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Tourism and traveling trends are being formed by influencers looking to chase adventure. These top travel influencers on Instagram encourage their followers to explore with them through their posts all over the globe. Check out these top travel influencers as they share exciting destinations and travel tips to remember. 

10 top travel influencers on Instagram

Jack Morris  

Jack Morris is one of the top travel influencers on Instagram who loves to share his passion for seeing the world with his 2.6 million Instagram followers. Jack started his traveling career at a young age and has visited places like Italy, Thailand, Egypt and more. In addition to his main Instagram account, Jack also shares his love for travel through his photography account named @jackmorrisfilm.

Murrad Osmann

Murrad Osmann is considered to be one of the best travel influencers on Instagram because of his deep love for photography, film production and adventure. Murrad is a Russian photographer that is most popular for his #followmeto project. In addition to his project he is also known for sharing photos holding his wife’s hand in exciting destinations. Having visited Paris, Saudi Arabia and Italy, Murrad is popular among his 3.5 million Instagram followers.

Chris Burkard 

As a photographer, speaker and filmmaker, Chris is known for sharing his love for the world. While Chris is known for his exciting photos around the world and his sense of humor. n addition to his main Instagram account, Chris shares another account named burkgnar, which shows the unfiltered moments from his life on the road.

Kate McCulley 

Kate is one of the most popular female travel influencers on Instagram. She is known for traveling the world as a solo female and is popular for showing her followers how to travel alone safely. Kate has a passion for discovering new places and has currently been to 83 countries. She loves seeing the world and sharing with her followers they are capable of doing the same.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly, also known as the points guy, is known for his love for travel. Brian is known as one of the top travel influencers on Instagram because he shares with his followers how to travel at a low cost. He helps his followers elevate their travel with advice on expenses and locations. He also posts his own photos of exciting destinations. He is considered to be a zookeeper and shares with his followers photos of his animals at his equestrian haven Carbon Ridge in Pennsylvania.

Kiersten Rich

Kiersten is a digital blogger most commonly known for sharing her personal travel experiences. Kiersten, also known as the Blonde Abroad,  joins the top travel influencers as she shares her experience traveling solo as a female. As her career has progressed, Kiersten has began to travel with her family and shares those experiences with her Instagram followers.

The Bucket List Family      

The Bucket List Family joins the adventure travel influencers on Instagram in a unique way. This family is popular because they share their experiences around the world as a family. In 2015 the family decided to sell their home and begin exploring the world. Since then they have visited 89 countries.

Jennifer Tuffen 

Jennifer Tuffen is a British blogger who shares her love for travel on Instagram. She is well known for the beautiful and colorful pictures of all the different places she has been. Jennifer is a unique travel influencer because she gives her followers advice on hotels and food in addition to locations to visit.

Janni Olson

Janni is one of the top female travel influencers on Instagram. She is most known for having a passion for seeing the world and being a mom and fashion enthusiast. Janni is a special type of travel influencer because, in addition to sharing her travels, she shares her favorite styles with her followers. Janni also owns a clothing company called c’est normal.


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