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When it comes to burgers, chicken sandwiches, and french fries, these top fast-food influencers let their fans know what’s worth their money. Some do reviews of menu items, while others simply delight their fans with a mukbang — eating large quantities of delicious food on camera while addressing their audience.

Whether you’re deciding if that new rib sandwich is worth the trip to the drive-through or simply interested in how other countries’ fast food compares with the American version, these fast-food influencers make it their job to keep you informed.

10 fast-food influencers to watch

Naomi MacRae

Affectionately known by her 7.35 million YouTube subscribers as HunniBee, Naomi can usually be seen eating big hauls of brightly colored sweets shaped like items from pop culture. But she and her partner, Matty, also dive into ASMR with burgers, cheese fries, and other tasty fast-food items. She’s been known to dip popular fast food into novelty sauces and crunch down on crispy fried chicken to give her fans a true sense of the eating experience.

Erik Lamkin

Erik Lamkin can eat. Whether he’s comparing fast-food pizza chains or taking the 100,000 Calorie Challenge, it’s advised that you not try to replicate the videos at home! Be sure to catch his $100 menu challenges at a variety of fast-food taco, burger, and chicken franchises.

Steph Pappas

Curious how the new Spicy Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito tastes? Or the new holiday drinks at your favorite coffee shop? Steph walks her 1.34 million YouTube subscribers through the new releases. She also does fun fast-food challenges, like only eating from one well-known establishment for 24 hours. But it’s her mukbangs — devouring fast-food meals — that seem to get the most engagement from fans. 

Uptin Saiidi

Uptin explores the golden arches around the globe, like the oldest establishment and different versions of menu items in 21 countries, including Italy’s McSpaghetti and a salsa chicken cheeseburger on a green bun in Taiwan. Would you pay $17 for a fast-food burger in Lebanon? Uptin did and shared the experience with fans.

JP Lambiase and Julia Goolia

JP and Julia have pulled in 2.5 million subscribers on their HellthyJunkFood YouTube account. They do this by videotaping themselves ordering fast food and eating 10,000 calories or only eating fried chicken for 24 hours and ranking the franchises. Don’t miss JP sweating as he eats spicy chicken in Vietnam.

Nicholas Perry

Nikocado Avocado’s 992,000 loyal YouTube fans love the bubbly and entertaining videos he posts on everything from the 9,660-calorie challenge to his “cheat day” pieces. The “cravings” videos are filled with tasty menu items like burgers, shakes, and loaded fries. There’s even a fast-food mukbang in his new bathtub.

Quang Tran

Quang goes above and beyond for his 2.37 million YouTube subscribers by providing not only reviews of popular fast food but also replica recipes you can make at home. From Chinese food and chicken sandwiches to comparing items from fans’ favorite fast-food franchises, Quang is always fun and energetic in his videos. He’s also a fan of BTS, a popular South Korean boy band that inspired a BTS meal at McDonald’s.

Daymon Patterson

Known to his fans at “Daym Drops,” Daymon loves to sample, compare, and review items from a wide variety of fast-food establishments. There’s a macaroni and cheese showdown between two chicken rivalries and the entertaining ghost pepper chicken nuggets from Burger King. Be sure to catch the celebrity meals video in which Daymon reviews menu items named after famous people.

John Luc

If you saw “Supersize Me,” you know how hard it is to watch someone eat drive-through foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But that’s exactly the kind of challenge that “Chonnyday” posts. He also lets his best friends choose what fast food he eats for 24 hours and compares fast-food chains on different continents. He frequently takes his girlfriend with him to sample franchises in other countries, like Thailand.

Joey Hernandez

Comedian Joey Hernandez is well known in the mukbang world but fans also tune in for his reviews of fast food that he sorts into franchise playlists. When he hit 100,000 subscribers, he did a bucket of chicken challenge. He’s not afraid to try spicy foods but there are certainly foods that don’t make his list of favorites.

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