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Photography has become more accessible to everyone, and photography YouTubers teach their viewers how to create stunning visuals. From tutorials on how to take the perfect shot to vlogs about faraway destinations, photography YouTubers offer a little something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll run through our top photography YouTubers – from the big names to the lesser-known channels. So if you’re searching for photography tips and tricks, inspiration, or a creator to work with, look no further.

Top photography YouTubers to watch

Peter McKinnon

Peter combined his thirst for a thrill with his interest in photography and videography. He also frequently shares tips and recommendations for various products, and he compares iPhone cameras to other cameras. He has almost 6M subscribers.

Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

This channel demonstrates how to get the most out of Photoshop. Let your creative spirit run free with these tutorials on cool effects and edits, like adding a neon look.

Tony and Chelsea Northup

Tony and Chelsea Northrup are a husband-and-wife team who share photograph tips, tutorials, reviews and techniques. Not only do they provide resources and advice for improving photography skills, but they are also very responsive to their audience. They post about different types of photography, too.

Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica specializes in glossy fashion and portrait photography tutorials with new and entertaining content added weekly. See her photograph with various cameras and techniques. She also reacts to photography trends.

Jared Polin

Jared is a photojournalist who provides tips and information for new and seasoned photographers. Most of his content consists of thorough product reviews, where he often compares two brands or products, identifying the pros and cons of each.

Channels for photo retouching and effects

These YouTube channels don’t focus on the art of taking photographs as much as they do the art of manipulating them after a shoot. With such huge followings, they deserve mention on this list.


The PHLEARN channel is the ultimate source for Photoshop and other Adobe software tutorials. Learn about photo restoration, how to combine photos and graphics, and adding colorful backgrounds, among other tips.


On the PiXimperfect channel, Unmesh Dinda walks viewers through using the different Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro and audio features. Much of his recent content has also been focused on putting artificial intelligence to good use.

Arunz Creation

Arunz Creation specializes in image manipulation, effects, and retouching. He shows how to achieve the same result using various tools and software. 

Rafy A

Rafy A teaches subscribers how to add popular effects to photos, including elements like lightning or rain, or something simple like changing the lighting.

Channels with inspiring and influential personalities

These photography influencers on YouTube are working professionals who bring their experience and expertise to their channels. You can find someone on this list who matches your creative style.

Mango Street

Mango Street is run by Rachel and Daniel, who offer widely popular tutorials and vlogs featuring things like photoshoot inspiration, reviews and recommendations. They also share updates on programs like Lightroom.

Kai W

This channel, KaiManWong, is mainly focused on unboxing and reviewing photography gear and the best ways to use the items. He reviews lenses, cameras, and more.

Ben Brown

Ben centers his videos around travel photography and vlogs about a variety of topics including self-confidence and general life updates. 

Matt Granger

Matt’s content consists of gear reviews and recommendations, along with advice and tips for navigating the photography world. Videos include one showing the best camera under $2,500, his current gear, and advice on selling your photos.

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes shares a variety of content that touches on all aspects of being a photographer and or an artist. He hosts interviews and posts tutorials, reviews, recommendations, and information about overcoming community challenges, such as color blindness.

Serge Ramelli Photography

Cityscape photography is Serge’s forte. He also demonstrates how to create really cool edits with the shots taken. Find tutorials on how to change the sky in photos, using Lightroom presets, and more.

Hayden Pedersen

Charismatic vlogger and storyteller Hayden shows different tricks of the photography trade. He also shares short films and vlogs about things like getting motivated and the pros and cons of being a YouTuber.

Sarah Dietschy

Sarah is all about technology. She shares and reviews of photography gear, but also other general technology, like AI, headphones and different Apple products. She touches on a little bit of everything from software to hard drives and even the most proficient office and or desk setups.

Karl Taylor

Karl shares his favorite products, along with tutorials for creating specific desired outcomes, like gradient lighting. He also shares behind-the-scenes content from product photoshoots and gives tips for shooting in a studio.

Thomas Heaton

Thomas’s videos are solid resources for capturing stunning landscape photography and the best equipment. He also takes viewers along on his photography road trip, offers advice for shooting in bad weather, and more.

The Camera Store TV

Evelyn and Dave provide camera and accessory reviews, along with guides on getting the most out of them and industry news. They also offer tips for choosing camera straps, tripods and other equipment.

The Slanted Lens

Consider this a go-to for learning how to execute elaborate shots. He does a little bit of everything, including product, landscape and portrait photography. He also offers tips for things like creating prints.

Potato Jet

From gear and accessories to editing software and apps, this channel, run by Gene Nagata, gives a run-down on it all. Find reviews of the DJI Mini 3, the latest GoPro, and lots more.

Jason Lanier

Here, you’ll find documentary-style videos of photoshoots, along with giveaways and tutorials that not only break down how to do different things but also why it’s helpful and or important. Jason recommends the best lighting products, explains why focal length matters, and gives tips on lighting for weddings.


This channel is dedicated to explaining photography in the most simple way. It also features travel vlogs, reviews on cameras and other gear, Q&As, and more beginner-friendly content. 

Benjamin Jaworskyj

Aside from the captivating photos and snippets of his frequent adventure, Benjamin also shares advice on things like avoiding scams and the best way to shoot different objects, such as the moon or a used car.

Mike Browne

Mike invited viewers to sharpen their photography skills with the help of his content. His easy-to-follow videos lighten the load of learning or improving photography skills.


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