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Social media is always changing. Today’s top influencer is tomorrow’s old news, while a relative unknown can move on up pretty quickly. Take a look at 50 top Instagram influencers for 2017. You’re likely to see a few familiar faces, plus a couple of newcomers.

Top Instagram Influencers 2017

Selena Gomez Top Instagram Influencer

Selena Gomez

Pop singer Selena Gomez has pushed her way to the top of the list of the top Instagram influencers 2017. With more than 128 million followers, she’s the most-followed influencer on Instagram. She posts about her music, political concerns and health issues. According to Social Blade, she gains an average of 56K followers per day, and more than one million per month.

Ariana Grande Top Instagram Influencers

Ariana Grande

Another pop star, Ariana Grande trails Selena on the list of the top Instagram influencers 2017 with 114 million followers. Her profile is full of photos of her at work, as well as posts about causes she cares about.

Christiano Ronaldo Top Instagram Influencers

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has pushed his way into the number three spot of the top Instagram influencers this year, with 112 million followers (up from 86.2 million when the previous list was published).

Beyonce Top Instagram Influencers


OK, she did just give birth to twins, so it’s understandable that Queen Bey has fallen from the second spot to the fourth this year’s list of the top Instagram influencers. Her follower count is up, though, to 107 million.

Taylor Swift Top Instagram Influencers

Taylor Swift

Last year’s top Instagram influencer, Taylor Swift has fallen to the number five spot, with 104 million followers. She’s been working on a new album, which might explain her less frequent posting.

Kim Kardashian Top Instagram Influencers

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West has also dropped a bit in the rankings, falling from number three to number six on our list of the top Instagram influencers. Still, she’s the most popular member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan on Instagram, with 103 million followers.

Kylie Jenner Top Instagram Influencer

Kylie Jenner

Model and cosmetics entrepreneur (and half-sister to Kim Kardashian), Kylie Jenner has 98.5 million followers, making her number seven on our list of 2017’s top Instagram influencers.

The Rock Top Instagram Influencer

The Rock

Former pro wrestler turned actor turned fitness inspo the Rock has 94.5 million followers, landing him at number eight on our list of 2017’s top Instagram influencers.

Justin Bieber Top Instagram Influencer

Justin Bieber

Canadian pop singer and top Instagram influencer Justin Bieber makes it to the list this year with more than 92 million followers. He posts photos of himself, his musician friends, and the occasional political commentary.

Nicki Minaj Top Instagram Influencers 2017

Nicki Minaj

Hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj has 83.6 million followers and is another newcomer to the list of the top Instagram influencers 2017. Her profile is full of album promotion posts and photos of her wearing some great designer fashion.

Kendall Jenner Top Instagram Influencer 2017

Kendall Jenner

Fashion model and top Instagram influencer Kendall Jenner has had a rough year. She’s fallen to the 11th spot (from number five), and caught a lot of flack for that failure of a Pepsi ad. She still has more than 83 million followers, though.

Leo Messi Top Instagram Influencer 2017Leo Messi

Leo Messi is another soccer star and top Instagram influencer. He’s fallen a bit in the ranking this year (from number six), but has 81.4 million followers.

Khloe Kardashian Top Instagram Influencer

Khloe Kardashian

Yeah, pretty much every member of the Kardashian family is a top Instagram influencer. Khloe Kardashian joins our list this year with 69.4 million followers and her own app.

Kourtney Kardashian Top Instagram Influencer

Kourtney Kardashian

The least popular of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters on the list of the top Instagram influencers 2017 (sorry), Kourtney has 58.9 million followers and her own app as well.

Rihanna Top Instagram Influencers


Pop/hip-hop star and top Instagram influencer Rihanna recently released a cosmetics collab with Fenty Beauty. Her Instagram is on point this year with more than 57 million followers.

Zendaya Top Instagram Influencer


Another newcomer to the list of top Instagram influencers 2017, pop star Zendaya has almost 45 million followers, and a thoroughly “woke” profile.

Cara Delevingne Top Instagram Influencers

Cara Delevingne

Model, actor and Instagram influencer Cara Delevingne has gained some four million followers since last year (she now has more than 40 million). But she’s fallen 10 spots in our rankings, from number seven to number 17.

Emma Watson Top Instagram Influencers 2017

Emma Watson

Actor, UN ambassador and Instagram influencer Emma Watson doesn’t post that much, but each post she makes gets millions of likes. She currently has 40.1 million followers.

Top Instagram Influencer 2017 Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Model, Tommy Hilfiger collaborator and Instagram influencer Gigi Hadid has 36 million followers. Her posts are a mix of high fashion and political commentary.

Zayn Instagram Influencer


Singer and former One Direction-er Zayn Malik has more than 24 million followers. He’s actually dropped in the Instagram influencer rankings this year, from number 11 to number 20. But hey, he’s pushed past his former bandmates.

Harry Styles Instagram Influencer

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is another former One Direction member and Instagram influencer with 21.9 million followers.

Huda Kattan Instagram Influencer

Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is a beauty blogger, Instagram influencer and makeup artist who now has her own line of cosmetics. She’s got 21.8 million followers on Instagram, up from 16.4 million when she made our list last year.

2017 Top Instagram Influencers Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is an internet personality/comedian and a 2017 top Instagram influencer with 20.5 million followers. He’s dropped a bit in the rankings this year, from number 16 to number 23.

Zach King 2017 Top Instagram Influencer

Zach King

Zach King is a funny guy and a 2017 Instagram influencer with 20.3 million Instagram followers.

