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Macro-influencers command a fairly large audience of 500K-1M followers. With their extensive reach and tailored content, these macro-influencers appeal to brands looking to reach a new audience. If you’re gearing up for an influencer marketing campaign, consider this macro-influencer list an excellent starting point for your creator search.

 Macro-influencer list to get your search started

Marie Joy Jurado

Marie is a family influencer with 758.8K TikTok followers. She frequently shares moments with her family, showcasing the enjoyable memories they create together, including impromptu dance parties and holiday decorating. Marie also partakes in various social media challenges with her kids, bringing them in on the latest online fun.

Rabah teaches his followers about cultures from all over the world. He covers topics like the language variations, pop culture distinctions and diverse culinary experiences from each country. His humorous and informative videos have earned him a global following of 576.8K TikTok followers.


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Kayla — rinnegoddess

Kayla is a cosplayer and gamer influencer with 729.3K TikTok followers. Her love for anime and cartoons shines through in her sketch comedy and cosplay videos. Kayla has dressed up as characters from popular anime and video games, including Bleach, Naruto and Street Fighter.

Olya Hill — livingnotes

Olya is a bi-coastal creative director and photographer with a notable portfolio that includes collaborations with renowned brands such as Levi’s and BMW. Through her platform, she shares her insights on food, motherhood and fashion. Olya’s photography skills shine through captivating images featuring striking self-portraits and glimpses into her vacations. Olya has an audience of 634K Instagram followers.

Marco Arrieta — lifestylewithmarco

Globetrotter and lifestyle influencer Marco shares his experiences worldwide with his 580K Instagram followers. His content includes everything from his time boating in Italy to relaxing on the pristine beaches of Miami. Along his travels, Marco shares his favorite activity and food recommendation spots.

Ashley Galvin

Ashley is a Californian yoga instructor known for her flexibility and empowering teaching approach. Her 533K Instagram followers tune in for her detailed yoga workouts and valuable tips for enhancing flexibility and building core strength.

Lauren Giraldo

Lauren is a beauty and health aficionado with 1 million Instagram followers. She keeps her followers up-to-date on her latest self-care routines, workout regimes and her opinions on pop culture news. Lauren also offers glimpses into her life as a new mom, sharing insights on how she readjusted after giving birth.


Dana is a fashion and lifestyle influencer with an audience of 863K TikTok followers. She provides glimpses into her wardrobe, showcasing new additions and daily outfits. Dana has established brand partnerships with prominent fashion retailers such as Steve Madden, Shein, and Primark. Beyond fashion, Dana posts travel vlogs and shares holiday fun ideas, like her creatively themed spooky charcuterie board night with friends.


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Dennis Prescott — dennistheprescott

Dennis is a chef, cookbook author and the host of Netflix’s “Restaurants on the Edge.” His 755K Instagram followers tune in to see him whip up delectable dishes like mouthwatering meatball stew and a savory smoked chicken and dumpling stew.

Kiki — theblondeabroad

Kiki is a digital creator and travel blogger who leads all-female tours to exotic spots worldwide. She also shares family-friendly travel itineraries and offers insights into the resources and tools she utilizes to capture her content and ensure seamless travel experiences. She has garnered an audience of 516K travel enthusiasts on Instagram.

Garance Doré

Garance is a French author, artist and skincare line entrepreneur. She has 681K Instagram followers. She keeps her audience engaged by sharing her top picks for clean skincare products and posting highlights of her press trips and countryside vacations.

Dr. Alena Maze

Alena is a mathematician, Ph.D. holder in survey statistics and a family influencer. Through her platform, she shares her multicultural family life and the daily routines of being a mother to eight children. Additionally, she posts tips to assist her 550K Instagram followers in enhancing their finance and budgeting strategies.

Jessi Malay

Jessi shares content encompassing style, family, and home decor. She lives a busy life full of home renovations for her family dream home, attending brand events and planning fun family activities with her kids. Her bustling lifestyle has amassed a following of 562K on Instagram.

Molly Yeh

Molly is a chef, cookbook author, and Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm host. For her 866K Instagram followers, Molly whips up many dishes, like her sweet potato mini cakes and her tofu schnitzel, and promotes the tasty dishes she’ll be serving on the latest episode of her show.


Indiyah rose to fame as a contestant on the popular British TV show “Love Island.” Now, she has transitioned into a multifaceted career as a fashion influencer, presenter and brand ambassador for the Pretty Little Thing. With 1 million Instagram followers, she captivates her audience with her vibrant personality and shares everything from makeup tutorials to clothing hauls.

Rochelle Johnson — iambeauticurve

Rochelle is a fashion and body positivity influencer with 500K Instagram followers. As a plus-size style expert, she shares styling tips and showcases her outfits for various occasions, including New Year’s Eve and Christmas parties. Rochelle actively encourages her followers to dismiss fashion rules that dictate what one can or cannot wear based on their size.

Liz Marie Galvan — fandads

Liz Marie has gained 702K Instagram followers by posting home decor DIY projects and tips. In addition to her DIY content, Liz Marie manages a blog that guides readers in crafting cozy spaces and offers glimpses into her life on a farm with her family.


Amy shares diverse content ranging from fashion and makeup to lifestyle on her platform. Her engaging approach involves speaking directly to the camera, creating a friendly atmosphere with her audience. Amy’s videos feature her makeup routines, outfit highlights, and vlogs detailing her daily life. She has cultivated a community of 963.7K TikTok followers who engage with her relatable content.


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