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Whether you’re looking for book recommendations, author interviews, or want to connect with literature-loving influencers, this list is for you. While there are dozens of celebrity-run book clubs you can follow on social, like Oprah’s Book Club or Resse’s Book Club (run by Reese Witherspoon), this list is full of regular, everyday readers who always seem to have a book in their hands.

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18 literature influencers to follow

Mr. Abhishek Bhargav

Mr. Abishek is a video creator and book blogger based between Malaysia and India. On Instagram, he’s a micro-influencer who treats his followers to his review of a mythological retelling read and a look at a new release from the suspense genre.

Joyce Zimmerman

Joyce is a book-loving blogger who’s particularly into romcoms, thrillers, and true crime reads. As a micro-influencer on Instagram, where she’s better known as inspired.j.reads, she shares the audiobook topping her favorites list and spotlights an exciting new release for her followers.

Ella Lucille

Ella is a book enthusiast who consistently challenges herself to read many new books each month. For her 39.9K TikTok followers, Ella shares the fruits of her labor with a monthly reading rundown and a compilation of ten books she read in one sitting.

Andy Darcy Theo

Andy is a British-Greek fantasy author and die-hard book devotee. On TikTok, he’s a midtier influencer who shares three spooky reads just in time for Halloween and gets laughs with his take on stereotypical fantasy romance novels


Alina is a self-professed book fanatic who spends her time “crying over fictional people.” Known to her TikTok followers as alinaisreading, the micro-influencer shares a monthly wrapup of her latest rom-com reads and college romance book recommendations for her fellow hopeless romantics.


Emily is an American in Belgium who enjoys reading, writing, and creating other bookish content. She’s also a nano-influencer known as EmilyReadsBooks who shares her guide to reading a popular novel and a roundup of the books she brought back home from a trip to the United States.

Jack Edwards

Jack is a book aficionado who considers himself “YouTube’s resident librarian.” Jack treats his 1.31 million subscribers to his candid reviews of celebrity-authored books as well as celebrity book recommendations and literary movie references.

Abby Endler

Abby is all about investigating crime fiction by reading books on the topic from around the world. Known to her Instagram followers as crimebythebook, the midtier influencer shares her sleuthing skills with a roundup of the year’s top ten crime reads and the cover reveal of a highly anticipated new release.

Kristen Williams

Kristen is a digital creator and major fan of fiction. For her 177K Instagram followers, to whom she’s best known as myfriendsarefiction, Kristen gives a peek at some of her most prized collector’s edition books and the latest lineup of books on her “to be read” roster.

Faroukh Naseem

Faroukh’s time is best spent reading and sharing his book thoughts with the masses. As a midtier Instagram influencer better known to his followers as theguywiththebook, Faroukh shares his most recent riveting read and rereads one of his all-time favorite novels.

Sara Carrolli

Sara is a bibliophile who enjoys vlogging and dishing about books. She’s also a macro influencer on YouTube, where her subscribers tune in to see her challenge herself to reading one page every time she picks up her phone and getting into the world of fantasy fiction.  


Simone is a self-professed homebody who spends her downtime reading books and journaling in Central Florida. On Instagram, she’s a midtier influencer known as simoneandherbooks. For her followers, Simone shares new space opera releases geared to young adult readers and her thoughts on a dark fantasy novel


Kath is a book lover and daydreamer based in Germany. As a midtier Instagram influencer, Kath takes a book compatibility challenge and shares her pick for one of the most unforgettable novels she’s ever read with her followers. 

Haley Pham

Haley is a dedicated book connoisseur who vlogs about her journey through the land of books. On YouTube, Haley treats her 958K subscribers to her fall reading diaries and the biggest treasures she uncovered from her latest book haul.

Melissa Taylor

Melissa is a blogger, writer, and former literacy trainer passionate about reading. She’s also a nano influencer on Instagram, better known to her followers as imaginationsoup. Here, she shares her list of the 60 best book series for 3rd-grade readers and suggestions for impactful war and conflict reads for children


Cindy isn’t afraid to bring humor into her love of reading and exploring new books. On YouTube, Cindy is a mega influencer who shares her buddy reading adventures with a friend, talks about changing her opinion on a popular book, and digs into a highly anticipated gothic read for her subscribers.

Calli Hynes

Calli’s favorite pastime is getting book mail and reviewing her reads with fellow book lovers. As a macro influencer on TikTok, where she’s best known as callisreadingg, Calli shares her latest book delivery and takes her followers along on a trip to the bookstore.


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