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Dozens of influencer niches exist, but the beauty niche is among the most popular. On our influencer marketing platform, hundreds of beauty influencers have created profiles. From haircare influencers to makeup artists, each one works to dazzle their audience with beauty tips, tutorials and tools. But with so many creators in the niche, how can you stand out as a beauty influencer? To help influencers in this competitive niche, here are some tips to follow: 

Standing out as a beauty influencer

Here are tips to help differentiate yourself from other creators in the beauty category.

Narrow your focus

The beauty industry is vast. To succeed, you can’t simply be a beauty influencer; you need a more defined focus. Remember, trying to cater to everyone results in catering to no one. Figure out what your niche is and own it. Here’s how: 

Pick a subcategory

Rather than trying to conquer the entire industry, focus on a subcategory. While there are many to choose from, here’s a snapshot of some common choices:

  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Bodycare
  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrances
  • Personal care products
  • Nails
  • Tools, devices, accessories

Focus on a specific audience

Take your subcategory and narrow it down even further based on the audience you want to attract. For example, if you want to focus on skincare, you could further refine your niche by focusing on skincare for women over 40. 

Define your audience by age, gender, budget, or specific interests. Here are a few ideas: 

  • DIY makeup tips for college girls
  • Beard care for hipsters
  • Skincare for women on a budget
  • Unique looks created by special effects makeup artists

Consider your preferred content type

What kind of content do you prefer to create? Are you a fan of video tutorials on YouTube or splashy snaps on Instagram? By thinking about the kind of content you want to create, you continue to refine your niche.  

Stay on top of trends

Today, doe eyes and coquette looks are in. Yesterday, it was body glitter and bronzer. (OK, maybe that was a few years back, but the point is beauty trends change quickly). If you’re going to thrive in this niche, you need to know what’s trending and what’s dated. 

Tools like Mention and Keyhole can help you stay on top of breaking news and trends, so you don’t have to scroll social media endlessly to stay in the know.

Create content that’s in demand

While you want to create unique content, there are certain types of content that beauty insiders crave. So, as you lay out your content calendar, make sure you schedule these types of posts:  

Provide small, actional demos

One of the most successful kinds of content in the beauty industry is demos. An influencer might show his or her audience how to create a smokey eye or achieve an effortless beach wave. 

When you create these demos, make sure they’re easy to digest. Show followers how to do one thing or achieve one type of look. This type of content should be short and snappy.   

Here’s a great example of a YouTube demo that explains how to accomplish a smokey eye:

Show before and after shots

Whether you’re touting a new wrinkle cream or testing a new lash lift kit, show your audience before and after shots. Why? With before and after shots, your audience can see just how effective the product is. Here’s a great example:

Offer honest product reviews

Only some products on the market are winners. If you try a product and it’s not your favorite, it’s okay to say so. Your audience prefers it. Followers expect honest, authentic content, which means it’s okay to point out flaws or discuss the not-so-cheery side effects of a product.

This influencer put together a quick collection of products that didn’t make the cut: 

Work with beauty brands that align with your goals

As you build an audience and earn the trust of loyal followers, brands will take note. However, you may need to make the first move. Research brands that you’d like to work with. 

By working with brands, you’ll not only get paid to create sponsored content, but it helps you stand out as an influencer. It signals to your followers that your expertise is on-point and brand-worthy. 

To land a brand collaboration, you can:

  • Create a list of brands that you’d like to work with
  • Engage with the brand on social media
  • Research the brand beyond the product you’d like to endorse
  • Create a pitch email using this template
  • Send the email to the brand
  • Wait for a response 
  • Follow-up in 3-5 days, if needed

You can also join an influencer marketing platform to connect with influencer-eager brands. 

Incorporate your unique personality

Infuse your unique personality into your content Your content reflects who you are: your humor, personality, and style should shine through. This could mean weaving personal anecdotes into your tutorials, adding a dash of your life experiences to make them more relatable. If you’re always on the, why not incorporate that into your content? You could create a series where you apply your makeup against the clock each morning, making it an exciting challenge. Or, if you love exploring new places, you could film yourself doing your makeup in various locations, adding a fresh twist to each video. The key is to find that special something that not only makes your content unique but also aligns with your personality. This authenticity will resonate with your audience, making your content more engaging and memorable.

Consider partnering with a nonprofit 

Consumers pay more attention to the people they follow and the brands they buy from. Now more than ever, consumers want to see influencers and brands that make a conscious effort to give back; to look beyond profits. 

If it makes sense, consider teaming up with a nonprofit. If, for example, you focus on cruelty-free makeup, it makes sense to team up with a nonprofit that protects animals from laboratory testing. If you offer free makeup consultations to women suffering from breast cancer, it makes sense to partner with a local cancer treatment center or The DONNA Foundation.

If there’s a natural fit for a nonprofit partnership, consider it as a way to give back and help your personal brand stand out. 

The beauty industry is a saturated market, but if you combine your passion with these effective tips, you can take steps to separate yourself from the crowd. IZEA can help. Join the thousands of influencers who use the platform to connect with interested brands.


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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

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