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The tiny house movement has swept across the U.S. A growing number of people are downsizing their homes in favor of tiny homes with no more than 400 square feet of floor space. The movement has created a new niche for builders, decorators and influencers. Our list of tiny house influencers features people who embrace small-space living and show others how they can join the movement.

15 tiny house influencers sharing their small spaces

Robert and Samantha – shed_tinyhouse

From the cute, cozy-chic comfort of their “tiny house on wheels” in Washington State, Robert and Samantha are on a mission to pursue the more important things in life. The duo (along with their toddler, Aubrin), showcase their ability to maximize a 200-square foot space, whether they’re cuddling next to the Christmas tree, glamming it up with gorgeous tile, or doing a deep-clean to prep for guests.

Dominique Garcia – shabbychictinyhouse

Dominique, known to her TikTok followers as @shabbychictinyhouse, is a pro when it comes to transforming a small space into a completely charming abode. Dominique and her husband take followers along for the ride as they build — and decorate — the tiny house of their dreams. From start to finish, Dominique gives viewers an up-close-and-personal tour of the inside and a look at her daily bed-making routine.

Shaye – shayestinyhomes

Shaye is a mom, tiny house builder and self-professed nerd. Known on TikTok as Shay’s Tiny Homes, mid-tier influencer Shaye shares her coolest creations, including an in-depth tour of an ultra-modern dwelling and a completely portable tiny home full of luxurious touches and fabulous, open-air features. Even her baseline design boasts high-quality materials and eye-catching aesthetics at a lower price point.


Another more in depth tiny house tour of our “Sophie” design - I’m in love withnthe comfy TV room 😍🤩 #tinyhouse #tinyhousetour #tinyhouseonwheels #tinyhousebuild #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouselife #tinyhome

♬ Paper Birds (3 min) - Jordan Halpern Schwartz

Alicia – tiny.travelchick

To say the travel bug has bitten Alicia is an understatement. Alicia visits and shares the unique tiny vacation rental homes around the globe, including an adorable, zen-inspired find in Oregon, an adobe casita with ocean views in Mexico, and a tiny lakeside retreat in sunny Florida.

Alex Pino – Tiny House Talk

Known on YouTube as Tiny House Talk, Alex is a blogger and vlogger dedicated to spotlighting unique tiny houses and every other type of alternative dwelling you can imagine. From a tiny house that weighs less than 1,400 pounds to a 500-square foot house with a loft, he takes you on tiny house tours guaranteed to fill you with inspiration.

Bryce Langston – Living Big in a Tiny House

Bryce is a travel enthusiast who is passionate about eco-friendly, small space living. He traverses New Zealand to find the best tiny homes and alternative dwellings around, in addition to sharing his own small space projects for his 4.36 million YouTube subscribers. On his page, Living Big in a Tiny House, Bryce chronicles the entire building process and details what daily life is like in their tiny traveling home

Jacob Witzling

Jacob is an artist who builds highly creative cabins and other tiny dwellings that look like something straight out of a storybook. He’s also really into making axes of all shapes and sizes. Jacob displays some of his most jaw-dropping creations on Instagram, including his own desert cabin with modern flair, a small-but-mighty “castle cabin” worthy of a fairytale, and the “crosspire” cabin that resembles a tiny church nestled deep in the woods.

Deanna Dunn

Deanna is an aficionado of all things “van life,” DIY and helping you tackle all of your dream projects. She has 1.8 million TikTok followers who see how she turned a van into an adorable tiny home for her family so they could travel together. Complete with functional storage tips, sustainable water usage hacks, and helpful hints for cooking in a van, Deanna’s skills are seriously impressive.


Makayla is a college student who is in the process of building a tiny house with the help of her dad. Together, they give new meaning to the expression “teamwork makes the dream work.” Makayla is a TikTok influencer who takes her followers along for every step of the DIY tiny home building process, from installing ceiling trim and kitchen countertops to putting down flooring and installing the shower door.

Tiffany – beautyandabuilder

Tiffany is a self-proclaimed beauty guru who doubles as a tiny home remodeler and investor. For her TikTok followers, who know her best as @beautyandabuilder, Tiffany showcases her skills and hands-on approach from start to finish, including painting high ceilings, fixing a roof leak, and her thoughts on metal siding for tiny homes — she does it all!

Katy Krebs – katyelizkrebs

Katy is a tiny house owner in Texas who has been featured on the A&E series “Living Smaller.” Her TikTok followers know her as @katyelizkrebs, and she showcases her tiny house’s “glow up” from generic to glam, an inside look at her bathroom setup, and how she does a quick cleanup in a small space

Hayden and Raz – tinyhousechronicles

Hayden and Raz are a cute couple who are all about “traveling BIG and staying TINY.” The dynamic duo, known on TikTok as @tinyhousechronicles, trek the globe on a mission to see the coolest tiny spaces the world has to offer. Some of their most awe-inspiring finds include a cave vacation rental in Italy, a glamping cabin in Colorado and a tropical tiny house in Tulum.


We had 12 acres in the middle of a national forest all to ourselves! 🌲 #glamping #hipcamp #exploring #naturelover #cabinlife

♬ swing lynn - lovdfilmz

Kristin C. 

Florida-based Kristin was determined to own her own tiny home, so she decided to build one. With the help of her father, Kristin turned a storage shed into a super-stylish tiny home. She gives her TikTok followers a behind-the-scenes look into choosing the perfect cabinet color, building and decorating her bathroom, and adding extra special touches, like an antique cabinet-turned cool coffee bar.   

Brooke and Sol – mindfulinmaine

Brooke and Sol, known to their Tik Tok followers as @mindfulinmaine, designed and built their own tiny house, with plans for a second build well underway. The couple takes their followers on up-close-and-personal tours of their tiny house bathroom and storage areas and shares their custom-made couch and tips for other multi-use, functional furniture.

This is our bathroom when we first moved in! Currently waiting for our siding to come in #tinyhouse #tinyhouseliving #tinyhousebuild #tinyhometour #th

♬ Aesthetic Girl - Yusei

Whitney Leigh Morris

Whitney is a small-space lifestyle consultant, blogger and author who is currently restoring a tiny French farmhouse with her family. Whitney is a whiz at styling small spaces, which is evident in every square inch of her cute cottage that’s almost too pretty to believe. She shares pro tips with her Instagram followers on everything from sizing furniture to picking stylish, space-saving lighting picks to make your tiny home shine. 


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