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Social media has provided more people the opportunity to share the cool things they’re doing — and that includes space influencers. These astronauts and scientists are able to share their experiences of living on the International Space Station directly with their social media followers. Space and NASA influencers are also opening up the science, STEM, and space arena for more women and minorities.

Space influencers who love talking about outer space (and some who even work for NASA!)

Kellie Gerardi

Kellie has been dubbed a citizen astronaut and has been invited to go to space with Branson’s Virgin Galactic. She is an American aerospace professional and has also made a wave on TikTok talking about all things space with her 529K followers. Kellie is also a published author who wrote “Not Necessarily Rocket Science: A Beginner’s Guide to Life in the Space Age” in 2020. She also wrote a children’s book, “Luna Muna: Outer Space Adventures of a Kid Astronaut.”


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Kevin J DeBruin

Kevin is a NASA rocket scientist and founder of Space Class, a way for children to learn more about space. Kevin, who has just under 20K followers on Instagram, is also a space educator and host. You can find Kevin posting all about NASA, science and space on his profile. Fun fact: He was also on “American Ninja Warrior.”

Doug Hurley

Doug is a retired astronaut who has accumulated over 338K followers on Twitter and 274K on Instagram. He was the pilot of shuttle missions STS-127 and STS-135 as well as the Space X DM-2 Commander, ISS Expedition 63. Doug is more active on Twitter, sharing his love for space and Earth. He is also on the Netflix documentary “SpaceX.”

Samantha Cristoforetti

With just under 1 million followers, Samantha is probably the most popular astronaut on Twitter. Samantha is a European Space Agency astronaut who lives and works on the Space Station. You can also find her sharing fun space videos on TikTok and beautiful photos of Earth on Twitter.

Joan Melendez-Misner

Joan is a space engineer for NASA and hopes to empower minorities to pursue careers in STEM. Joan posts about space and STEM on Instagram, where she has just over 50K followers. She was also recently on CBS’ “Mission Unstoppable” where she shared more about her career, what a payload is, and how to build an at-home water rocket.

Jessica Meir

Jessica is a NASA astronaut who spent 205 days on the International Space Station. Jessica has gained over 353K followers on Instagram where she shares about her experience in space as well as learning how to fly a helicopter. Jessica isn’t super active on social media, but she still shares occasionally with her audience about the beauty of space and Earth.

Camille Calibeo

With almost 255K followers on TikTok, Camille is an aerospace engineer who loves teaching her followers about space, science and different planets. She does business development for the company Orbit Fab, which is a multi-orbit refueling service provider building a bustling and sustainable space economy. Her Instagram has also accumulated 84K followers who tune in to learn more about space and her personal life.

Alyssa Carson

Alyssa is an aquanaut, IIAS Science Researcher and future Mars walker. The 21-year-old is also the youngest astronaut in training. Alyssa has a rocket license, pilot license, and skydiving Class A license, and she is a certified aquanaut! Alyssa works with brands and shares her aspirations to be in space someday with her 533K followers on Instagram.


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