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Millions of teachers strive with a very important mission: to pass down knowledge to younger generations, but not all learning takes place in a classroom. Education influencers use social media platforms to share informative content with students and teachers, including ideas, encouragement and other education-specific content. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite education influencers that will help you learn to be a better teacher or laugh your way through a tough day. If you’re looking for even more teacher influencers, here are a few more.

Mr. Williams

One of the most popular education influencers on social media is Mr. Williams, with 2.4 million followers on TikTok. He loves sharing his perspective on dealing with parents, politics and other important things that educators deal with daily. His content is mostly for other educators and teachers who are looking to relate to some of the funny and annoying issues that they deal with in the teaching world.


Teaching during the holidays can be tough when you have people who don’t want to be inclusive of ALL the students and their different backgrounds and cultures. #teachersoftiktok #tiktokteacher #teacherhumor #teacherlife #holidaytiktok

♬ It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters

Erin Carnicle

Erin is a West Philadelphia teacher who shares her teaching tips and tricks on TikTok with 22K followers. You can also work with Erin via The Creator Marketplace®. She shares real-life teacher content in hopes of connecting with other educators online.

John and Hank Green

The Green brothers are known for many accomplishments. John Green is the author of books like “The Fault in Our Stars,” and Hank wrote the book “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.” In terms of educational content, the brothers created Crash Course, a YouTube series that combines colorful animations with informative lectures. The series touches on various subjects, such as psychology, computer science, economics, literature, world history and engineering. The channel has a massive audience of more than 14.2 million subscribers.

Angel Fross

Angel or Senorita Fross is a high school Spanish teacher spreading positivity on TikTok. She has grown her platform to over 800K followers of English and Spanish speakers alike to help spread understanding for teaching Spanish. She shares her life as a teacher and educational help for other teachers with worksheets and plans that work best for her.

Andrea Hamilton

Andrea is the educator and creator behind Teachers Pay Teachers, an Instagram account created for teachers to help with community, content and tools. The account is filled with helpful education content and has grown to 807K followers. Andrea is open to working with partners that make sense for Teachers Pay Teachers, and you can find more about her in The Creator Marketplace.

Educator Andrea

If you’re looking for a relatable high-school English teacher with a little bit of sarcasm, Andrea is for you. Andrea has over 160K followers on TikTok and shares her real life as a teacher who doesn’t take herself or the rules too seriously. This is the perfect account for any other teachers looking to see relatable content or a brand looking to work with someone who’s connected to real teachers.


Accurate depiction of my mornings, though my desk was a little cleaner than normal. #fyp #teachertok #asmr #teachersoftiktok

♬ original sound - Andrea

Christopher Pappas

Christopher is the founder of eLearning Industry. This platform brings together professionals who are eager to share knowledge, promote events and find job openings. Pappas also writes about eLearning. Pappas calls himself a “social media addict,” so it’s no surprise you can find him and eLearning Industry on various platforms. He uses his personal Twitter account to post links to new articles, which has a following of just over 52K.

Madison Swart

Another popular educator on TikTok is Madison, with just under 40K followers. She’s a third-grade teacher with a Miss Frizzle attitude and a love for fun and color. Her fun style of teaching not only makes her kids love her, but her following has continued to grow, and she shares real-life teaching but with a positive twist.


Its quick but they loves it and thars what matters! Thank you @thenewkiddinator #teacher #fyp #foryoupage #multiplesof7 #thirdgrade #elementaryschool #teachersoftiktok

♬ original sound - Madison Swart

Kasey Bell

Kasey is a Google-certified trainer who founded the site Shake Up Learning. The site offers a blog with articles such as “How to Become a Google Certified Trainer” and “70+ Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom.” In 2018, she also authored the book “Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning from Static to Dynamic.” Kasey also has a weekly podcast she launched in 2019 called The Shake Up Learning Show, which includes general advice and tech tips for educators, as well as interviews with students and teachers alike. You can find her on Facebook, with over 31K followers or on Instagram.

Ang Teaches

With just under 71K followers on TikTok, Ang is another teacher and educator who uses TikTok to share her life educating the next generation. Ang is also a fashion lover, so if you’re a teacher looking for fun outfits to wear to school, she’s your next favorite follow.

Melissa Taylor

Melissa is a former teacher and literacy trainer who uses the site Imagination Soup to offer educational resources to parents and teachers. The site includes book recommendations arranged by topic and reader age. It also has a variety of other sections, including lists of writing prompts, word games, STEM resources and gift ideas for children. You can find Melissa on Instagram sharing helpful education materials and how to get children to read more books.

Lauren Lowder

Lauren started her TikTok as a way to help other burnt-out teachers. She’s created a clothing website to help teachers out and even offers one-on-one coaching for teachers out there who are on the brink of teacher burnout. Lauren shares tons of videos pretending to be students and sharing ways to be a great educator while also taking care of yourself.

Looking for education influencers who genuinely approve of your brand and match your business’ mission and values can be difficult. Still, it’s helpful to get in front of other educators via an influencer they already know and love. Whether you want to form a long-lasting partnership with an influencer or collaborate on a one-off project, an authentic connection is key.


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