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The world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is bursting with exciting discoveries, invaluable research and interesting personalities. These STEM influencers range from software engineers to neuroscientists, and each one will have you learning something new every time you check their page.

STEM influencers to teach you something new

Jerry Chen — misodope

Jerry is a New York City-based software engineer who shows his 403.3K TikTok followers the funny side of coding. Jerry also advises on how to get started as a programmer and what aspiring software engineers should know.

Abby Maltese — abby_maltese

Abby fell in love with aerospace after signing up for a space competition in college. Her team won, and Abby was hooked. When she’s not studying aerospace engineering in grad school, Abby shows her 145K TikTok followers about her day-to-day life, which just happens to include rocket launches.

Kristen Leyva — krissnic_

Kristen, who was crowned Miss New Mexico in 2018, now works for NASA and wants to promote the engineering field, especially to young girls. Her 51.7K TikTok followers look to her for advice on what to study, how to build confidence and how to overcome biased opinions.


Who knew what that engineering 101 class would lead too! To the women pursuing STEM, stick to it ❤️ #empoweringwomen #bossbabe #womenengineer #womeninstem #womeninbusiness #womeninengineering #stemtiktok #womeninstemcheck

♬ som original - ᱬmath

Alexandra Doten — astro_alexandra

Alexandra works in the space industry and aims to be a “space communicator.” She keeps her 1.6M TikTok followers up to date on current events, shares breaking news about space and debunks myths. Alexandra is also a voice for women in STEM who face challenges in the field.

Karen Parada — karenspinklabcoat

Karen is a first-generation Ph.D. student in Hawaii studying interactions between fungi and bacteria, but she gives her 45K TikTok followers an easy-to-understand glimpse into her days in the lab.

Jorge Calderin — doodlesinthemembrane

Jorge is a first-generation Ph.D. student studying biochemistry as he works to become a professor at a university. His 408.5K TikTok followers enjoy the creative ways Jorge illustrates various chemistry topics for students. His passion is offering free STEM resources for high-school and college students.

An — anslifeandneuroscience

An takes her 24.4K TikTok followers on her daily adventure of investigating the human brain as a neuroscience Ph.D. student. Even out of the lab, neuroscience is never too far from her life, and she likes showing her followers what really goes on behind the scenes.

Maya Bello — maya_loves_code

Maya likes showing her 31K TikTok followers the ups and downs of navigating the tech industry as a software engineer and how to overcome the challenges. She also posts coding tutorials and how-to guides for anyone interested in learning to code or becoming an engineer.

Rawan — rawanog

Rawan helps her 172.8K TikTok followers ask the right questions about the tech industry, with an added goal of helping underrepresented communities. She also posts information on scholarships, tech-related courses and career opportunities that her followers might not otherwise know about.


The same life will be waiting once u graduate, just fyi 🥴 #gradschool #mastersdegree #careertok #firstgen

♬ Originalton - kida

AstroKobi — astrokobi

Kobi’s passion is astrophysics, and he wants to spark a love for science in his 442.2K TikTok followers, all while making space and science accessible for everyone. His videos answer questions about space in an easy-to-understand way, and his topics range from black holes to rogue planets to future moon missions.


You’ve heard @billieeilish ‘s song about it, but what actually is Halley’s Comet? #halleyscomet #space #astronomy #astrokobi #learnontiktok

♬ Halley's Comet - Billie Eilish


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