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For years, the video game industry has centered around male influencers and gamers, but women everywhere are changing the narrative. Female gaming influencers show their gaming skills in entertaining content all over social media. Gaming brands benefit from working with female gaming influencers because they offer a unique perspective and style of gaming content that allows them to reach engaged audiences. We’ve put together a list of empowering women highlighting their passion for gaming.

Top 12 female gaming influencers

Tiffany Garcia

Tiffany is one of the most accomplished and talented female gamers and commentators. On YouTube, she entertains more than 6.96 million subscribers with her positive vibes. She aims to make her channel a “happy corner on the internet” — all while educating others on the latest video games.

Yasmin Uddin — Yammy

Yasmin is a female gamer and YouTuber from England who creates content about games, anime and cartoons. Her commentary has attracted more than 4.13 million subscribers.

Jess — Aphmau

Jess inspires over 18.2 million subscribers to explore the internet world of gaming and take on new adventures through trending games. It is no surprise she has built such a strong following with her impressive video game expertise and educational commentary about games like Minecraft.

Kathleen Belsten — Loserfruit

Kathleen has become one of the most well-known female gaming influencers and created a name for herself by sharing her skills playing games like Fortnite, Overwatch, LEGO 2K Drive, and Among Us. Her channel has gained over 3.95 million subscribers who tune in for her knowledge of Fortnite and more.

Kat Gunn

Kat has been an inspiration for women in the competitive gaming scene for many years, thanks to her gaming talent and advice. The competitive gamer has participated in the World Cyber Games and played for the Carolina Core during the Championship Gaming Series. She’s also appeared on gaming TV shows. More than 43K followers learn her gaming secrets and share her success.


Lauren is one of YouTube’s most popular gaming influencers. She showcases play-through style videos and commentary on trending games for her 7.95 million subscribers. Lauren takes on new games that many gamers in the industry haven’t tried out yet, another reason her subscribers are drawn to her channel.

Katherine La — ItsFunneh

Katherine has paved the way for female gaming influencers on YouTube. She specializes in adventure and mini-game-style content that incorporates her hilarious commentary. More than 10.6 million subscribers tune in for a variety of gaming videos.

Stacy — stacyplays

Stacyplays is easily one of the most entertaining gaming channels on YouTube, offering engaging and creative content. Stacy takes 2.3 million subscribers along for the ride as she ventures through Minecraft with her dogs, Page and Molly, and cats, Milquetoast and Pipsqueak. Her positive energy shines through her channel.

Sqaishey Quack

Sqaishey Quack takes to YouTube with a fun username and an exciting platform that covers every game imaginable. More than 1.03 million subscribers watch weekly gaming content that covers different games each day. From Kirby and the Forgotten Land to Videos with Stampy Cat, Sqaishey shares some of the most entertaining adventure-style content on the platform.

Lizzie — LDShadowLady

Lizzie, or LDShadowLady, considers Minecraft “love and life.” She has 7.07 million subscribers on her gaming YouTube channel. She is one of the most popular gaming influencers who watch her build her impressive Minecraft empire.


Sanna joins the list as one of the most talented gaming influencers. Her engaging gaming content features mini-game and adventure-style videos. She has drawn in over 6.67 YouTube million subscribers, making hers one of the most-watched gaming channels on the platform.

Zaira — ZaiLetsPlay

Zaira takes to YouTube to show her gaming content, featuring Roblox games like Adopt Me, Bloxburg, Brookhaven RP and more. Her play-through content has gained her more than 2.76 million YouTube subscribers.

Tips for marketing to female gamers

Marketing to female gamers sometimes involves a different approach than marketing to male gamers. In other cases, you can rely on similar strategies no matter what the gender of the target audience. Here are some tips to follow.

Use messaging that appeals to the right age groups.

Kid-friendly messaging might seem like an obvious choice when you’re trying to reach gamers. But many gamers aren’t actually kids or teenagers. The average woman gamer is estimated to be in the 30s, according to reports. Unless you’re marketing specifically to kids, you can experiment with more mature content. 

Recognize differences in generations.

Women gamers span multiple age groups, and each generation has its own video game genre preferences. Women who are 18 to 34 tend to enjoy action games. Those who are 35 to 54 have a higher interest in puzzle games and classic arcade-style titles. The older gamers, ranging from ages 55 to 64, enjoy puzzle games and virtual card and board games. Use those preferences to guide your content strategy and your search for suitable influencers.

Don’t neglect smartphone gamers

Console and PC gaming continue to be popular. However, brands should make the effort of appealing to the mobile gaming crowd as well. This group doesn’t just contain millennials and members of Gen Z. Women gamers of all age groups say they most often play games on their smartphones. Influencers who stream mobile games and can share relevant tips and strategy guides are valuable partners.

Know what other activities interest gamers.

Female gamers aren’t just gamers. They tend to have creative hobbies, such as painting, drawing, writing or making music. A multi-talented influencer can relate to artistically inclined followers even when the games have ended. A creative influencer might even be willing to help your brand develop animated shorts, jingles and blog posts.

Know why women enjoy gaming. 

Some gamers enjoy the mental stimulation and thrill of competitive gameplay. Others want to relax after a long day of work. Knowing what draws your audience to the gaming world can help you determine the most effective ways to market your products or services. For example, should you try to partner with a world-class gaming champion or an influencer who shares light-hearted content that keeps an audience laughing? No matter your influencer marketing strategy, IZEA can help you find female gamers who pair well with your brand.


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influencer marketing software Managed Services


Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Managed Services offerings

influencer marketing software Managed Services


Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Learn more about our Managed Services offerings


Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Learn more about our Managed Services offerings