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For most people, vacations only happen once or twice a year; however, Instagram has many influencers who travel the world regularly. Instagram is a great outlet for users to find popular destinations and for influencers to build a business by sharing stunning photography and travel guides for their followers. Using specific hashtags is critical to reaching a target audience. Check out these top Instagram vacation hashtags to reach users all over the world.

30 top Instagram vacation hashtags


As the first and most obvious choice, #vacation has more than 146M posts constantly being updated. Being the most popular hashtag, #vacation doesn’t allow for the recognition you would think. Because it is so popular, newer posts often bury anything you share. It is important to make your post unique when using this tag. To help keep your content visible, add a popular emoji like a palm tree to the end of the hashtag.


Since #vacation is so popular, it’s a good idea to find alternative top vacation hashtags. They will likely draw the same people, but not in such great quantities. You need to find a balance, selecting tags that are popular but not too popular. The #vacationtime tag has more than 5.6M posts.


This is another one of the top vacation hashtags without the risk of countless other posts smothering your quality content. #vacationfun has more than 180K posts.


Think about how people speak and then look for abbreviations that are likely common usage. #Vacay is among those top vacation hashtags with around 9M posts.


Unless you plan to post about staycations, #travel will be a strong focus for many vacation posts. With more than 670M posts, it joins the list as one of the most popular vacation hashtags.


The #travel hashtag has over 670M uses, while #traveling has 89M. Both are too popular to gain visibility, but they’re useful for supplementing more specific tags.


Don’t forget to consider localization. Many words you might use as tags have slightly different spellings in other regions. So using multiple spellings like #travelling is a good way to extend your reach.


In England, “going on #holiday” means taking a vacation. If you want to tap into an overseas demographic, consider adding some holiday hashtags.


Many common tag words on Instagram are also in common usage as tags with “Insta” at the beginning, like #instatravel. With more than 122M uses, this hashtag is also among the most popular.


The #happyholidays tag helps you to connect with vacationers from overseas, but it’s also useful for use when you’re vacationing during seasonal events such as Christmas.


Everybody hopes for a little #sun on their vacations. Unfortunately, with 193M uses, it’s difficult to gain visibility using this tag.


Any vacation wouldn’t be complete without a few hours of relaxing on the #beach or catching a game of beach volleyball. It has been used more than 290M times.


Vacation is a broad subject, incorporating travel, new cultures, beautiful landscapes, people, places, sports, activities, history, and food. Every time you post, it’s a good idea to use some tags relating to your specific activity. Whether hiking, sightseeing, or rock climbing, there are plenty of opportunities to snap #nature photographs.


Make sure your followers are with you every step of the way and build anticipation with shots of airports and the thrilling moment you #takeoff on a new adventure.


Sometimes a little change makes a big difference. Compare #tourists, which has over 3M uses, with #tourists, which has just over 2M uses. They both appeal to the same group of people, but one offers a significantly better chance of gaining exposure and developing engagement.


Vacations are a great opportunity for influencers of all kinds. As most people only get the chance to take one vacation each year, they often go to great lengths to look and feel great about it. Tags such as #vacationhair or #vacationlook are ideal for beauty influencers.


There’s plenty of opportunity for fashion influencers to get involved by using top vacation hashtags like #beachwear. It has 9.2M uses.


Fitness influencers take full advantage of #beachbody to inspire audiences to get in better shape. It has 11.4M posts.


Some vacations are about relaxing on the beach. Others are all about exciting activities and life-changing encounters. Always use the tags like #adventure if they best reflect the experience you want to convey. It has more than 139M posts.


Many travel influencers seek to inspire people to visit new countries, making #travelmore moderately popular, with over 2M posts.


If you’re a blogger, it’s a good idea to let people know — but tags such as #blog and #blogger are hugely popular, so it’s difficult to stand out. Even #travelblogger has over 81M uses, and #travelblog has over 28m uses. The #travelblogging tag connects with people interested in travel blogs, but with only 1.08M posts, it’s much easier to find people who want to engage with your brand.


If you want to share the very best in luxury travel experiences with your followers, #luxuryvacation is a good choice, with 594K uses.


As #luxuryvacation is a tag covering a broad subject, you may want to supplement it with some more specific tags, such as #luxuryhotel.


Traveling alone is a daunting experience. And people are always keen to get tips and tricks to help them in strange lands. That’s why #solotravel has over 8M posts. A similar tag is #solovacation, which has just over 27K posts.


Beautiful views and exotic locations represent the perfect opportunity for photographers to show off their talents. There are many good photography hashtags, and it’s usually a good idea to pick those specific to the subject matter. For example, if you’re shooting the view from your hotel window, rather than using #photography (975M posts), use #landscapephotography (68M posts).


With more than 10M posts, #vacationmode is one of the top hashtags travelers are using in their posts. This tag is full of influencers who are sharing the fun they have while on vacation.


Like the other popular #vacation hashtags, #vacationvibes is more popular, with more than 2.29M posts. It is important to remember to include some specific emoji, like a palm tree, at the end to stand out from others and have your posts viewed more frequently.


Like the other popular #vacation hashtags, #vacationgoals is one of the most popular Instagram hashtags for travel with more than 1.2M uses. Influencers upload the prettiest and most epic destinations worldwide using this hashtag to ideally gain the views of those looking to plan their next trip.


This vacation hashtag is one of the most entertaining on Instagram. Whether you are looking to find a fun destination for a vacation or just looking to see influencers that live there, #ilivewhereyouvacation is for you. The popular hashtag has more than 1.1M uses.


While this hashtag is a part of the vacation hashtag family, it is more popular because of its fewer uses. With only 651K uses, #vacationstyle is used by influencers looking to reach an audience directly and avoid having their posts buried through other popular hashtags.


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Find out more about IZEA Flex


Manage your campaigns, creators, payments and performance — all in IZEA Flex.

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Find out more about IZEA Flex