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New social media definitions pop up pretty often, so it may seem difficult to keep up with online marketing terminology. But if you want to stay competitive and reach a wide audience, you’ll need to at least be able to name the latest trends. Take time to learn these important marketing definitions for 2019. They might come in handy during your next ad campaign.

Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness should be one of the most important social media goals for your business. It’s simply a measure of how familiar customers are with your brand. Not only is it extremely valuable to your overall business, it’s a way for you to build trust with new and old followers alike. When building brand awareness, make sure to focus on your brand and not the product. People are loyal to brands, even when product cycles come and go.


Whenever you calculate any type of statistics from any of your social media outlets, you’re utilizing different types of metrics. The main types of metrics include engagement, impressions, reach and key performance indicators. Use these metrics to gauge what content is working and how to improve on other areas.

  • Engagement: This is when anyone interacts with your post in any way.
  • Impressions: When your post shows up in a follower’s feed, whether they physically saw it or not, it’s an impression.
  • Reach: Like impressions, reach includes when anyone sees or interacts with your post. Reach gives you insight into how broad your audience is overall and aids in securing awareness for your brand.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Used to measure overall marketing progress towards your goals. Create branding goals like ‘awareness’ or ‘loyalty’ and match metrics like ‘engagement’ and ‘sharing’ to see how well your content reaches your goals.


Targeting is a way to find your target audience. It helps narrow down who you’re marketing to, making it easier to formulate relatable content. Factors for targeting include many demographics like age, gender, location and interests. Use targeting to create effective and meaningful social media ads for your audience.


Clickbait is an extremely popular way of catching followers’ attention in 2019. Many content creators use clickbait as a manipulation tactic to get users to click on ads, posts and videos. Using catchy titles sparks interest in the content you’re providing. Posting mysterious or exaggerated content titles pushes users to click on the ad. Utilize clickbait sparingly since it could have negative effects on your brand in the long term.

User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is extremely important in fostering loyalty and brand awareness. This is when followers create content that specifically promotes your brand. This can be via any social media outlet and take the form of posts, blogs and videos.

You can get your specific target audience involved in UGC or rely on influencers and brand advocates to do it for you. These are users who consistently engage with your brand. They may leave frequent comments and like or share your content, and they generally offer a positive outlook on your brand. Utilize UGC to connect with a broad audience and increase your reach and engagement.