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Instagram is the favored channel of influencers. Research shows 76% of influencers plan to use the platform for influencer marketing in 2023, which is higher than any other channel, including Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. To celebrate the influencer-preferred channel, look at the top Instagram influencers by category.

Here are 20 Instagram stars in the 10 most popular categories:


Huda Kattan 

Huda is a beauty blogger focused on keeping it real with her followers–no filters or photo editing necessary. She’s also one of the top Instagram influencers, with 2.7 million followers who look to informative posts like her smokey eyeliner tips and a review of the latest liquid foundation sensation. 

James Charles

James is a celebrity makeup artist who’s all about standing out and making a splash. As one of the top Instagram accounts in the beauty arena, James treats his 21.9 million followers to a show-stopping red carpet makeup look and tries a green screen liquid lipstick formula.  


Selena Gomez 

When crowning the top influencers on Instagram, Selena leads the pack. With an astounding 400 million followers, the singer/actress has taken the social media world by storm, whether she’s sharing her spring beauty routine or giving a sneak peek at her current book pick

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Known as The Rock, Dwayne is a major celeb worldwide. As a former pro wrestler and current movie superstar, he gives his 368 million Instagram followers an inside look at his backstage antics. He stays humble while hitting the gym before the Oscars.  


Rachel Chen

Rachel is a creative content creator, travel enthusiast, and visual storyteller based in Chicago. She’s also one of the top Instagram influencers by category in the lifestyle sector. For her 1.7 million followers, who know her best as vintagedolls, Rachel shares her most memorable culinary experiences and captures captivating views in Mykonos.   

Aspyn Ovard 

Aspyn is a wife, mom, and all-around fabulous female entrepreneur. On Instagram, she keeps her 2.3 million followers wanting more by sharing her pool-ready outfit of the day and scenes from her busy daily mom life


Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano is arguably the most famous soccer player on the planet. He’s also a mega-influencer on Instagram, where he stays motivated in the gym and keeps a consistent recovery routine to prepare for his next big match. 

LeBron James

When NBA superstar LeBron isn’t dominating the basketball court, he’s busy being a dedicated dad, husband, and one of the top Instagram influencers. He gives his 148 million followers a glimpse into his creative side with a custom-designed video game controller and unwinds with his favorite adult beverage


Miley Cyrus

Miley’s name has been in the lights since she was a child. The former Disney star-turned-mega-musician keeps her 200 million Instagram followers in the loop by sharing scenes from her latest music video and getting glammed up for her release party.  

Ariana Grande 

Ariana is a superstar songstress with fans spanning the globe. On Instagram, Ariana treats her 361 million followers to shots of her backstage vocal warmup and teases her upcoming musical movie debut


Millie Bobby Brown

Millie is a British actress and producer who gained fame starring in the sci-fi hit “Stranger Things.” She’s also a mega Instagram influencer whose followers tune in to see her latest product collaborations and to check out her behind-the-scenes makeup touch-ups.  


Zendaya is a California-born, award-winning actress and star of the hit HBO series Euphoria. Whether she’s wowing the crowd on the red carpet at an awards show or jet-setting around the world, her 171 million Instagram followers are always along for the ride. 



Petros is a London-based travel aficionado who loves seeing the world in luxury. As one of the top Instagram influencers, he makes the most of his adventures, from the beaches of Brazil to hiking trails in Cyprus.

Jack Morris 

Jack is a Paris-based British photographer passionate about seeing all the breathtaking sights the world has to offer. For his 2.6 million Instagram followers, Jack skateboards down a steep city street in Barcelona and gets the royal treatment during a decadent trip to Dubai.   


Jen Selter

Jen is a fitness entrepreneur who seeks to spread her love of physical fitness and well-being to the masses. She’s also an “OG” fitness influencer on Instagram, where she shares her gravity-defying, high-rise workout moves and waterside yoga poses with her 13.6 million followers.  

Simeon Panda 

Simeon is a dedicated fitness entrepreneur and trainer whose stunning physique is nothing less than awe-inspiring. On Instagram, the mega influencer sculpts his front and rear delts in the gym and shows off the hard-earned fruits of his labor on the beach. 



Tuna is a tiny chiweenie whose signature smile spreads love and joy to all who see him. On Instagram, where his 2 million followers know him as tunameltsmyheart, the precious pooch shares his appreciation for women everywhere and lives his best life on the beach

Nala Cat

Nala Cat’s big blue eyes and adorable face have earned her the title of Guinness World Record holder as the most popular cat on Instagram. The furry feline keeps her 4.5 million followers flocking to her page, whether she’s posing proudly with her award or hosting a fun giveaway filled with her favorite cat food and treats.  


Arianna Huffington

Arianna is a Greek-American author, columnist, philanthropist, and businesswoman, best known as the co-founder of The Huffington Post. On Instagram, she is a macro-influencer who collaborates with other powerful women and speaks at a business summit about her passion for the connection between sleep and performance.

Saygin Yalcin

Saygin is a highly-successful entrepreneur based in Dubai. For his 956K Instagram followers, Saygin reinforces the importance of finishing what you start as it translates to success in business and promotes his companies’ latest achievements

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