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Whether you hit the gym regularly or are trying to run your first 5K, these male fitness influencers can help you reach your goals. There’s truly an influencer for every fitness level, each with their own motivational tips, workout routines, and healthy recipes.

Male fitness influencers flexing on social

Sam Singh

Sam is a fitness aficionado and male fitness model on Instagram who’s always putting in work. Whether he’s doling out “back day” tips for the gym, spreading motivational messages, or updating his Instagram followers with his latest progress photos, Sam stays on top of his health game. 

Brando Alibrandi

Florida fitness enthusiast Brando is a video creator who shows off his svelte physique against an array of colorful, bold backdrops. Brando treats his Instagram followers to impressive shots of his exercise routine in sunny Miami, working out with ropes on a rooftop and taking a hike in the great outdoors.


Devon is a Texas-based health, fitness and lifestyle coach dedicated to helping busy people “move well, feel good, and look even better.” Known on Instagram as devogotmefit, this male fitness influencer on Instagram shares the endorphin-boosting benefits of Spiderman planks, words of wisdom to stay motivated in the gym, and kettlebell moves to take along on a sunny workout.

Davis Diley

Davis is an online fitness coach passionate about training others to become the best version of themselves. On TikTok, Davis demonstrates the perfect deadlift stance, top four chest exercise methods, and how to target your back like a pro for his 1.6M followers.  

Eric Janicki

Worldwide fitness coach Eric has guided thousands of clients through total transformations. Eric’s TikTok followers look to him for advice on getting bigger glutes, a funny peek into his daydreaming in the gym, and how to make the most out of beach sprints.


Expectation vs reality. Who can relate?? 🤣🙃 #skit #comedy #fitness #viral #bodybuilding

♬ original sound - Eric Janicki

Drew Moemeka

Drew is a fitness trainer who helps his clients train smarter, not harder. As a celebrity TikTok influencer, Drew posts a series of “Is this you?” videos on a range of exercise topics, including what type of workouts are most effective for weight loss, how to work your back without equipment, and finding the motivation to get out of bed and make it happen, no matter how tired you are.  


Work your back without equipment! 👍🏾 #fitness #tips #fyp

♬ original sound - Drew Moemeka

Swole Ricketts

Swole is a professional trainer and fitness coach who pushes his clients to the limits. On TikTok, Swole shares his favorite gym looks, a killer six-move chest and back workout, and a full bodyweight ab circuit guaranteed to deliver showstopping results.


FULL WORKOUT DETAILS ON IG ‼️ #gym #fitness #workout #gymtok

♬ Talk - Yeat

Bret Contreras, Ph.D. 

Bret is a fitness trainer and expert with a Ph.D. in sports science. For his 1.2 million Instagram followers, Bret shares tips for training your glutes, advice on doing squats with a bar pad, and his take on the importance of making a mind-muscle connection.  

Ron “Boss” Everline

Ron is an entrepreneur, motivator and world-famous fitness trainer. His client list includes top celebrities and members of royalty. On Instagram, where he’s known as justtrain, Ron mixes it up with challenging weight work, hits the gym for a barefoot workout and keeps pushing forward during daunting box jumps

Joey Swoll

Joey is an entrepreneur and fitness coach who considers himself the “CEO of Gym Positivity.” He aims to eliminate toxic gym culture by spreading positivity and compassion to the masses. Joey shares tricep workout tips, how to avoid elbow pain during lateral raises and his daily gym routine antics.

Bradley Martyn

Bradley is a fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and podcaster. On Instagram, Bradley takes his 4.2 million fitness-minded followers along for the ride as he weight lifts on a busy street, demonstrates power rows in the gym, and shows off his favorite fitness wear

Sergi Constance

As a Spanish bodybuilder and fitness model, Sergi has won several top fitness titles. He’s also an athlete, VIP trainer and has his own line of workout apparel. Whether he’s hitting the weights, soaking up some poolside sun in Greece, or sharing his pre-workout nutrition routine with his Instagram followers, Sergi keeps his eyes on the prize.  

Simeon Panda

Simeon is a fitness professional who has graced the cover of many of the world’s biggest fitness magazines. The Los Angeles-based guru has hosted seminars on health and fitness globally. On Instagram, Simeon treats his impressive 8.2 million followers to shots of his chiseled physique in the Maldives, inspirational words to get you moving and supplement picks that keep him in top form. 

Michael Vazquez

Michael is an LA-based athlete, fitness model, breakdancer and online coach. For his 1.5 million Instagram followers, Michael showcases how to do pull-ups at home, gravity-defying workout moves, and a quick bodyweight exercise routine you can break out anywhere — including the beach.

Rich Froning

Rich is an athlete, gym owner, family man, and four-time CrossFit Games champion. As a celebrity influencer on Instagram, Rich shares some of his best competitive moments with nutritional advice, his latest fitness-fueled world travels, and how he recovers with an ice-cold plunge.

Bill Wong — Dr. Swole

Bill, aka Dr. Swole, is a medical doctor and pro natural physique athlete based in Vancouver, Canada. With a focus on evidence-based perspectives, he shares valuable insights on fat loss and muscle gain, aligning with the scientific consensus in the bodybuilding community. His content caters to intelligent athletes seeking to enhance their physique using the latest scientific research. Bill has over 25.8K YouTube subscribers.


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