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With the evolution of technology, AI tools have emerged as invaluable resources for bloggers, helping them optimize their content creation process. An Insider Intelligence chart shows 45% of B2B marketers use AI for writing drafts. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how you can utilize these innovative tools to create blog posts that captivate your audience, increase traffic, and enhance your online presence.

How to create a blog post with AI tools

Choose the appropriate AI tool 

A plethora of AI tools have emerged, making it challenging to find the right artificial intelligence platform to use. To leverage AI in content creation efficiently, here are some of the best tools to create blog posts.


Chat-GPT is one of the most well-known artificial intelligence tools. It allows creators to define different lengths, formats, styles, and serious of detail to further create a text that meets their needs. The natural language processing app has a free version; however, it comes with limitations. Users with the paid plan have priority access to the tool.

Form AI

IZEA’s FormAI allows content creators and brands to supercharge their creativity and efficiency by combining various powerful AI tools. FormAI’s text generator creates social posts captions, product reviews, brand pitches, email campaigns, video scripts, and many other texts that are essential in influencer marketing. FormAI also allows its creators to utilize the GPT-4 chat feature that incorporates the powerful tech. Talking Portraits is an image-and-text-to-video generator that brings visuals to life within seconds. Additionally, FormAI is consistently updated with features.

IZEA has launched support of GPT-4, OpenAI’s latest version of ChatGPT, inside FormAI, its suite of artificial intelligence tools designed for the Creator Economy. 

How to incorporate AI in your blog content

Content automation

Create outlines

One of the best uses of artificial intelligence in content creation is creating outlines for webpages and blogs. Outlines give you a roadmap for your content, ensuring it discusses the important, relevant points and is written in an SEO-friendly format.  

Finding SEO keywords 

Savvy content creators and marketers are using AI to find relevant SEO keywords to factor into text, meta descriptions, and blog titles. AI can even provide guidance on synonyms and other descriptive phrases to incorporate into content to ensure it ranks well in the search engine results.

Identify blogging opportunities with AI

Keyword research

AI tools can analyze millions of pieces of content to identify those that are most relevant to your niche. They can also list the search volume, allowing you to choose a mix of high and low search volume tools and maximize success. This can help you focus your blogging efforts on topics likely to attract an interested audience.

Content gap analysis

AI can identify topics that you have not yet covered extensively on your blog. This can help you find new opportunities for creating unique content that fills these gaps. It is an excellent way for brands to expand their reach and awareness and attract engaged followers and potential customers. 

Trend analysis

AI can analyze search trends to identify topics that are currently popular or are gaining in popularity. This can help you create timely blog posts that leverage these trends. 

Competitor analysis

AI tools can analyze the content of your competitors to identify topics that they are covering and you aren’t. This can help you create content that is more thorough, helpful and unique. 

Monitor content performance with AI-driven analytics and reports

AI allows brands and creators to see their blogs’ success through metrics and statistics showcasing viewers’ responses.

AI in influencer marketing is changing social media and digital marketing forever. From elevating text and visuals to strategy, AI transforms blogging and content creation. 

FormAI users get 250 monthly credits for free to bring their creativity to life and supercharge their content.


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Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free


Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free


Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free


Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free