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We Launched Our Next-Gen Flex Platform!

We’re excited to finally be able to fully release IZEA Flex, our influencer marketing platform built for brands and agencies of all sizes. 

Are you looking for a way to take your influencer marketing efforts to the next level? Look no further than IZEA Flex. With IZEA Flex, you can unlock powerful tools and features that will help you optimize and elevate your campaigns.

With Flex, you get access to:

  • Discover: Our influencer discovery tool lets you search through content from millions of influencer social profiles while filtering across channels, demographics and interests to find the right creators for your campaigns.
  • ShareMonitor®: This social monitoring tool allows you to monitor hashtags, keywords and brand mentions across leading social platforms.
  • ContentMine®: Our content management tool collects and measures influencer content, with real-time insights and A.I. content analysis from BrandGraph®.
  • Contacts: Keep track of and manage your creator, agency and legal rep contacts.
  • Tracking Links: Use our built-in link shortener to create tracking links and measure the success of their campaigns, including products purchased and revenue generated.
  • Integrations: Flex integrates with Google Analytics and Shopify, with more integrations to come. 
  • Transactions: Easily compensate creators with a $2 flat fee per payment. Associating these transactions to creators and content gives you insights on KPIs like cost per click. 
  • Campaigns: Create campaigns from various platforms, including e-commerce sites and the metaverse. Associate creators and content for more insights. 

IZEA Flex Pricing Plans

The Starter plan is tailored toward those just getting started with IZEA Flex. It’s priced at $130 monthly with an annual subscription or $165 month-to-month. This plan gives you access to the core tools of IZEA Flex, including Discover, ContentMine, ShareMonitor and Tracking Links.

For those looking for even more features out of their IZEA Flex experience, the Power plan is for you. At $500 per month for three users on an annual plan or $600 on a month-to-month basis, the Power plan unlocks creator Transactions and unlimited integrations, ContentMine, ShareMonitor, contacts and more.

IZEA Flex Starter Plan

Take advantage of IZEA Flex’s 10-day free trial and experience the power of IZEA Flex for yourself. To get started, visit

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