Niall Horan 2017 Top Instagram Influencer

Niall Horan

Niall Horan is another former member of the band One Direction. Since the band’s hiatus, his star and status as an Instagram influencer has fallen a bit, although he does still have 19.6 million followers and a new album on the way.

Top 2017 Instagram Influencer Snoop Dog

Snoop Dogg

Rapper and Instagram influencer Snoop Dogg is a new addition to our list. He’s got 19.5 million followers.

Lele Pons Instagram Influencer

Lele Pons

Lele Pons has 19.1 million followers and is a recent addition to our list of Instagram influencers. Formerly famous on Vine, she’s found a new home for herself on the ‘gram.

Lucy Hale Top Instagram Influencer 2017

Lucy Hale

Actor Lucy Hale is another newbie on our list Instagram influencers. She has 19 million followers.

Alia Bhatt Instagram Influencer

Alia Bhatt

Actor Alia Bhatt regularly stars in Bollywood films and is another new addition to our list of Instagram influencers. She has 18.2 million followers and has recently been posting about the work she does with CoExist, an animal rescue organization.

Shay Mitchell Instagram Influencer

Shay Mitchell

Like her co-star Lucy Hale (on “Pretty Little Liars”), Shay Mitchell is a new Instagram influencer on our list. She has 18 million followers.

Stephen Curry Instagram Influencer

Stephen Curry

Basketball player and Instagram influencer Stephen Curry has 17.7 million followers. He posts about the sport and his family life, including the projects his wife, Ayesha Curry, is working on.

Michelle Lewin Instagram Influencer

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin’s Instagram influencer profile is all about fit-spo. She has more than 12 million followers.

Instagram Influencer Zoella


British beauty/haul vlogger Zoella (aka Zoe Suggs) might be better known for her YouTube videos, but she’s got a sizable audience as an Instagram influencer. She has 11.2 million followers on the site.

Chiara Ferragni Instagram Influencer

Chiara Ferragni

Last year, we ranked Italian fashion blogger and Instagram influencer Chiara Ferragni at number 22. This year, she’s fallen to the number 34 spot, although her follower count has climbed to 10.5 million.

The Fat Jew Instagram Influencer

Josh Ostrovsky

Josh Ostrovsky, aka “The Fat Jew,” is known for his humorous Instagram posts. He has 10.1 million followers, but has dropped from the number 19 spot to number 35 this year.

Kayla Itsines Instagram Influencer

Kayla Itsines

Fit-spo Instagram influencer Kayla Itsines has 7.6 million followers.

Lilly Singh Instagram InfluencerLilly Singh

Canadian entertainer Lilly Singh is definitely one of the top Instagram Influencers 2017 with her 6.9 million followers. Plus, she’s a new addition to our list this year.

Camila Coelho Top Instagram Influencers 2017

Camila Coelho

Brazilian beauty blogger and top Instagram influencer Camila Coelho has 6.6 million followers, earning her the number 38 spot, down from number 25 last year.

Joanna Gaines Instagram Influencer

Joanna Gaines

Maybe it’s because her show got cancelled, but “Fixer Upper” and designer Joanna Gaines has dropped from number 30 to number 39 on our list of the 2017 Top Instagram influencers this year. She has 5.4 million followers.

Ayesha Curry Instagram Influencer

Ayesha Curry

Another newcomer to our list, Ayesha Curry is the wife of Stephen Curry, a cook, and an Instagram influencer with 5.2 million followers.

Aimee Song Instagram Influencer

Aimee Song

Fashion blogger and Instagram influencer Aimee Song joins our list this year with 4.6 million followers.

Murad Osmann Instagram Influencer

Murad Osmann

Traveler, producer, photographer and 2017 top Instagram influencer Murad Osmann gained his fame thanks to the “follow me” shots he took, featuring his now-wife. He has 4.6 million followers, but has dropped from the 28th spot to number 42.

Manny Gutierrez Instagram Influencer

Manny Gutierrez

Makeup artist Manny Gutierrez actually got his start as an Instagram influencer, and maintains a strong following there. Four million people follow him.

Simeon Panda Top Instagram Influencers

Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda is another newbie to our list of top Instagram influencers 2017. A fitness entrepreneur, he has 3.4 million followers.

Grumpy Cat Instagram Influencer

Grumpy Cat

Yes, he’s a cat who looks grumpy, but he’s still an Instagram influencer. Grumpy Cat has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

Ingrid Nilsen Instagram Influencer

Ingrid Nilsen

Beauty blogger and Instagram influencer Ingrid Nilsen’s follower count has stayed the same between last year and this year: 1.7 million. But her ranking has dropped from number 37 to number 46.

Meghan Rienks Instagram Influencer

Meghan Reinks

Actor/food blogger Meghan Reinks‘ follower count has also stayed the same over the course of a year, at 1.3 million. She’s dropped from the number 39 spot to number 47 on this year’s list of the top Instagram influencers.

Amber Fillerup Clark Top Instagram Influencers 2017

Amber Fillerup

Mommy blogger Amber Fillerup has 1.3 million followers and is new to the list of top Instagram Influencers 2017. She’s been profiled in “Forbes” and the “Atlantic.”

Julia Engel Instagram Influencer

Julia Engel

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Julia Engel was ranked number 44 last year. This year, she’s grabbed the 49th spot and has 1.1 million followers.

Deliviously Ella Instagram Influencer

Deliciously Ella

Healthy living/food blogger Ella Mills, aka Deliciously Ella, has moved to the 50th spot this year, from number 45. The Instagram influencer has pushed past the million follower mark, though, and now has 1.1 million followers.

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