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YouTube continues to dominate the world of online content creation. With a diverse range of channels and a growing audience, it’s no surprise that YouTubers are becoming household names. Check out our list of top U.S. YouTubers of 2024 and their niches. 

Top YouTubers in the U.S.

Jimmy Donaldson — MrBeast

Mr. Beast has been one of the most popular American influencers for years thanks to his popular content, which features stunts, wild adventures, engaging game-themed content and more. He has over 258M subscribers.


Nastya has 115M subscribers consisting of parents and young children. Nastya’s subscribers who learn how to sing and dance and enjoy her engaging creativity.

The Kids Diana Show

Featuring Diana, Roma and Oliver, this popular kids-themed show appeals to families in the United States by sharing creative play videos, exploration and adventure content, and learning materials for over 122M subscribers.

Vlad and Niki

While these two child YouTube stars are of Russian descent, the duo are based in Miami and use their channel to entertain over 117M subscribers. The channel is the highest-rated kid’s channel on YouTube, featuring fun and educational content.

Pinkfong Baby Shark

Created by Kim Min-seok and his two partners, Pinkfong is another kids-focused channel that has drawn over 80.6M subscribers with educational and heart-warming content.

Dude Perfect

Tyler, Coby, Garrett, Cody, and Cory have built up the Dude Perfect family channel, which has almost 60.2M subscribers. They post sports-themed content filled with humor.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s fame carries over to YouTube, where she has over 59M subscribers who can hear her music and see videos with her song lyrics. Check out the latest songs of The Tortured Poets Department.


Chris Comstock, known most commonly as Marshmellow, is one of the most popular musical artists, with more than 57.1M subscribers on YouTube. The American electronic music producer and DJ posts his popular songs on his channel.

Ariana Grande

A pop music icon, Ariana Grande takes to YouTube to share her songs and albums. Her feed features clips into her new album “Eternal Sunshine” and showcases her recent SNL appearances for 54.1M subscribers.

Mark Rober

Mark is a former NASA engineer and the current CrunchLabs founder who uses his channel to share his passion and interest in science. His 51.9M subscribers are treated to his latest experiments and creative and educational content.

Zach King

Zach provides a unique feel to YouTube content as he uses his channel to bring some magic to his 34.1M subscribers. Today he shares engaging skits, reviews of his best magic tricks and more to keep his viewers engaged. He also has a large presence on TikTok which has led him to gain 82.1M followers there.


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