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A whopping 2.53 billion online stores have been established on Shopify in the U.S. as of 2022. With that kind of interest in e-commerce, it’s not surprising to see a growing number of experienced Shopify influencers sharing tips on social.

16 Shopify influencers talking about online stores

Nathan Nazareth

Nathan knows he can keep his 92.9K TikTok followers entertained by sharing videos about making money on Shopify. He shows real-time data about his income, as well as tips on how to start building a business from home using Shopify. There are also cheat codes for drop shipping for his fellow entrepreneurs.

Chaitra Radhakrishna

Chaitra runs Pink Pot Studio, a design studio for Shopify businesses. On Instagram, the nano-influencer posts about topics like website strategy and shares examples of real Shopify stores she’s helped build. Follow her for a variety of tips on scaling your small e-commerce business.

Jon Yeazel

Known as The Shopify Guy, Jon has played a key role in million-dollar brand deals over the last decade. The micro-influencer dedicates his Instagram account to showcasing Shopify accounts he has worked on, tips on building your business, and the difference between big stores and using Shopify.

Tan Choudhury

Mid-tier influencer Tan has explained to his 193K YouTube subscribers how he went from high-school dropout to making $10,000 per month at 21 years old. He put his entrepreneurial spirit to work and started selling through Shopify. His content includes the top 10 mistakes beginning drop shippers make and winning products to be sold on Shopify each month.

Margarita Schneider

Calling herself “your e-commerce bestie,” Margarita uses her TikTok platform to keep her 178.1K followers up to speed on e-commerce, marketing, and drop shipping. She creates videos on how brands go viral using the archive app on Shopify, what to do if your Shopify store isn’t getting sales, and why starting a drop shipping store is better than buying inventory as a beginner.

John Santos

Having started an apparel company right out of high school, John now shares his lessons on selling through his YouTube series, “From the Ground Up.” His 345K YouTube subscribers can learn how to launch and manage a Shopify e-commerce business, hear a head-to-head comparison of Shopify vs. Squarespace, and get tips on writing the best product description for your Shopify store.

Bria Boyd

Nano-influencer Bria creates content on TikTok for small-business owners who want to learn how to create, run, and grow an online store. She explains how to host events through your Shopify site and understand trademarks. Her followers can also watch videos on setting up a wholesalers section for Shopify for only $19, as well as the latest Shopify app recommendations to watch for.

Replying to @oaklynndesignco here is the wholesale app name, this is how we have it set up, and how it looks on the website!

♬ original sound - Bria 🤓 Shopify Website Design

Dan Vas

Dan’s YouTube channel isn’t just about starting, growing, and scaling successful online businesses. He also wants to help entrepreneurs change their mindset about financial freedom. His 451K subscribers can learn more with his videos on dropshipping, getting started in e-commerce and the 10 most profitable Shopify apps to increase sales. Don’t miss his Shopify product research tutorial, which includes finding a profitable drop shipping product in 2022.

Davie Fogarty

Serial entrepreneur Davie has founded more than a dozen successful e-commerce companies. Now he uses his YouTube channel to share business advice with his 193K subscribers. His valuable content offers advice for those looking to start selling with Shopify, including a step-by-step tutorial on setting up a store, shooting product photos from your phone, and copywriting for beginners, with examples.

Shanelle Benjamin

Shanelle has dedicated her YouTube channel to helping product-based entrepreneurs establish and expand their brands. Her channel, The Brand Hustler, gives her 101K subscribers valuable videos to learn about marketing, online business tools and apps, and must-have Shopify apps for entrepreneurs. Her detailed Shopify tutorial is designed to help small-business owners create an online store.

Sebastian Esqueda

Mid-tier influencer Sebastian creates and scales e-commerce brands and then shares his experience — including tips and tricks — on his YouTube channel. His followers can find content on why 95% of drop shippers fail, how to buy and resell items, and how to brand an Alibaba product on Shopify. He offers lots of examples from his own Shopify successes, including how he made $1.8K in 24 hours on Shopify without Facebook ads.

Julia Dennis

Julia is a nano-influencer who dedicates her Instagram account to strategy, branding, and design for e-commerce entrepreneurs on Shopify. Her followers get insights into what to include on their about page that inspires purchases, luxury font combos, and how to express your brand values in real life. There are also explainers on why branding is an investment, the steps of the branding process, and the five best Shopify themes in 2022.

Aerie Scherson

Arie is a YouTube creator and entrepreneur with 104K subscribers. He’s not afraid to share niche ideas that are trending on Shopify or a new way to do drop shipping in 2022 If you’re looking for Shopify case studies from brands that made millions or changes and updates from Shopify. Follow him to learn what to sell — and how — if you’re starting with Shopify or other e-commerce platforms.

Chelsea Guarriello

Describing herself as the “#1 Shopify business coach,” Chelsea’s Instagram is full of great information for entrepreneurs. Having generated over $1 million working for herself with no inventory, she shares her knowledge and experience with her 220K followers. Learn why so many drop shipping stores fail and get ideas to help you make money online in 2022. Not sure which suppliers to use? Check out her list of suppliers to start selling online with no inventory.

Chris Winter

Entrepreneurs looking for tips to start selling on Shopify can join Chris’s 94.3K YouTube subscribers to get step-by-step tutorials to help them learn the business. There’s content on the best themes for drop shipping with Shopify, must-have Shopify apps, and things you need to know before using the platform.

Jayden Garcia

Jayden is proud to tell his 35.9K TikTok followers that he’s made seven figures in e-commerce. He explains why you need to mark up your product costs by three times and exposes the myths about drop shipping. There are videos on where to look at your conversion summaries on Shopify and what they mean, and which Shopify apps you should add to your store.


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