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TikTok has become the go-to place for travel inspiration. From far-off places to travel hacks like how to pack for a 10-day trip in a backpack, the social media platform is brimming with travel advice. Seventy-six percent of TikTok users say they’re likely to book a trip based on recommendations, according to TikTok’s research. Another 63% say they’ve discovered a new travel brand on the platform, and 16% say they’ve commented on travel posts. So, if you’re a traveler, brand, or budding influencer, this list of TikTok travel influencers is a good resource.

18 TikTok travel influencers

Julia  — staysandgetaways

Julia is all about seeing new sights in style. As a TikTok macro-influencer known as staysandgetaways, she gives the scoop on luxury stays around the world, from a top-rated spa resort in Pennsylvania to an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.   

Gracie — gracietravels

Gracie is a travel creator who doesn’t believe in sugarcoating travel advice. On her TikTok account, the midtier influencer shares helpful dos and don’ts for various exotic locations, like what not to do with your hands in Japan, and reflects on travel experiences she would (and wouldn’t) want to relive. 

Jimmy, Brooke and Isla — ournextgreatadventure

Jimmy and Brooke, along with their precious daughter Isla, roam the world together to decide on the perfect spot for their next home. The trio of micro TikTok influencers, known to their followers as ournextgreatadventure, trek to Savilla, Spain, to test drive the tapas and sample budget-friendly meals in Dubrovnik

Ava Redding  

Ava is a digital nomad about camping, traveling and living for the moment. The TikTok micro-influencer shares scenes from her pop-up camper lifestyle, like waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica and waking up in a beautiful campsite in Ithaca, New York. 


📍 Pure Trek Canyoning, Arenal Costa Rica - This was such a fun excursion and it was only about 2-3 hours! The guides were super nice and everyone age 5+ can do it. You can also opt out of the monkey drop if you’re scared of free falls 🙊 - - - #CapCut #costarica #canyoning #waterfallrepelling #repelling #arenal #thingstodoincostarica #puretrekcanyoning #travel

♬ Au Revoir - Sweet After Tears

Natasha Travels — theworldpursuit

Natasha is based in Bhutan, but she spends most of her time traveling, hiking, snowboarding, and squeezing in some sleep when she can. As a TikTok mega-influencer known to her followers as theworldpursuit, she shares the moment her plane flew past Mount Everest en route to Paro and embraced the magic of Venice.  

Maz — wheretofindme

Maz’s specialty is uncovering unique hotels and travel gems. Known to her TikTok followers as wheretofindme, Maz is a macro-influencer who goes swimming with wild penguins in South Africa and gives a peek into one of the best luxury hotels in Lake Como.  


one of the best luxury hotels in Lake Como, this lakeside property is as much of a destination as the beautiful villages and northern Italian lakes in the region. Save this post for your future trip to Lake Como! 📍 Mandarin Oriental Lago di Como #luxuryhotels #italyhotel #lakecomohotel #besthotels #beautifulhotels #lakecomotravel #lakecomoitaly #lakecomoitaly🇮🇹

♬ Romantique - Brigitte Bardot

Mikki Tenazas  

As a luxury travel vlogger, Mikki has never met an exotic getaway he didn’t like. For his 1.5 million TikTok followers, Mikki takes a dip in the world’s highest swimming pool, located in Hong Kong, and doles out tips for traveling to high-end Maldives on a budget.  


Can you stay in the Maldives on a budget? The answer is yes definitely. Maldives is best known for its ultra-luxurious resorts but did you know that there are plenty of cheaper options for backpackers and travelers on a budget? There are city hotels set up in the Maldives’ urban centers, while guesthouses have slowly flourished on the Maldives’ inhabited islands since 2010. These guesthouses operate like boutique hotels, with more personalized services, a smaller number of rooms, and a more economical rate. The guesthouse industry has also made inhabited islands more accessible to tourists, created more jobs for youth and allowed complimentary businesses like diving, water sports, restaurants, and souvenir sales to flourish. In fact, a lot of these guesthouses offer all-inclusive rates with all meals covered and excursions like diving and snorkeling included. So depending on the atoll you’re staying in, you can spend less than 150usd per day and get to go snorkeling or even diving with manta rays, whale sharks, nurse sharks, visit the Keyodhoo shipwreck, and more! So, would you stay in a guesthouse on your Maldives trip? #maldives #maldivesbudgettrip #maldiveslovers #maldivestrip

♬ original sound - Mikki Tenazas - Mikki Tenazas


Emma is an Arizona-based explorer into travel, nature and new adventures. On TikTok, she’s a micro-influencer better known to her followers as emmaexpedition, where she shoots a starry timelapse night while camping in Utah and captures the beauty of Namibia


Dreaming of Namibia. Some happy snaps from our time in #sossusvlei

♬ Swing Lynn - Slowed Version - Harmless

Caroline Foster — wilderness_addict 

Caroline is a travel and wilderness enthusiast passionate about the great outdoors. As a mega-influencer on TikTok, where she’s known as wilderness_addict, Caroline drinks in breathtaking sights while paddleboarding in Greenland and goes hiking in Canada’s Banff National Park to catch a stunning sunset. 


Paddleboarding in Greeland is next level 🧊 From an epic adventure luxury camping in Saqqaq, Greenland with Nomad Greenland #Greenland #paddleboard #icebergs #sup #tiktoktravel #wintervibes #adventurevibes #nomadgreenland 🎥 with help from @Nina Defilla

♬ original sound - Blake Healey

Bernice Padilla   

Bernice is a flight attendant who loves anything related to travel and adventure. She’s also a midtier influencer on TikTok, where she gets up close and personal with the beauty of Brazil and shares a look at one of her favorite resorts in Riviera Maya with her followers.   

Mariah Hark  

LA-based videographer Mariah has been bitten by the travel bug. As a micro-influencer on Tiktok, Mariah traverses the globe for her job, sharing moments like summer in Corfu, Greece, and mesmerizing bioluminescence in the Maldives


Bella is all about exploring new places and meeting new faces, which she can do thanks to her travel-friendly, remote career. The midtier TikTok influencer can be found making memories with her best friend in Curacao and taking a cocktail-making class at a distillery in Dublin, Ireland.   

Gizem — itsjustgizem

Gizem is a travel vlogger who’s always on the hunt for her next globe-trotting adventure. For her 38.2K TikTok followers, to whom she’s better known as itsjustgizem, she shares scenes from a dreamy train ride in snowy Switzerland and gorgeous shots of classic architecture along the stunning streets of Prague


Ally is a jet setter who loves exploring all this world has to offer. She’s also a micro-influencer on TikTok, basking in the glow of the serene sunset in Rio de Janeiro and gets her adrenaline pumping by ziplining in Montenegro for her followers. 

Maddy — madelinestraveling

Maddy invites you to explore the world with her, sharing snippets of her daily life and traveling adventures. The midtier TikTok influencer, known to her followers as madelinestraveling, spends three fun-filled weeks exploring the endless treasures in Italy and relaxing among colorful fall foliage in Austria.   

Jo Lieno  

Jo lives her full-time travel life to the fullest, which she showcases through her virtual travel diaries. She’s also a mid-tier TikTok influencer who relishes her memories of backpacking through Positano and exploring majestic sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, like the Grand Mosque.

Julia Thompson  

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Julia is a traveling content creator who invites her followers to take a step outside with her. On TikTok, she treats her 3.6 million followers to sun-drenched, golden days in Tombstone and the jagged coastlines and crystal clear waters of Norway.   


Norway, the land of deep fjords, jagged coastlines and crystal clear waters.

♬ son original - FYP 🤍🇲🇺


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