing her incredible sense of style.


Even after seven years since she joined the ancestors, grief still lingers… I still think of her nearly everyday! I’m starting to accept that grief is something I just have to live with. So grateful for my going through this with my bro by my side❤️#momsinheaven #grief #siblings #foreverinourhearts #motherslove

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Skyler Jay

Many of his 51.9K Instagram followers know him from his makeover on “Queer Eye” Season 2, Episode 5, but the trans activist has since become known for his public speaking and hosting work too. He also shares his love for his partner.

Angel Flores

Angel, or A.J., was also on “Queer Eye” Season 6. A.J. has 18.4K followers on TikTok and chooses to stand up for the trans community in whatever they choose to do with their bodies. 


Replying to @Baphomet & Co. oh these are gonna be so fun 😝😘

♬ original sound - Angel Flores

Quahmiere Harris

Mid-tier TikTok influencer Quahmiere shares life as a model and boxer. Since starting to do more modeling, he says he “just had to grow into his looks.” He now entertains more than 237.5K followers with his gym routines and dancing videos.

Sammy Vanity

New Zealand beauty Sammy describes herself as a “trans girl from a small town who is obsessed with Barbie, plants, and The Sims.” She uses her social channels to share her daily life as a Gen Z girl from a small town and to educate and uplift others. She entertains 354.8K followers on TikTok with unboxing videos, makeup tutorials, and outfits of the day.


Eden, or Eden the Doll on TikTok, has grown to 1.8M followers. One of the largest trans influencers on the app, she shares information about being a trans woman and her take on some of the misconceptions about being trans. Some of her opinions are controversial in the community.


Trans women - We are NOT biological women!

♬ original sound - Eden The Doll

Gigi Gorgeous

In 2013, Gigi came out as a transgender woman and has gained support and encouragement from more than 2.7M YouTube subscribers. Gigi shares her transition story and her series on “Untucked” outfits.

Angelica Ross

As the founder of TransTechSocial Enterprises, Angelica is a resource for the trans community and an artist, speaker and businesswoman. Angelica advocates for the transgender community and has gained more than 480K Instagram followers through her powerful messages. From speaking on Capitol Hill to her recent podcast appearances, Angelica shares it all.

Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe is a trans model who shares her voice and inspires more than 555K Instagram followers. Munroe is a contributing editor at British Vogue and has walked runways for brands. Her posts show her modern fashion.

Chella Man

Chella is an internationally acclaimed artist who identifies as trans-masculine, Jewish and Chinese. Chella shares his experiences with more than 415K Instagram followers. His feed shows his latest artistic creations and words of motivation for his followers.

Geena Rocero

With her memoir, “Horse Barbie,” Geena has become one of the most well-known advocates in the trans community. She shares her story with over 118K Instagram followers. Posts include her book, appearances and a recent podcast interview.

Nikita Dragun

Originally rising to fame on YouTube for her engaging makeup videos, Nikita has now become a well-known trans personality on Instagram to more than 8.3M followers. She fills her current feed with her latest stylish outfits and posts that highlight her journey as a trans woman. 

Nikkie de Jager

Known as one of the most iconic modern-day makeup artists, Nikkie inspires her 19.5M followers with more than just her creative beauty looks. Nikkie represents the LGBTQ+ community as a trans woman taking over the beauty industry.

Blaire White

Blaire considers herself to be her 1.42M followers’ “problematic fav” as she uses her channel to bring tough conversations to light. Blair is an empowering example of a trans woman on YouTube who uses her platform to capture her political stances and interview others on theirs.

Jazz Jennings

Jazz is a twenty-two-year-old transgender woman and YouTube creator to create acceptance and equality throughout the world and she does so by sharing her engaging content. Jazz uses her channel to share her passion in discussing topics that are important to her and diving into her stance on current events for her 642K subscribers and 1.2M Instagram followers.


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